Jennifer Hoffman: September 2018 Energy Report — Victim or Victor? The choice is yours

September finally brings us some relief from the relentless spiritual and emotional excavation we have had since May. If you’re tired of going over old ground and revisiting the past, you’ll welcome September’s energy. But you may not be quite so happy with September if you are still not prepared to let go of the past to move into a new present reality. This is a month to build our integrated spiritual/material reality, integrate and align with the full 3D/5D paradigm which is a balance of the best of both energies working together to create an empowered, fulfilling, joyful reality. September’s energy focuses on being a servant or a master, a victim or a victor, and we’ll get what we need to make those choices this month.

One of September’s blessings is the release from the tough retrograde activity we have seen since June. It was like taking a tiny step forward and a dozen steps backward. When Venus goes retrograde in October we will have experienced the retrograde of every planet, plus 3 eclipses, in this period. That’s a big transformational energy buildup which will start releasing in September.

But we will see release and forward movement only if we are truly ready to move forward. The energy works with us, not for us, as Archangel Uriel always tells me. We create energy containers with our intention and then use our intuition as a guide to point us in the most beneficial direction. Nothing in the Universe has the power or ability to tell us what to do, although it can make some very powerful suggestions. Even then, we still have to agree to follow that path – the final choice is always ours.

This month we have a lot of support for our 3D/5D integration with strong Chiron activity. If you remember, Chiron is the wounded healer, representing our karma and soul cycles. It can be a very tough teacher that relentlessly exposes our deepest soul wounding and trauma for healing. Saturn squares Chiron all month so if we haven’t dealt with those issues yet, we will have another chance to look at them in great detail. But that isn’t all.

The new moon of the 9th is in Virgo and exactly opposes Neptune in Pisces. I have written about the Virgo/Pisces axis many times because this is our journey, from Virgo’s Martyred Healer to the Pisces Empowered Master, from being the victim of our life to being victorious. We need to find the middle ground between the two, not being too much on either side, spiritual or material.

We have a choice this month, whether we’re going to continue the Martyred Healer journey or consider a more empowered and empowering alternative. Do we still think we need to heal others or be their source of healing? Virgo has a strong ‘servant’ energy when it is expressed through its victim aspects, or it can be a very powerful source of inspiration when it is filtered through our desire to be a victor and use its mastery energy. ]


And at the end of the month we have a full moon that repeats the Chiron/Saturn theme of healing our soul trauma together again. Chiron puts the soul trauma and soul wounds in front of us, Saturn demands that we address them. We need to get this completed now because our 3D/5D integration cannot continue as long as we are carrying all of this old emotional baggage with us. Everything occupies space in our energy field. So if you get the urge to do an energetic house cleaning, it’s to clear up space in your energy field for new energy.

Every month, from now until the end of the year, is going to feature some aspect of this energy clearing so we can start 2019, which begins with no retrograde planets, something we saw in both 2017 and 2018, with a clean slate. In November Jupiter moves into its sign, Sagittarius, that is going to begin another level of spiritual integration in the world. The Great Awakening gets a kick start then and the spiritual justice engine will go into high gear. Then in 2019 the planets move into place to support the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in early 2020. Starting now, we’re witnessing the 3D/5D integration and ascension cycle go mainstream so it become a part of the collective narrative instead of a limited hangout ‘conspiracy theory’.

As Q says, ‘where we go one we go all’. We are un-animus, a single soul sourced from the single Source of light, energy, and love. That journey begins now, enjoy the ride.

Have a wonderful month.


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