Tania Gabrielle: Astro-Numerology Insights: [Half Year] Exciting Changes are Coming!


Lots of excitement is in store for us over the next weeks!

There is a flurry of activity in the stars and numbers as we enter the second half of 2018.

Eclipse season is right around the corner (you’re feeling the first mid-July eclipse building already!)… plus, joyful Jupiter is about to station DIRECT again too!

As we move from June into July, Mercury is very active.

Mercury is squaring Uranus creating a quickening… this means your life is unfolding in unexpected ways.




Mercury is also trines Chiron! You are more open to sharing your deep feelings, including anything that is bothering you, as Chiron facilitates harmony and healing.

Breathing in deeply BEFORE you speak (or write) will change your life.

As the energy quickens, so will the need to make on-the-spot decisions. When you take time to slow down (deep breathing) you leave behind ego-centric responses and embrace SOUL-inspired clarity.

Your messages (Mercury) are emitting a very high vibrational energy.

Sharing becomes an ART… a beautiful opportunity to love!

Your BREATH is your eternal connection to the Divine.

As we rapidly approach a rare cycle of 3 Eclipses and celebrate Jupiter’s change of direction, being in SYNC with your divine inner pulse is very important.

The recent start of Mars retrograde (on June 26) is also taking your energy within.

Your inner landscape is your greatest resource! Trust it.

At this important half-way point, you are leaving behind old habits and replacing them with a brand new influx of energy. You are discovering how to stay in alignment from one moment to the next – able to attune to the rapid changes in other people and situations around you.

There’s no way to process the rapid changes with your mind ALONE.

The only way to stay attuned and aligned to the present – is to consistently breathe in…. and listen.

Answers are provided as feelings, symbols, hunches, a “knowing”.

  • YOU are your best resource – always remember that.
  • Re-Source means: re-connection to SOURCE.

Mercury trine Chiron enhances listening with LOVE.

Mercury square Uranus facilitates sharing ideas from an exciting new out-of-the-box perspective.

Conversations and communication you have now, either with yourself or with others, are creating a sacred space for profound healing.

Uranus loves activating your inner adventurer, so you explore CHANGE and HEAL.

When situations nudge you to shift your approach, be OPEN to the shift.

Take the plunge!

Healing happens in an instant.

  • Many little instances of present-moment healing add up to BIG internal shifts!

There is nothing more life-enhancing than inspired action… inspired living.

Inspired Action is the song of Love singing through you.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend as we transition from the final day of June on Saturday to July 1 on Sunday – and welcome the second half of 2018 with open arms!

Make sure you have the most trusted universal Star Code forecast by your side as we journey into unexplored territory.

July brings two eclipses – and August one additional eclipse!

There is so much that is cracking open, healing and expanding…

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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