NorthPoint Journal - Your guide to planetary energies for April 30 to May 6, 2018 By Pam Younghans


Photo: A sculpture of the Earth Goddess Ceres
created in wheat by artist Kari Serrao


NorthPoint Journal – Your guide to planetary energies for April 30 to May 6, 2018

Highlighted Aspects This Week
MON: Ceres conjunct North Node, Sun square Nodes, Sun square Ceres
TUE: Mars square Eris, Venus sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus quincunx Saturn
THU: Venus sextile Ceres
SAT: Mercury quincunx Jupiter

SUN: Sun semisquare Chiron, Sun sextile Neptune, Venus semisquare Uranus


THE MOON’S North Node is a magnetic point in space that draws us toward our higher destiny. In our birth charts, its sign, house, and aspects reveal a key growth path that our individual souls have chosen this lifetime, as well as how we might resist or assist that intended progress. By its present-day sign location, the North Node discloses similar themes, but related to the evolutionary imperatives currently pulling on humanity.

Collectively, we’ve been working with the North Node in Leo for about a year now, following its trail as it leads us into new forms of leadership, creative involvement, and belonging. Along the way, we are meant to be leaving behind negative qualities associated with the South Node in Aquarius — namely, detachment, alienation, and rebelliousness for the sake of its impact rather than because of its authenticity.



THIS CALL to our next evolutionary step is being highlighted this coming week. On Monday, the dwarf planet Ceres aligns with the North Node in Leo, and both square the Sun in Taurus.


Ceres (Demeter to the Greeks) was the Roman Earth Goddess, and represents the Mother archetype. She rules over the seasons and agriculture, nutrition and digestion, nurturing professions, family relationships, and death and dying. Leo is the sign of the Lion — both the cowardly lion who roars to intimidate and the compassionate lion who rules from the heart.


This Monday marks the third time that Ceres and the North Node have aligned — the first time was on December 10 and the second was on January 7. Over the last five months, the cosmos have been activating a shift in our understanding of what we need and want in those who we call leaders. We are beginning to give less credence to the lions who roar and are opening our eyes to see the value of other, more heart-centered options.



THROUGHOUT THIS TIME, the vital role of the feminine in leadership has been becoming more and more apparent. Record numbers of women are becoming activists, whether through taking part in marches and protests, by campaigning for political office, or by making their powerful voices heard in other ways.


With the goal of finding inner peace firmly in its sights, the Sun in Taurus can be overly cautious in its choices, and reticent to take the kinds of risks called for by the North Node in Leo. As the Sun squares Ceres and the North Node this week, we are challenged to move beyond the familiar and comfortable routines that have kept life simple but also interfered with our progress.


THESE ASPECTS might spur some to take make obvious changes in their trajectory this week. Perhaps a significant person will throw their hat in the political ring or otherwise accept the mantle of the Lion in a new and very public way. But for most of us, this week’s influences will work on a more private level, in ways that we may only share with a close friend or trusted confidant.


If we’ve allowed ourselves the time to reflect over the past few days, we’ve hopefully been able to take advantage of the revelatory nature of today’s Scorpio Full Moon. Through that process of self-exploration, we’ve seen more clearly some of the ways in which we’ve been giving away our power.


Now, with the Ceres-North Node alignment in effect, we are challenged to rise above the fears that have been keeping us small. As we choose to stand tall and no longer cower in the shadows of our own fears, we receive the empowering gifts of greater self-esteem and self-appreciation — the signs of a healthy, happy, and more fully conscious Ceres in Leo.


VENUS is a bit on edge early in the week, as she finds herself in disagreement with both Mars and Saturn on Tuesday. Venus has jurisdiction over relationships, financial and material holdings, and values, so we can expect to meet with some minor frustrations in one or more of these areas. Perhaps if we are standing tall in a new way, some who have been used to our living at half-mast will resist the change in our demeanor.
By Thursday, however, a harmonious sextile between Venus and Ceres is more supportive of loving communication. As we open our hearts and our minds, being present in the moment, we can more readily both give and receive nurturing.

NEXT WEEKEND is a grab bag of energies. With the Sun in hard aspect to Chiron, and Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter, we may start off feeling irritable and untethered. But the Sun will also be in easy aspect to Neptune — so if we can take a pause and breathe calmly, tapping into our higher nature, we should very shortly start to feel lighter, with greater ability to let go of our worries and release anger.


Next Sunday evening feels more confrontational, due to a power struggle that often manifests when Mercury and Pluto are in hard aspect (a Mercury-Pluto square perfects very early on Monday morning, May 7). Our saving grace comes from the grounding and releasing techniques we practiced earlier in the day. Through allowing defensiveness to soften and by calling on the consciousness of our Divine Self, we can more successfully approach all interactions from a place of confidence and inner peace.


IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: This year compels you to consider profound questions about how you give and receive nurturing. Many people experience a conflict between meeting the needs of others and taking care of oneself, and this is a theme that is likely to come forward now. We all need to feel appreciated and supported — if you do not, explore the reasons why. Do you not feel you deserve these things? Do people in your life not know how to nurture and support you? If not, how can you express your needs from a place of Taurean inner calm, letting go of the need to defend or explain? Be aware of any lack of self-worth that causes you to over-give, to reject nurturing offered by others, or even to be overly attached to having a certain type of support be expressed by a specific person in your life. As you gain inner clarity and focus on self-acceptance, any imbalance of giving and receiving in your life can ease, opening new paths to fulfillment in your personal relationships.


In light,
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Photo: A sculpture of the Earth Goddess Ceres created in wheat by artist Kari Serrao

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