NorthPoint Journal  Your guide to planetary energies for May 28 to June 3, 2018 By Pam Younghans

NorthPoint Journal: Your guide to planetary energies for
May 28 to June 3, 2018
By Pam Younghans

​Highlighted Aspects this Week
MON: Sun quincunx Saturn
TUE: Full Moon 7:19 a.m. PDT (2:19 p.m. GMT), Mercury enters Gemini
WED: Mercury sextile Chiron
FRI: Mercury trine Mars, Venus trine Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto
SAT: Venus trine Neptune, Mercury quincunx Saturn
SUN: Saturn opposite Pallas Athene, Pluto quincunx Ceres

 that began in spectacular fashion on May 15 reaches its climax in the Full Moon this week. The lunation perfects on Tuesday at 7:19 a.m. PDT (2:19 p.m. GMT), at 8°10′ Sagittarius.

All Full Moons represent a time of culmination, when a process that began with the New Moon bears fruit and projects come to fullness. At the same time, emotions are usually heightened as we work with the polarization of the Sun and Moon, complicating matters but helping us reach new levels of self-awareness.

THE MOON is aligned with the fixed star Antares at the time of the lunation, acting as a focusing lens for that star’s energy. As a red star, Antares is fiery and dynamic, similar to Mars in its effects.

Most literature paints Antares in a rather negative light, giving the star reckless and destructive qualities. But as in all things astrological, we have a choice between the higher expression and lower expression of the influences we are offered.

This Full Moon can have great effect on our energy fields, with our choice being how we want to vibrate as its influence moves through us. We can choose to be combative, temperamental, and ruthless, or we can intentionally channel this energy and become more dynamically self-motivated in a positive, life-enhancing way.

IN HIS INTERPRETATION of the meaning of Antares, astrologer Roderick Kidston writes that:

“The issue with this star is not ill will, but the way it impels an urge for mastery. When this is directed toward self-mastery and the personal gifts cultivated as a result, it is very fine. If it stimulates unskillful behaviors and rouses the temptation to dominate or control, there can be problems.

“As with all of the great power stars, Antares asks you to be very self-aware and very mindful of how you treat other people. The Golden Rule does rule here! But with the reservoirs of strength available to you via Antares, you can afford to be generous, and a force for good.”

OUR CHOICE with this Full Moon can be as simple and immediate as going for a run to release frustrations instead of venting our anger on others. Or, it can be a multi-layered and life-altering decision to utilize our innate assertiveness in a more productive way going forward.

There is strength in this Full Moon, once we harness and direct the more impulsive, instinctive side of our personalities. As the DarkStar Astrology website says about Antares:

“If this brave, fearless spirit is channeled in the right way, then its energy can help move mountains. All energies are important in our Universe, it’s just a question of balance. Antares is needed when we get too compliant and accept others’ modus operandi too readily. This red star shakes us out of our complacency.”

If this “shaking us out of our complacency” sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because it’s also one of the effects we expect of Uranus’ journey through Taurus. We’re starting to see a major theme develop for our times, confirmed by more than one astrological event.

MOST OF THE OTHER planetary aspects this week fall into the category of shorter-term influences that contribute to our daily experience but do not strongly affect our greater trajectory.

For instance, Mercury represents how our thinking and communication processes are helped or hindered on a day-to-day level. When Mercury trines Chiron on Wednesday, we have opportunities to use the healing power of words. On Friday, a Mercury-Mars trine encourages us to put plans into action, but we can inadvertently provoke power struggles if we don’t take others’ opinions into account (Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto). Saturday could be another challenging day for conveying a clear message, thanks to a Mercury-Saturn quincunx that brings up resistance from those who feel judged or controlled.

ON SUNDAY, two aspects occur that have a slightly stronger effect, filling in pieces of the bigger puzzle. The first is an opposition between Saturn and the asteroid Pallas Athene, which challenges us to be empathetic but also to maintain our boundaries.

The second aspect is a quincunx between Pluto and Ceres, who were adversaries in mythology and so often have different perspectives to bring to the table. With this aspect, attempts to control another’s self-expression are met with strong resistance, and may even disintegrate into power struggles. The challenge is to let go of our attachments and expectations, and to understand that endings are the first step to a new beginning.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year provides opportunities you to become more involved and invested in your own creative self-expression. You will find life much more satisfying if you live more in the moment and allow yourself to play, especially if you have the tendency to overthink decisions or to spend too much time in your head. At the same time, you will no doubt be taking relationships — whether existing or prospective — very seriously this year, and may make important decisions in this area.

In light,


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