Tania Gabrielle: Pluto Stations Direct: 18:18 Renewal of Power!


On the final day of September, Pluto comes to a complete standstill…


Pluto stations DIRECT on Sunday.

(When slow-moving planets change direction, we feel their impact the most.)

Pluto, the slowest planet of all, begins its slow-down journey WEEKS before the actual day that it stands still and changes course.

So Pluto always “sits” on the stationing degree for a long, long time.

In this case Pluto is at a standstill at 18° Capricorn – in 2018.


Pluto is all about power and self control, going deeply into the core – the original spark of germination.

Finding the source through Source creates a profound transformation.

Pluto and 18° in 2018 create an energy purge and surge facilitated by rest and dreamtime.


Quite a paradox!

How can resting ad dreaming give you an energy surge?

  • 18 governs dreams, compassion, being of service – unconditional love and wisdom.
  • Pluto rules Scorpio – a deep WATER sign… water facilitates dreaming, like the womb of life.
  • Together Pluto and 18 purge, empower – release and restore your strength!

In this case, the release is quite emotional.

And, the deeper you go, the bigger the IMPACT will be … especially on your career.


Pluto in Capricorn, ruler of the 10th house in astrology – the house of your Divine mission, is awakening your true divine mission in this lifetime.

Take advantage of this milestone moment.

Right now you are discovering new ways to tap into self control and empowerment in a high vibrational way – and your transformation will positively impact the direction of your career!

You’re not gaining power over others, but empowering your core Soul purpose from within.

  • Pluto is incredibly psychic
  • 18 enhances your intuition during dreamtime…

So this weekend is an especially powerful time to experience an inspirational connection, transformation and change.


Take time to rest, and meditate on how you use your energy …

Pluto stationing direct (forward) again invites you to explore who you are at Soul level in a deep and passionate way.


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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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