What Will you Do When the Lights Go Out and The Internet Stops?

Breathe and Know All Is Well ~PB

What Will you Do When the Lights Go Out and The Internet Stops? | The New Divine Humanity

What will you do if the Lights go out?
The internet stops?
Will you stay in?
Will you focus on your Breath?

Are you ready?

What will you do when everything is in Chaos?

The Magnetic poles are shifting, are you ready?

Electricity, Internet and consciousness grids for 3D end….when the magnetic poles dissolve and shift.

Are you ready?

Can you relax through intense experiences not knowing what is taking place?

Many will go crazy. You will be in darkness.

Breathe and relax, This has taken place before.

if You are here, you are a part of it.

For some this will be believed to be Armageddon. The last days…MASS chaos…everywhere!

People screaming and running everywhere. No phones.

Objects will dissolve, new objects will appear.

ALL conditioning is being WIPED out to be re set!

Breathe and feel the changes EVEN NOW!

It is a DEATH and REBIRTH Experience.

Then you Wake UP ~ The New Earth, that has always been.

In Love and Glory with The Divine Council of Overseers.

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The New Divine Humanity

What will you do if the Lights go out?
The internet stops?
Will you stay in?
Will you focus on your Breath?

Are you ready?

What will you do when everything is in Chaos?

The Magnetic poles are shifting, are you ready?

Electricity, Internet and consciousness grids for 3D end….when the magnetic poles dissolve and shift.

Are you ready?

Can you relax through intense experiences not knowing what is taking place?

Many will go crazy. You will be in darkness.

Breathe and relax, This has taken place before.

if You are here, you are a part of it.

For some this will be believed to be Armageddon. The last days…MASS chaos…everywhere! People screaming and running everywhere. No phones.

Objects will dissolve, new objects will appear. 

ALL conditioning is being WIPED out to be re set! 

Breathe and feel the changes EVEN NOW!

It is a DEATH and REBIRTH Experience. 


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Praying Medic: Qanon September 28 – Welcome Aboard, JUSTICE K + SGTreport: THOU SHALL NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS

Qanon September 28 – Welcome Aboard, JUSTICE K

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Qanon gives us the inside scoop on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Twitter thread: http://bit.ly/Justice_K

This video covers posts #2274-2295 on https://qmap.pub/

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Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D: Energy Update Activations & Alchemical Shifts 9/28

Energy Update Activations & Alchemical Shifts 9/28

Streamed live 7 hours ago


The government is in preparation right now there will be complete change of the way systems are run I don’t know exactly what’s going on but this to me sounds like the collapse of the entire system beginning to create the new but I am definitely seeing preparation Clairvoyantly and I’m also getting this through my own guidance.

Trust your own guidance, intuition and inner knowing with everything. There’s manipulation of the Ascension program just like there’s been manipulation of spirituality creating religion based off programmed beliefs and fear.

The containment on this planet is still in place but it is being removed you can think of the containment as the Veil that separates the physical from the non-physical or the third dimension from the forth. Separating densities.

This energy wave that I’m seeing some have already felt a few days ago others will feel this in the next few days it depends on your location.

-and then right after this one there’s another one going from the opposite direction


BENJAMIN FULFORD: Khazarian mafia seeks Chinese protection as military tribunals loom | Weekly Geopolitical Report

Insider intel on Kavanaugh, and so much more happening in geopolitics! ~PB

BENJAMIN FULFORD: Khazarian mafia seeks Chinese protection as military tribunals loom | Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis

September 24, 201

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

The satan-worshipping Khazarian mafia is in a frenzy of fear as military tribunals loom. As a result, they are offering the world (as if it were theirs to give) to China in exchange for protection, according to Gnostic Illuminati and Asian secret society sources. In addition to this, they are threatening to unleash pandemics, blow up the Yellowstone Caldera, set off a massive EMP attack, and cause other mayhem in a futile effort (as these attempts will be neutralized) to blackmail themselves out of the reach of long-delayed justice. Also, they are carrying out a foolish and widely derided smear campaign to derail the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Pentagon sources say they used “the threat of 9/11 declassification, which may soon happen, to force George Bush Jr. to publicly back Kavanaugh, whose confirmation would unleash military tribunals.” Remember, Kavanaugh said during his confirmation hearings that the U.S. has been under martial law since shortly after 9/11 and as a result, military tribunals could try, and even sentence to death, civilians guilty of treason.

