Tania Gabrielle: 5 Ways to Conquer the World [Time-Sensitive]


Mars is on a mission this week.

After the passionate Aries Full Moon on Monday, it’s time for the RULER of Aries to inspire you to conquer your fears and take on the world!

Mars is forming a gorgeous trine to the Sun on Thursday, September 27.

If you wanted an energy boost, you’re in luck…

Mars trine Sun changes the energetic temperature to “super high”!

  • You’re fired up to forge ahead with a project.
  • You’re driven to manifest success.
  • You’re inspired to activate your original ideas.
  • You are daring and courageous.


    There’s something you’re super passionate about too – and now is the time to GO make it happen.

    You have the bravado (and the protection from the universe) to go take a big risk.

    TIP #1:

    Mars (energy, confidence) trine Sun (your inner light) is an especially good time to START a new project.

    As the ruler of the first sign of Aries, Mars has a lot of initiative.

    So it’s a great time to tackle a big project, since you have that extra confidence and enthusiasm.

    TIP #2:

    Just be sure you STICK to your project. Have a friend or partner help you see through your goal to its completion.

    Mars trine the Sun is quite romantic and sexual.

    You feel especially magnetic.

    Follow your passions and desires – that extra boost of confidence adds a spice of CHARISMA to your life!

    TIP #3:

    Engage in physical exercise and be creative with your energy so you can CHANNEL the strong, warrior Mars force – otherwise it can get stuck and turn aggressive (even in a trine).

    It’s best to keep busy, so you can DIRECT the passionate force positively.

    TIP #4:

    Know how you are going to REWARD yourself after reaching your goal – Mars gets a surge of excitement from chasing a reward – it’s a great motivator!

    With an exact trine at in Air signs (Mars in Aquarius, Sun in Libra) your urge for independence is strengthened:

    TIP #5:

    Break the mould and try something totally out of the ordinary. You are supported by the security and stability of number , so this is a fantastic opportunity to go out on a limb and be inventive, eccentric and unconventional.

    You WILL make progress.

    Sun trine Mars enlightens and invigorates everything you set in motion.

    Mars is quick, and Mars is PRIMAL energy.

    This means you’re able to quickly grasp what your true motivations are (and other people’s too).

    Just listen to your gut instincts.

    Respond to the primal urge to take ACTION now.

    Love and Blessings,

    Tania Gabrielle

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