Emmanuel Dagher: October Energy Forecast: The Divine Decalcification Begins

 Emmanuel Dagher:


The Divine Decalcification Begins

My friend,  It’s an honor for me to be in your beautiful presence again. I’m excited to share all of the wonder that is unfolding within and around us at this time, so let’s get right to it.

Goodbye, Old Earth!

The weeks leading up to the September 22nd autumnal equinox gave us a glimpse of the magic being prepared for us through Divine synchronicity and instant manifestations.

Yet at the same time, it was also one of the most emotionally challenging periods we have been through in a long while.

Why is This Happening?

As the Goddess continues to rise in the heart of every woman, man, and child across all time and space, more and more space is being created between the Old Earth and the New Earth. (Please refer to the September 2018 Energy Forecast for details on the return of the Goddess energies.)

To better understand the significance of the space being created between these two worlds, we can begin by clarifying what the terms “Old Earth” and “New Earth” really mean.

The Old Earth

The Old Earth is a collective creation of thoughts, actions, and ideas that reflect the part of Masculine energy that has forgotten its Divine nature.

The Old Earth foundations stem from the lower aspect of the patriarchal archetype. That belief structure has long used forms of fear, control, greed, and chaos to manipulate the mind through survival patterns.

Those survival patterns promote separation of the mind from our Spirit/I AM presence.

When the mind “thinks” it is separating itself from our Spirit/I AM presence, it becomes vulnerable to thoughts, beliefs, and deeds that convince it to make its main priority self-protection and self-preservation.

The mind then believes it must create a separate world for itself, reinforcing the belief that the only way to stay safe and protected is to remain in fear, control, and chaos.

This then becomes a stream of consciousness that plays on auto-pilot—which places humanity on a looped reality of continued fear, control, and chaos.

The Old Earth was created eons ago, when as a collective we entered the time of the Great Forgetfulness.

This was originally intended as an experiment, with the intention of experiencing different aspects of ourselves in the third dimension. We would receive all of the rich blessings the third dimension has to offer, through the gift of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell, and then continue up the spiral of evolution.

The idea was that we would materialize ourselves into physical form, and experience our multifaceted spirits through third dimensional feeling, thought, and action.

However, somewhere along the way, the mind simply forgot about all of this. It began to believe that the physical realm is the end-all realm, and that at all costs, it must try to keep itself in that realm for as long as possible.

The mind then moved from being the observer and co-creator of third dimensional reality, to the survivor and victim of it.

The New Earth

The New Earth is a collective creation of thoughts, feelings, actions, and ideas that reflect the parts of the Feminine and Masculine energies that have always remembered their Divine nature.

The New Earth is the world that is being created as a direct result of the resurrection of the Goddess Frequency within the heart of every woman, man, and child across all of time and space.

The Goddess represents the highest aspect of life itself, through the energies of Unconditional Love, oneness, freedom, peace, ease, community, creativity, purity, abundance, compassion, communication, nourishment, fairness/balance, beauty, Divine power, reverence, and sacred communion.

As the Goddess continues to submerge herself into every molecule of our third dimensional world, she is breathing all of these sacred gifts back into the heart, mind, and psyche of all existence.

This is creating what our mind will come to know as the New Earth.

The New Earth has fully realized itself in our third dimensional reality now. It’s all around us, and the only refinement that’s taking place is our conscious awareness of it.

As our consciousness continues to evolve and become more refined, the gap between the Old Earth and the New Earth widens.

That is what is happening now.

Many empaths, way-showers, and others who are sensitive to energy have been observing the current wave of awakening taking place for humanity. It has been a splendor to witness.

However, at the same time there’s a sense of “loss” in the collective that those of us who are sensitive can easily feel. And if we are unaware of what’s happening, it can be easy to internalize this sense of loss as our own.

That’s why so many empaths are feeling the call to grieve and mourn at this time. Because they are saying goodbye to the Old Earth on behalf of humanity.

What we are really experiencing, is the collective grievance of the Old Earth, because it is no longer close enough to where we can easily jump in and out of it from where we are now (the New Earth).

If you are someone who is experiencing a sense of loss or that something is “missing” at this time, the most effective way to move through it is to allow the mind to “feel” it fully.

After allowing the mind to feel whatever it needs to feel, we can then offer the mind our compassion and understanding.

The mind was only doing what it was conditioned to do for thousands of years. Of course when we realize this, it becomes easier to have compassion for all the mind chose to create for itself in the Old Earth.

Once that compassion is expressed, we can then imagine the mind as a 3-month-old baby being held in our arms.

Feel the love in your heart for this beautiful baby, and let them know that you as their Divine Mother and Father are always here to nourish, love, and soothe her/him.

All of this will help us come back to the peace that has always been just underneath all of the angst and fear the mind has distracted itself with. Now the peace within us can be fully acknowledged, felt, and honored.

Peace is who we are at our core, and by choosing to return to it, we return to ourselves.

Peace is one of the core foundations that make up the New Earth. Once we return to peace, our mind and heart are able to see clearly.

With this clarity, it becomes much easier to understand what’s really happening, so that we no longer find ourselves getting caught up in the details of why things are happening the way they are.

Instead, we can focus on the bigger picture, which shows us what’s really happening.

From that space, we can then take the inspired action we are being guided to take, rather than reacting to an old fear-based thought, feeling, or action.

The Decalcification of the Heart and Mind of Humanity

From now on, there will be an ongoing “decalcification” of the heart and mind of humanity. This will take place until the shell or barriers that have been in place for eons of time are completely dissolved.

When a world operates in the lower aspect of the patriarchal society for long periods of time, a hardening occurs around the psyche of humanity, like a hard-exterior shell or armor.

This shell manifests to ensure that everything inside of it is unable to get out. In essence, the shell is a barrier created by the collective to protect itself from itself.

Complex, yet genius!

This shell has already experienced many cracks over the years. Those cracks are now allowing the light of our glorious I AM/Spirit Self to fully submerge everything that is inside of the shell into Source Light.

The decalcification will continue until the shell is fully dissolved. At that point, our hearts and minds will open and soften beyond anything we’ve ever known in our human experience.

If we take a closer look, we can see this decalcification taking place in our immediate world and on the global stage.

We can see this happening in all organizations and structures founded by the lower aspect of the patriarchal archetype.

It’s very clear that the lower aspect of the patriarchal archetype is having an extremely challenging time adapting to the decalcification of the mind and heart of humanity.

We see it everywhere, from churches and governments to family dynamics and local communities.

All of the resistance and fear-based tactics that were once a staple of the Old Earth are just not working anymore.

With this new awareness, as we see this process happening, we can express deep gratitude for all that’s taking place.

The Old World is becoming a distant memory, and the old systems are freaking out, because the New Earth is saying “I’m here!”

Whenever we see those systems struggling, we can greatly benefit ourselves as a collective by sending it all our compassion and love.

Anything that gets in the way of compassion and love, eventually becomes compassion and love.

And now is the time to offer this compassion and love to ourselves, our mind, others, and the world around us.

We’re here! It’s all happening, and this is what we’ve been waiting for!

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,



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