Tania Gabrielle: [Venus Retrograde] 5 Tips and Mysteries Revealed..


Beautiful Venus stations retrograde on Friday – the weekday dedicated to Venus!

40 days and 40 nights…

From October 5 – November 16.

At the actual moment Venus stands still and changes direction, the Moon enters Virgo and forms a GRAND TRINE with Saturn and Uranus in the Earth signs!

This is a highly fortunate, auspicious start to the Venus retrograde cycle!

  • Saturn trine Uranus allows you to feel both stable and secure, free and independent, all at once.
  • The Moon adds the third “point of light” in this heavenly grand triangle amplifying healing, love and tenderness.

VENUS rules love, desire, pleasure, beauty and what you VALUE in your life.

You’re going to move inward now, assessing your relationships, financial focus and all heart-centered matters.

What truly matters to you will have shifted profoundly AFTER this Venus retrograde cycle.

Scorpio, the sign Venus begins its retrograde cycle in, ensures that you dive deeply into who and what really attracts you – and conversely, who or what no longer elevates you vibrationally.

Scorpio always searches for the truth…

Another beautiful synchronistic event is that JUPITER is currently navigating the final degrees of Scorpio before entering its OWN home sign of Sagittarius in early November (Yay!).

This means that Venus will benefit from Jupiter’s forward-looking, abundance-attracting, fortunate presence in that powerful sign.

These next 40 days are an ideal time to creatively explore your inner imagination.

Spend time adorning your life… make music, immerse yourself in an art project, write poetry and allow yourself to bask in your creations!

You’ll be lit up inside, like the Morning Star Venus symbolizes.

5 Tips on what to watch for:

  • If you feel a bit less social, that’s to be expected.
  • It’s also not a great time for a major makeover or redecoration project.
  • A past relationship can return during Venus retrograde – it’s a great time to attend to any unfinished business, so you can move forward guilt-free.
  • Stick with small pleasures instead of big new investments.
  • If you retreat from a relationships to spend some alone-time, trust that this is a good idea! Precious time by yourself is encouraged.

Finally, let’s check out this amazing secret about Venus and her heavenly cycle:

Venus has a’ “synodic” cycle that is stunning.

(“Synodic” meens “meet up”.)

Venus’ synodic cycle refers to when Venus conjuncts (meets up with) the SUN.

A powerful pattern is formed by these Venus/Sun conjunctions, which is repeated every 8 years

  • Every 8 years Venus orbits the Sun 13 times.
  • At the same time the Earth orbits the Sun eight times (8 years).

During that 8-year cycle, Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth 5 times… thus Venus’ synodic cycle lasts approximately 584 days (18 months).

Here’s the really amazing part:

Each of the 5 conjunctions of Venus with the Sun forms a point in the heavens.

Over the 8 years 5 points are lit up – and they form an exact 5-pointed STAR!

Since this current Venus retrograde begins on October 5, we have a major theme of Freedom initiated!


governs adventure, exploring your sensuality and the 5 senses, being super flexible and open to change, feeling exhilaration and the freedom to choose your path in accordance with what brings you the most happiness, independence and pleasure.

As you can imagine… this is a very important window in 2018 you want to savor.

Take it all in, trust in the shifts taking hold in your life right now.

Discover the beautiful you!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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