Tania Gabrielle: Venus Conjunct Uranus

Venus is about to join Uranus in a powerful conjunction.

When Venus and Uranus merge, we experience many fireworks: sudden shifts in love, creativity and abundance.

Especially with Wednesday’s meeting…

Because it happens right as Uranus is preparing to enter Taurus in a few weeks, after residing in the sign of Aries for the past eight years!

Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus, so this week’s conjunction of Venus and Uranus is an important precursor of what’s coming up for the next eight years, beginning in mid May when Uranus moves into Taurus (while the SUN is actually in Taurus!).


Here’s the thing: when Venus and Uranus join forces everything lights up.

You get excited, more adventurous and daring and develop a strong pull to experience something brand NEW.

Uranus strips away anything that has outlived its purpose.

Venus governs your values – especially in love and wealth attraction.

At this juncture you are breaking away from what you may have valued for a long time, but has no place in your life anymore.

Wednesday’s meeting Venus and Uranus is an invitation from the universe for total transparency in your love life, abundance attraction goals and quest for freedom.

This week you get a sneak peak into the next eight years of Uranus in Taurus.

The following 6 deep soul urges are asking for greater expression:

You are craving independence.
You feel more magnetic and want to explore your natural magnetism.
Your sensuality is enhanced.
You exult in and embrace your uniqueness.
You feel restless until you immerse yourself creatively in a project.
You insist on your divine right for total freedom.

In order to manifest love and abundance that’s lasting and of deep value to you, it’s important to be patient and practice the same tolerance you expect others to extend towards you.

Staying true to yourself invites others (including your significant other) to do the same – both of you sharing yourself at soul-level.

Magic happens when you reveal and share your true colors.

Uranus and Venus invite you to take a BIG risk – unmask how you really feel. It’s never been easier or more important to break through your fear of rejection and be totally transparent.

When you take that risk and open up fully – sharing your true self with tenderness – you become a mirror for others to see themselves in you.

This is the essence of Freedom and Love – Uranus merged with Venus.

Exult in your Romantic, Passionate nature.

Be open to LOVING your life into reality – as your senses and feelings are intensified now.

Enjoy the Excitement!!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

John Doe’s Ramblings Regarding Q Anon Psyops Allegations MARCH 27 | John Doe Truth In Context

Just a reminder that due to functioning on a cell phone, where I can’t copy and paste YouTube information, I can no longer post the details of the YouTube videos, where you can learn other places to view content from the producer, as well as ways to support their efforts. So click through to watch the video on YouTube for better access. ~PB



John Doe’s Ramblings Regarding Q Anon Psyops Allegations MARCH 27 | John Doe Truth In Context

March 27, 2018

John Doe Truth In Context



Destroying the Illusion: 3/27 – Psy-Op Q? / Ascension Symptoms / DoD admits “Voice if God” Tech / NXIVM


3/27 – Psy-Op Q? / Ascension Symptoms / DoD admits “Voice if God” Tech / NXIVM | Destroying the Illusion

Published March 27, 2018





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March 2018 Embodiment Process Side Effects By Denise LeFay | HighHeartLife

March 2018 Embodiment Process Side Effects By Denise LeFay | HighHeartLife

These February and March 2018 energies are so much higher in frequency, amount, are now direct plus are more never encountered Photonic Light. Because of this, many Forerunners, Pathpavers, First Embodiers, First Everything-ers have experienced some extra unusual side effects they’ve never had before throughout the entire Ascension Process (AP) and Embodiment Process (EP) to date.

When we move, travel, ascend and evolve deeper into more NEW energetic Light territory, we’re naturally further activated by those energies and suddenly find ourselves having some very new-to-us side effects in just about every way imaginable; physical, emotional, mental, etheric, psychic, Higher Awareness and so on. These symptoms and side effects of the AP and EP are much more than only having certain physical body and/or head aches, pains, pressures and related anomalies. As many of you already know, this also includes profound and ongoing evolutionary changes to our DNA, our psyche, our current level of consciousness, our sense of ego self and ascending Self and Higher Selves, multidimensional experiences, our personal lives and realities, and our physical and energetic interactions with the external Earth world and far beyond.

Right before these February and March 2018 NEW energies arrived, I found myself doing something I rarely ever do which was reach out to a couple of people online. I’ve always been able to retain discernment and honestly question myself and my actions, even when eyeball-deep in some seriously strange, confusing and intense AP and EP stuff. While doing this I was simultaneously aware that some part of myself knew that some unusual big self evolving energies and experiences where coming soon and an aspect of the old human part of me wanted to maintain some lower level of familiarity with other humans. I cannot tell you how utterly unusual this was coming from me, and I’m being honest about it to show how we can consciously know we’re evolving quickly beyond what we’ve been our entire physical 3D incarnations in these lives yet at times within this EP just want to be “normal” and have a like-minded “buddy” in our lives again… after 27 years of not having any.

