UPDATED LINK!!! RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH: 144k Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation – Fri 27th. Planetary Clearing Report + More

Forever Unlimited

Updated link!!!  3:25pm

ALERT: The link to the Ground Crew Command Lunar Eclipse 144k Mass Meditation Live Broadcast had to be changed due to an attack.

Obviously we’re on the brink of something BIG. This has never happened before. So hopefully you’ll get this before the live broadcast, which starts in about 15mins.

Here’s the link to click on (at the same scheduled time, as provided in previous emails).

==> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio/2018/07/27/144k-mass-meditations-july-27th–lunar-eclipse


The Unknown Lightwarrior

Discover The Four Reasons why the 144K mass meditation at the Lunar Eclipse on July 27th
is a game changer:

 July 27th, 2018 |  The Unknown Lightwarrior

1) The total lunar eclipse on Friday, July 27 will affect everyone, common people, like you and me. It will bring both personal changes and global changes that bring the light of TRUTH to the entire planet. If you wondered why you’re feeling the heat –…

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