In addition to this, the sources say that “because of the interference in the 2016 U.S. election by the Jewish mafia, which supported Hillary Clinton, Trump may use FISA declassification leverage to force the UK and Australia to purge Zionists and Israeli dual-citizens from positions of influence.”

The rogue state of Israel, for its part, has been trying to seek Russian and Chinese protection as it loses control of the United States. However, this is backfiring, big time. Here is the U.S. military’s analysis of where these efforts are leading.

First, in reaction to the recent Israeli stunt to fool Syria into shooting down a Russian plane in yet another desperate attempt to start World War 3, “An angry [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church may have declared holy war on the anti-goy Jewish faction, and may impose a no-fly zone on Israel until it returns the Golan to Syria, lifts the siege of Gaza, denuclearizes, and returns the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and all stolen lands to Palestine and Lebanon.”

Second, “With China in control of the Haifa Port and infrastructure projects in Israel, the BRICS nations may ban this rogue state from the quantum financial system, and [U.S. President Donald] Trump may just agree to a UN arms embargo and air-sea blockade.”

With all this and more going on, it is no surprise that the Swiss branch of the Rothschild family, the BIS, and the Elders of Zion sent a representative last week to Japan to negotiate surrender with the White Dragon Society (WDS). The negotiator (whom we will call the BIS man) said the banking families were worried about …… a chaotic situation, mass executions, civil war, and other unrest such as was seen during the French and Russian Revolutions. In other words, the BIS man said the banking families are willing to surrender as long as plans for a smooth transition to a better system for the planet are put into place and guillotines are not on the menu.

It is also possible to confirm from recent public statements by the BIS that they acknowledge their current system of printing money out of nothing and distributing it via connected insiders is becoming dysfunctional and headed for a catastrophic collapse. To put it in the BIS’s own words, “their head is on fire and their feet freezing.” This can be translated to mean that the super-rich are getting too super rich, while the rest of the world’s population is suffering.


The WDS reiterated its position that a jubilee is the only answer. In particular, a global financial reset would need to include a one-time write-off of all debt, public and private, and a redistribution of assets illegally obtained through fiat finance. The end result would be to ensure that everyone on earth owned their own home and had no debt. This would be a one-off event so that after the jubilee, if somebody were to sell their home to buy drugs and then end up homeless, they would not be bailed out.

The WDS also proposed setting up a future planning agency to help coordinate a multi-trillion-dollar campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and responsibly release suppressed technology—in particular, technology that would make immortality possible for those who wish it.

The WDS further said it supports keeping existing royal families in place as symbols of continuity, while day-to-day management would be left to meritocracies such as the Pentagon, the Vatican, the Chinese Communist Party, the newly created future planning agency, etc. In other words, all the functional bits of the old system would be left intact and reformed in the name of continuity and a smooth transition. Live, real-time, Internet-based democracy would also be supported, the WDS proposed.

The whole process could be started with public disclosure of the real history of the planet to prepare the public for the transition, the WDS said.

The BIS representative was supportive of these proposals and promised to take them to “the people in Zug, Switzerland.”

He also provided some insight into the minds of the “gnomes of Zurich,” noting they communicated using “mathematical symbols.” If that is the case, then they should consider the following equation that will come true. If they do not agree to a transition, then: Zug+BIS+Zionism=0.

The NSA now believes Evelyn de Rothschild is the head of the Rothschild clan and not Nathaniel, as was previously told to us by the CIA. They also say their latest intelligence indicates the Rothschilds are planning to offer control of Japan to the Chinese in exchange for protection. This process would begin with the enthronement in April of Crown Prince Naruhito as Emperor of Japan, since it would put the throne into the hands of a Rothschild puppet with no imperial blood, the NSA source says.

The WDS and representatives of an Asian secret society discussed this issue recently and agreed that the Japanese people need to be told the truth about their imperial family, and that a committee of experts should decide in concert with the Japanese public what to do about the Chrysanthemum Throne.

The Vatican P2 lodge has also made a public appeasement of China. This came in the form of the Vatican agreeing to give the Chinese government a say over the selection of Catholic bishops in China. It also came in the form of Italy’s government being the first in the G7 to announce that they would participate in the China-led One Belt One Road development project.

It is also worth remembering at this point, about a couple of tweets put out in 2016 by a “Baroness de Rothschild.”

Bss De Rothschild @BssDeRothschild: “Unfortunately for deplorables in 2017, IMPEACHMENT will rob you of your little Russian-hacked election ‘victory.’”

