Excerpts from THE QUANTUM AWAKENING September 2018 Newsetter by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Excerpts from

September 2018 Quantum Newsletter

 by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

A Website, a Global Electronic Newsletter,
A Thought, A Way of Life and  a ‘Sanctuary of Truth

Issue #237
September 2018

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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted with Love and dedication to the Light

This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.  One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward, feel free to share this information.

Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’
by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years.

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*** From Your Hostess of Light

***the eyes of our soul become clearer

***give from a well that is full

*** Shungite Elite Pendants


***LIVING LOVE 11:11 Florida Style Nov. 10, 2018

***transmission sessions

***Cosmic Classified


From Your Hostess of Light 

Hey Ya’ll, so sorry I am running late on this issue, it took a while to integrate the Denver, Colorado  energies when I was up there buying stones.  The crystal vibration amplified all that was Denver to the Nth degree. Wholly molly!  Denver took my blood and almost me. It was too much energy for me to hold on my own. As I get older I find that my sensitivity increases in wattage. One minute you are fine, round a corner and next minute you are down to your knees kissing mother earth. I am learning to truly understand the increasing power that is prominent on so many levels of earth and all her elements.

The stones and crystals I got at this show hold powerful and fabulous energies and I am happy to have them home. I am thankful that my earth man husband finally showed up after many dilemmas and helped me hold the energies in Denver. While I was there my phone committed hari kari and dove into the motel sink I lost all the Sedona journal predictions I was working on and lots of other important info down the proverbial drain. Finally it is functioning again/ Me not so much… after spending time at the rice-phoni ranch! It has been a clean wipe on many of the electronics in our home and life including car computers, and my PC. Everything demanded to be redone in a different energy sequence, Re-calibrated to fit the incoming energies.

As we round the corner into Libra and the energies of equilibrium and some stability, we will all come to a point of identical equilibrium like the perpetual egg that stands upright and balanced during the short point of equinox power. Balance, finally some balance! A cosmic timeout… yeah…. Of course all of us old-timers of light, love and the old-new age know what a wicked sense of coyote humor the universe has, so stayed tuned! The way we learn balance could become very interesting, circus anyone?

The origins of lady liberty and her Libra goddess like attributes are revealed as we each reach for a polished side of our inner selves. The old fractured PIECES NO LONGER ADHERE, even with gorilla glue. All that we do not understand comes to the inner ring of the soul, seeking a different vibrational pattern of reconnection and acknowledgment.

We are all being recalibrated, it is the same feeling one gets at entering a sacred site. The feeling that one is seen in the fullness of time, and then asked to release previous burdens, opening like a lotus into a pure vessel of undiluted body, mind, soul clarity.

We are all Rocking and Rolling with the earthly knocks like one inside a giant clear beach ball, all you can do is go along for the ride, and enjoy all the bumps and grinds. Sup upon any peace that you find along the way, before we enter the acceleration time of 11:11 and all of its wisdoms. This is an air month so take a breather, inhale deeply of the energy of peace… I AM PEACE THAT I AM…. And let go,  See the Need filled as if by Magic!


Every day you honor the world with your first breathe, with your prayers, your words, actions, and your intentions in a whole and holy way. You hold the lantern of you up high and yet your personal life is falling apart at the seams.  Your energy is scattered. Your physical body is exhausted, and your sleep patterns are disorderly.  Your life has not been swept, cleaned or dusted because you are so busy giving your life force away, and not honoring your own needs.  Giving yourself as a sacrificial lamb, to every cause until you are completely gone and only a memory.

The ancient texts and mystery schools spoke of the energy of giving.  Giving from a well that was full, giving from a spring that was cleansed purified and holy.  When you are full of love, and light– it radiates out touching everything in its path.  In this shining there is a ripple effect, a multiplication of energy, touching everything on earth. When you are personally empty – no matter how many prayers you say, no matter how much light you radiate, speak and pray – it will not reach its desired destination.  You can only truly give and help others when you are full.  

When you are continually focusing outward and not honoring yourself first, you do all life an injustice.  By not loving yourself enough, and giving only to external demands of you, you cause an imbalance in all of creation.  That imbalance starts and ends with each one of you. You assisted no one and nothing, by not filling yourself up first. The good thoughts, light, prayers, and healing that you sent just ran off, it did not meet its mark.  It ended up in the lost email department of life, because it did not have enough gas to get to its intended destination! You did not fill your gas tank first, so you are running on empty trying to put out fires with an empty water truck, your prayers, get minus-zero results!

You are spending too much time and energy–missing your mark, you are weakened of direction. On the seventh day of Creation God rested filling up again, getting ready to create even more.  God honors himself/herself first.  Everything that is created is created from a point of fullness; everything that is given is given from a point of fullness or not given at all.


As the eyes of our soul become sharper, all truths are questioned under the big bright light of review. Once proof was in the pudding, now the proof and the pudding is ghosting all of us, appearing as both a particle and wave, quantifying the senses. We lean forward in time holding the seat of the soul, as we enter un-chartered waters on a ‘see of confusion’. Someone asked for adventure??

In these upcoming alterations the universe asks for movement forward if one is not going to sink into the dimensional quagmire of the past. Movement and deliberation are demanded by the Universe. Life is denser and contains more than in the past. Earth has changed and so has her people, continually adjusting to all that is thrown at them.  People are hardened and softened at the same time. This conflict creates tension in the body causing unexpected aches and pains. The emotions are on high alert as the body feels all the global shifts, changes and decisions without any proof.

We bend over to life’s demands.  We try to bend time,  like a sliver spoon wrapping it around our dreams. Each dawn brings more choices, changes and challenges. Heartstrings are pulled, wallets are sprained, and emotions are moody. Step gently into these unsettled times that come sniffing around your encampment. Allow the energies to swim around you, hold steady to who you are.  Do not lose yourself as the big waves splash upon the shores of old.

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