Jennifer Hoffman: Change and Choice – Slow and Steady, Scorched Earth or In-Between

We are all facing the choice of how much change we’re willing to adjust to in our ascension cycle and how much or how little we’re willing to do in the way of change and transformation. Do we move forward in a slow and steady pace or do we get rid of everything in a scorched earth policy and take everything down to the roots? The choice depends on two things, how many times we’re willing to repeat our karmic cycles and how much we’re willing to release. The choice is ours and while either way is possible, a balance, more middle of the road policy is best.

This is a photo of the blade height adjustment of my lawnmower. If I set it low it cuts the grass really short; if I set it high it just cuts the top part of the grass. Where I decide to set it depends on two things:

  • How many times a week I want to mow my yard, and
  • How many times I want to empty the clippings bag while I’m mowing.

Here’s how that works. When the blade is set to high just the top part of the grass gets cut so it gets tall again quickly and I have to mow the yard twice a week instead of once a week. So I prefer to set the blade closer to the ground so the grass is shorter and it takes longer to grow again.

But while I’m mowing with the blade height closer to the grass I have to empty the clippings bag more often. That entails stopping the mower, removing the bag, walking to the property line, dumping it out, walking back to the mower, putting the bag back on, and starting the mower again. But sometimes while the mower is off I will go into the house to cool off, or get a drink of water, or sit down for a quick rest. The more times I have to empty the bag, the longer it takes to mow the yard.

So my decision about how high the mower blade will be revolves around the choice of time, energy, and effort.

And our choices as to what we’re willing to let go of in our lives rests on similar choices too, such as:

  • How many more times do we want to go around a karma cycle with a person or situation?
  • How many times do we want to clear the energy of trauma, drama, and grief for challenging or painful situations?
  • How much more time, energy, and effort do we want to give to this aspect of our journey and ascension cycle?

How we decide to answer these questions determines whether we are going to move through an ascension cycle in a slow and steady way or blast through it with a scorched earth policy of taking everything down to the roots.

But there is a better way to do this and we get there by taking the middle option, moving faster than ‘slow and steady’ and with more intention and deliberation than the scorched earth policy. With a neutral or middle policy, we are able to make assessments and choices from a point of completion and closure so we do not have to revisit a situation over and over again, hoping for a better outcome without making too many changes.

It is not about finishing quickly, though. Every aspect of our ascension journey is a movement towards congruence, creating energetic wholeness and harmony in our lives so that we have a 360 degree expansion of joyful fulfillment in every area. We can achieve wholeness through intention-driven transformation rather than destroying everything and hoping we can rebuild it better the next time.

Our soul seeks congruent harmony and our life is the purpose through which that is achieved. Becoming 360×3 is a process of movement towards wholeness in body, mind, emotions, and spirit as we allow adjustments in our humanity that integrate our divinity while expanding into greater aspects of our potential. So set your intentions for congruent harmony, choose your transformation comfort level, and be willing to make the effort that is necessary to surrender to the process. Remember surrender is not giving up, it is a process of ‘allowing and receiving’. And remember to celebrate your successes, each one is important and each one creates the next step on your ascension path.


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