Bss De Rothschild @BssDeRothschild: “After a Trump/Putin/Iran/China/NK Nuclear war, the world will revert back to the Globalist ideal offering security via Europe.”


Clearly, the Rothschilds and other P2 types are running to China for protection now that their World War 3 and “Russiagate” scams are failing. However, the Chinese are fully aware the Khazarians will tell them whatever they want to hear, only to stab them in the back the first chance they get. They also know the same people who are sucking up to them now are the ones who humiliated them during the Opium Wars. As we saw above, the Chinese have quietly seized Israel’s infrastructure and are cooperating with the Russians and the U.S. military to force the Zionists to end all their troublemaking.

The Khazarians are also losing one of their last bastions of power—control over the major Internet companies. As the Pentagon put it, “It’s hammer time, as Big Tech may be subject to DOJ antitrust actions and broken up in concert with heavy fines from the EU.”

We would like to conclude this week’s report by forwarding to you an e-mail from a veteran criminal investigator who is a friend of former CIA operative Robert David Steele. Among other things, this investigator makes it clear why the Khazarian mob is delaying Kavanaugh’s appointment:

“The reason the left (the cabal) is trying to delay the examination of Kavanaugh’s accuser [Christine Ford] is to give them time to cause a massive blackout out East using the smart grid and their Stuxnet-derived software provided by Israel and now in all power company computers. Or until they can provoke a major war in Syria and Iran, and perhaps even a nuclear exchange with the Russian Federation.

“I may be wrong on all this, but the mainstream media editors will quickly switch sides and go with who they think is the new winner, since their prior masters have been adequately disempowered. They have no loyalty to anyone, but are ass-kissers to big money and big power.

“By the way, I know quite a bit of the hidden secret history of the Minnesota Wetterling murder and Johnny Gosch kidnapping. It is all related to the CIA, FBI, international pedo-satanic network, Bronfmans, GHWB, White House page boys, Barney Frank, Craig Spence, etc. It is a story of FBI involvement, victim family involvement, and complete cover-up. It has ties to Omaha, Franklin Credit, crooked FBI, CIA Finders, Jordan, Minnesota’s pedo problem, and Minnesota Attorney General Skip Humphrey (Senator Hubert Humphrey’s crooked son). We interviewed a key witness together in this years ago.”




HOPE RESTORED – Paul Hellyer Sept 2018 – Action Plan for Americans to Take Back Control of Americ a

HOPE RESTORED – Paul Hellyer Sept 2018 – Action Plan for Americans to Take Back Control of America

Published on Sep 26, 2018


This video is a comprehensive and startling public address to Americans and the world from long time politician and senior Canadian Cabinet and former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer.

“The Potential Miracle Can only Happen from the Bottom Up. There is no way that America can be saved for Americans if you expect the miracle to begin at the top. It will only happen if many millions of ordinary Americans are sufficiently motivated to save their country from the fascists. They MUST contact the president, their Congressman or Congresswoman and their Senator, if he or she is one of the 35 up for re-election, and say to each one of them: We will vote against you, regardless of party affiliation, if you don’t initiate and enact the agenda set out in this video before the election. Promises of action after the election won’t do. Only action now will earn you my vote because it is the survival of my country as an independent entity that is at stake.”

-Hon. Paul Hellyer, September 2018

An Action Plan for Americans to Take Back Control of America
1. Shut down the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
2. Shut down the NSA (National Security Agency)
3. Shut down DARPA )Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
4. Nationalize the Federal Reserve
5. Cease and desist the use of Chemtrails
6. Ground Space Command
7. Ban Automatic Rifles Except for the Military

Video Credits found at the end of this video Music Credit licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license Enter the Maze by Kevin MacLeod
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-…
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Healers Speak: A Conversation with Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis

Healers Speak A Conversation with Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis

Published on Sep 26, 2018


Join Sonja as she shares her Interview with the lovely Sylvia Anais Mouzourou about: * Venus Stationing in Scorpio until Oct.14th, and going retrograde on Oct. 5th * Pluto stationing in Capricorn until Oct.12h, and going direct on Sept. 30th

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PLEASE NOTE that we talk about the Venus and Pluto Station phases, and the Venus Retrograde phase. If you want to know how these planetary movements are going to impact you personally,

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Excerpts from THE QUANTUM AWAKENING September 2018 Newsetter by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Excerpts from

September 2018 Quantum Newsletter

 by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

A Website, a Global Electronic Newsletter,
A Thought, A Way of Life and  a ‘Sanctuary of Truth

Issue #237
September 2018

This NEWSLETTER is Electronically sent out ‘FREE’ but you must Subscribe to receive it. Please go to www.thequantumawakening.com  and sign up for newsletter or click on link at bottom of this newsletter. To unsubscribe scroll to bottom and click unsubscribe

Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted with Love and dedication to the Light

This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.  One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward, feel free to share this information.

Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’
by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years.

Thank you dear Lady of Light http://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/boletin/despertar_cuantico.htm



*** From Your Hostess of Light

***the eyes of our soul become clearer

***give from a well that is full

*** Shungite Elite Pendants


***LIVING LOVE 11:11 Florida Style Nov. 10, 2018

***transmission sessions

***Cosmic Classified


From Your Hostess of Light 

Hey Ya’ll, so sorry I am running late on this issue, it took a while to integrate the Denver, Colorado  energies when I was up there buying stones.  The crystal vibration amplified all that was Denver to the Nth degree. Wholly molly!  Denver took my blood and almost me. It was too much energy for me to hold on my own. As I get older I find that my sensitivity increases in wattage. One minute you are fine, round a corner and next minute you are down to your knees kissing mother earth. I am learning to truly understand the increasing power that is prominent on so many levels of earth and all her elements.

The stones and crystals I got at this show hold powerful and fabulous energies and I am happy to have them home. I am thankful that my earth man husband finally showed up after many dilemmas and helped me hold the energies in Denver. While I was there my phone committed hari kari and dove into the motel sink I lost all the Sedona journal predictions I was working on and lots of other important info down the proverbial drain. Finally it is functioning again/ Me not so much… after spending time at the rice-phoni ranch! It has been a clean wipe on many of the electronics in our home and life including car computers, and my PC. Everything demanded to be redone in a different energy sequence, Re-calibrated to fit the incoming energies.

As we round the corner into Libra and the energies of equilibrium and some stability, we will all come to a point of identical equilibrium like the perpetual egg that stands upright and balanced during the short point of equinox power. Balance, finally some balance! A cosmic timeout… yeah…. Of course all of us old-timers of light, love and the old-new age know what a wicked sense of coyote humor the universe has, so stayed tuned! The way we learn balance could become very interesting, circus anyone?

The origins of lady liberty and her Libra goddess like attributes are revealed as we each reach for a polished side of our inner selves. The old fractured PIECES NO LONGER ADHERE, even with gorilla glue. All that we do not understand comes to the inner ring of the soul, seeking a different vibrational pattern of reconnection and acknowledgment.

We are all being recalibrated, it is the same feeling one gets at entering a sacred site. The feeling that one is seen in the fullness of time, and then asked to release previous burdens, opening like a lotus into a pure vessel of undiluted body, mind, soul clarity.

We are all Rocking and Rolling with the earthly knocks like one inside a giant clear beach ball, all you can do is go along for the ride, and enjoy all the bumps and grinds. Sup upon any peace that you find along the way, before we enter the acceleration time of 11:11 and all of its wisdoms. This is an air month so take a breather, inhale deeply of the energy of peace… I AM PEACE THAT I AM…. And let go,  See the Need filled as if by Magic!


Every day you honor the world with your first breathe, with your prayers, your words, actions, and your intentions in a whole and holy way. You hold the lantern of you up high and yet your personal life is falling apart at the seams.  Your energy is scattered. Your physical body is exhausted, and your sleep patterns are disorderly.  Your life has not been swept, cleaned or dusted because you are so busy giving your life force away, and not honoring your own needs.  Giving yourself as a sacrificial lamb, to every cause until you are completely gone and only a memory.

The ancient texts and mystery schools spoke of the energy of giving.  Giving from a well that was full, giving from a spring that was cleansed purified and holy.  When you are full of love, and light– it radiates out touching everything in its path.  In this shining there is a ripple effect, a multiplication of energy, touching everything on earth. When you are personally empty – no matter how many prayers you say, no matter how much light you radiate, speak and pray – it will not reach its desired destination.  You can only truly give and help others when you are full.  

When you are continually focusing outward and not honoring yourself first, you do all life an injustice.  By not loving yourself enough, and giving only to external demands of you, you cause an imbalance in all of creation.  That imbalance starts and ends with each one of you. You assisted no one and nothing, by not filling yourself up first. The good thoughts, light, prayers, and healing that you sent just ran off, it did not meet its mark.  It ended up in the lost email department of life, because it did not have enough gas to get to its intended destination! You did not fill your gas tank first, so you are running on empty trying to put out fires with an empty water truck, your prayers, get minus-zero results!

