Jacqueline Lasahn: Virgo New Moon: Affirm Wholeness

Virgo New Moon: Affirm Wholeness

“The most difficult times for many of us
are the ones we give ourselves.” Pema Chödrön

Virgo New Moon: Affirm Wholeness.  Sacred Seed Woman by Debra Bernier

Declare simplicity.
Practice discrimination.
Discern integrity.
Affirm wholeness.

Earth body, sacred body.
Precious life, sacred earth.

Fresh air, clear mind.
Precious life, sacred skies.

Daily practice, healthy life.
Mind and body, healthy earth.
Sweep away dismay,
breathe into the paradox.
Precious body, sacred earth.

Affirm interconnection.
Claim your wholeness.
Breathe into the paradox.
How may you serve?

“I was amazed at how much energy I had wasted on fear. Time after time, I found myself fearing I would not be able to do something. Then I would do it . . . Our fears take us to the edge of our being, to a place where we are fully alive.” Sarah York in Pilgrim Heart

Virgo New Moon: Affirm Wholeness
September 9, 2018
11:02 am PDT

☽ Virgo New Moon Seeds of Inquiry ☼

Sit quietly for a few moments… following your breath: breathing in and breathing out.

Ask and listen for the quiet voice:

Where am I investing my attention?

What is undeserving of my time and attention?

How may I simplify?

What practical action can I take to make a difference in the world around me?

Accept yourself as you are – this is not about imperfection.

Breathe into your kindness and wisdom.

“Thank you so much for your love, insights and dedication to your work.
With Love, Charla”

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Copyright © 2018 Jacqueline Lasahn All rights reserved.
Artwork: An Inseparable Part Of The Universe, Sacred Seed Woman by Debra Bernier

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