Do We Care About the Truth? #Unity4J

Do We Care About the Truth? #Unity4J

Published on Jul 28, 2018

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Narrated by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, this video by #Unity4J ‘Non-Violent Digital Army’ in support of Julian Assange and Wikileaks is a call to action to join in the fight to protect Julian Assange.

By creating an intermediary system for whistleblowers, Wikileaks has been able to expose war crimes, governments abuse of power, mass surveillance, and the vast erosion and undermining of our freedoms.

United in truth, they cannot silence us nor stop us. Please join the #Unity4J movement has launched a non-violent digital army of thousands of Julian Assange supporters, actively collaborating to achieve his freedom.

Join us here:
For more details visit:
Twitter: @unity4j
Watch the short promo video about the online vigil series here:…
Watch the full playback of the original 10-hour vigil here:…
For credible information about Julian and WikiLeak’s legal situation please visit:

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