You are spending too much time and energy–missing your mark, you are weakened of direction. On the seventh day of Creation God rested filling up again, getting ready to create even more.  God honors himself/herself first.  Everything that is created is created from a point of fullness; everything that is given is given from a point of fullness or not given at all.


As the eyes of our soul become sharper, all truths are questioned under the big bright light of review. Once proof was in the pudding, now the proof and the pudding is ghosting all of us, appearing as both a particle and wave, quantifying the senses. We lean forward in time holding the seat of the soul, as we enter un-chartered waters on a ‘see of confusion’. Someone asked for adventure??

In these upcoming alterations the universe asks for movement forward if one is not going to sink into the dimensional quagmire of the past. Movement and deliberation are demanded by the Universe. Life is denser and contains more than in the past. Earth has changed and so has her people, continually adjusting to all that is thrown at them.  People are hardened and softened at the same time. This conflict creates tension in the body causing unexpected aches and pains. The emotions are on high alert as the body feels all the global shifts, changes and decisions without any proof.

We bend over to life’s demands.  We try to bend time,  like a sliver spoon wrapping it around our dreams. Each dawn brings more choices, changes and challenges. Heartstrings are pulled, wallets are sprained, and emotions are moody. Step gently into these unsettled times that come sniffing around your encampment. Allow the energies to swim around you, hold steady to who you are.  Do not lose yourself as the big waves splash upon the shores of old.

Read the rest at http://thequantumawakening.com/wordpress/index.php/newsletter/

Cobra: Situation Update | The Portal

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Cobra: Situation Update | The Portal

There is increased activity in the Galactic Center, leading to the final purification of all darkness and to completion of the Galactic network of Light, the Central Race bringing galactic high culture even to such backward places as planet Earth.

The Galaxy is a multidimensional mandala of Light and our Solar System sits at one of the more important intersection points of this mandala.
As a result of increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun, the tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust are becoming restless:
And the wealthy “elite” are becoming increasingly afraid of the Event:
Throughout the Galaxy, in our stellar neighborhood and inside our Solar System, Galactic Confederation fleets are positioning themselves for the final liberation:
Unfortunately, the dark forces are masters of deception, and they were able to funnel anomalous plasma from the Galactic halo located in the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy through plasma filaments (tunnels of Set) into the implants of beings inside our Solar System, since the Archon invasion of 1996 until very recently. This was one of the main reasons for many delays and one of the main reasons why many things went wrong:
This problem was recently taken care of and things will now proceed more rapidly.
What is now remaining are plasma toplet bombs close to the surface of the planet, remnants of plasma Yaldabaoth head and remnants of many lesser plasmoid entities, especially spider plasmoid entities that correspond to cities of surface human population.
Spider plasmoid entities are energetically connected with castles, palaces and leaders of Black Nobility:

Many Black Nobility castles have huge cellars and vast underground tunnel networks close to the surface that are used as child abuse centers.
They are using Khazarian negative vortex, which is located between Black Sea and Caspian Sea, to build facilities for Adrenochrome harvesting (warning, graphic material):
Chimera- and Archon- controlled Negative Military is still also holding many extraterrestrials captive in extremely harsh conditions, thus enforcing one aspect of the Quarantine Earth:

The Archon Black Nobility families are using Trump to artificially polarize the public into the left/right paradigm, and to focus them away from the real source of the problem :

Trump is being partially controlled by his Jesuit/SMOM/Gaetani handlers:

Partially, he is (rarely) also listening to guidance of the Positive Military Intelligence, and the Positive Military Intelligence is tactically stroking his ego by encouraging Trump worship in alternative media through QAnon and other alternative channels, as opposed to Trump criticism in the Rothschild controlled mainstream media. This makes Trump more willing to follow the suggestions of Positive Military Intelligence.

Left/right paradigm is artificial. Both parties are controlled by the dark forces. As I have already said years ago, the Black Nobility families and the Jesuits are throwing Rothschild and Rockefeller factions under the bus to survive the transition intact, and current political divide is serving exactly that purpose.
Political left (Rothschild-controlled) is more inclined towards libertarian Luciferianism which is based on deep occult misunderstanding on the use of free will (Thelema), which they interpret as the permission to do whatever they want for selfish purposes. Luciferians are outcasts of mystery schools that did not pass the initiation tests.

Political right (Vatican-controlled) is more inclined towards Satanism, which occulty worships darkness as a principle. They believe in free will as a sacrifice to that darkness.

There is a brilliant plan of the Light Forces to end all this, and they have requested absolute radio silence about that Plan since the end of January 2018.

That request was not respected for the first time in late August when QAnon leaked intel about hacking of the spy satellites (Operation Keyhole). Later, David Wilcock released a few breadcrumbs about the Plan in his latest article, thankfully nothing significant. The Light Forces have communicated that they understand enthusiasm which comes when important operations are completed, but it is not over until it is over, and we all have to keep absolute silence about operations of the Light Forces that are underway.

This nightmare will be over, soon.

Victory of the Light!

Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D: Event. Photonic Wave October 2018 + past few days

Event. Photonic Wave October 2018

Published on Sep 26, 2018


I’m seeing 12 locations either protected or under watch…stargate or planetary vortex points.

This is all based off of what I’ve been shown through my guidance and have mentioned on the channel for months.. up until this point I haven’t felt the urgency to speak to my family and this came through during a channeled message that was pretty direct. I will be experiencing some massive photonic wave October 10th or 11th.

Whether or not this is the actual event I don’t know, but I was shown what comes after October which is this new technology a new measurement system, a new way of viewing time, mass arrests, changes in the financial institution, etc…

If it doesn’t resonate, it’s not meant to.. again my guides are telling me that “I need to prepare for something that I will experience October 10th or 11th”

Seeing blackouts in diff areas across the world but not all, or maybe its different times. Whatever this energy wave is, it def will be felt world wide in my opinion from how im seeing this


Tania Gabrielle: 5 Ways to Conquer the World [Time-Sensitive]


Mars is on a mission this week.

After the passionate Aries Full Moon on Monday, it’s time for the RULER of Aries to inspire you to conquer your fears and take on the world!

Mars is forming a gorgeous trine to the Sun on Thursday, September 27.

If you wanted an energy boost, you’re in luck…

Mars trine Sun changes the energetic temperature to “super high”!

  • You’re fired up to forge ahead with a project.
  • You’re driven to manifest success.
  • You’re inspired to activate your original ideas.
  • You are daring and courageous.


    There’s something you’re super passionate about too – and now is the time to GO make it happen.

    You have the bravado (and the protection from the universe) to go take a big risk.

    TIP #1:

    Mars (energy, confidence) trine Sun (your inner light) is an especially good time to START a new project.

    As the ruler of the first sign of Aries, Mars has a lot of initiative.

    So it’s a great time to tackle a big project, since you have that extra confidence and enthusiasm.

    TIP #2:

    Just be sure you STICK to your project. Have a friend or partner help you see through your goal to its completion.

    Mars trine the Sun is quite romantic and sexual.

    You feel especially magnetic.

    Follow your passions and desires – that extra boost of confidence adds a spice of CHARISMA to your life!

    TIP #3:

    Engage in physical exercise and be creative with your energy so you can CHANNEL the strong, warrior Mars force – otherwise it can get stuck and turn aggressive (even in a trine).

    It’s best to keep busy, so you can DIRECT the passionate force positively.

    TIP #4:

    Know how you are going to REWARD yourself after reaching your goal – Mars gets a surge of excitement from chasing a reward – it’s a great motivator!

    With an exact trine at in Air signs (Mars in Aquarius, Sun in Libra) your urge for independence is strengthened:

    TIP #5:

    Break the mould and try something totally out of the ordinary. You are supported by the security and stability of number , so this is a fantastic opportunity to go out on a limb and be inventive, eccentric and unconventional.

    You WILL make progress.

    Sun trine Mars enlightens and invigorates everything you set in motion.

    Mars is quick, and Mars is PRIMAL energy.

    This means you’re able to quickly grasp what your true motivations are (and other people’s too).

    Just listen to your gut instincts.

    Respond to the primal urge to take ACTION now.

    Love and Blessings,

    Tania Gabrielle

    P.S. Whenever your ready… here are 3 ways to help you fully activate your personal Soul Code – and conquer the world!

    1. Watch this free Masterclass

    Get instant access to the FREE training – Discover Your Divine Blueprint: How to Read Your Stars and Numbers. This masterclass teaches you about your Life Purpose and Destiny and the magic in your personal birth code. — Get Instant Access Here

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