Because this was an old lower self want on my part, the reaching out failed as it should have because of those reasons. After all, I am not here on Earth now to have plenty of lower self-soothing “buddies” to chitchat with. I’m here now—as are every one of you reading this—to evolve, to ascend to a higher level of being and consciousness, to Pathpave The Way for the rest of humanity, and to build NEW worlds for all to further create within and on and on and on. At some point the chit-chatting may happen, but for now there’s so much more important things to get done by and through each of us. When you have a momentary longing for old “normalcy”, not that I know what that is, just remind yourself that you Volunteered to incarnate on Earth now to be a direct part of the AP and EP for All everywhere.

Short List of March Side Effects

Inner Body Vibrations — These have reached very NEW levels of intensity so far in early 2018, and we’re just getting started! Expect more, much more, and much higher in frequency and intensity. Don’t get rattled over being rattled internally to a degree you’ve not experienced before. All of March it often feels to me like I’m having violent inner earthquakes in my physical body. I’ve consciously monitored the Inner Body Vibrations within my physical body since I first felt them around 2001, and every time I’ve thought they wouldn’t get any larger or more intense they did and continue doing so. This month they’ve been record-breaking and I know there’s more coming. No fear, just us getting more up to even higher Light speed.

Seeing Light Flashing Inside Your Physical Body — I’ve seen the Sun flash repeatedly strobe-like in the sky a few times so far, and I’ve also seen it blast out huge pulses of Light with minutes in between each pulse. What I’ve seen so far in March 2018, is this same solar Light flashing repeatedly in that strobe-like fashion but from within my own physical and energetic bodies. I and the Sun are ONE; we are in sync and are living, circulating aspects of each other. What the Sun does and transmits energetically now is the same thing and process that’s taking place with many of us living the Embodiment Process. Don’t think it to death, just FEEL it and recognize the truth of it and make whatever adjustments you may need to with your priorities. There’s what’s important and then there’s what’s important.

Extra Busy & Unusual Dreams Again — We go through periods where we dream some rather strange dreams every night for weeks and this is another clue that you/me/we have ascended, traveled, evolved into yet another NEW-to-us energetic area. We Work on and with all these changes constantly while awake and asleep, while conscious in-body and while out of it. There is no down-time anymore with the AP and EP, there is just IT and us living and being IT in and through our evolving and merging, unifying many selves and Selves and Greater Selves. Dream away and don’t think this to death either as much of it is just passing old stuff that does NOT need your attention to fix or repair or integrate any of it.

Greatly Increased Inner Ear Ringing — This has been going on for a while now but those inner ear high-pitched constant ringing sounds have recently not only gotten MUCH louder but higher in frequency as well. Oftentimes from my perspective, this latest cacophony of inner noise has been too much. We’ve experienced these increases in inner ear sounds, ringing, buzzing racket over the ascension years, just like we’ve experienced different levels and layers of smelling nonphysical scents and/or hearing nonphysical sounds and seeing nonphysical lights and other such things, patterns, geometries in code form like this.

At times this latest NEW level of inner ear noise that’s so big it’s both inside and outside of your head by two or three feet, has been so loud and high-pitched that it’s causing me to also hear other strange nonphysical sounds, voices, noises and such in that typical clairaudient way. It’s like we’re hearing some of the sounds of the Universe moving and slowly grinding through cycles throughout the cosmos. It’s both interesting and annoying at times, but this is just another of many NEW situations and levels of our ongoing Embodying so again, no fear and don’t think things to death. Pay attention yes, but don’t linger too long on any one NEW side effect because so much more is happening, and coming.

Bones or Joints Suddenly Hurting — I’ve experienced this since the Total Solar eclipse of August 2017. Certain joints suddenly go from fine and have never hurt to hurt like all hell and can’t move them then suddenly back to feeling fine again. Last year this happened in my right elbow and shoulder joints; this year it’s one heel bone and now up into the arch of my foot to the point it’s hard to walk. When body parts suddenly hurt seriously for extended periods, one occasionally considers the unthinkable — actually going to a doctor! No, anything but that! When in doubt go within and discern for yourself. If you don’t trust yourself with this ability yet and believe that a doctor visit will solve the situation then go to a doctor. But know they most likely won’t find anything “wrong” or worse they’ll put you on some drug you don’t need. Discernment.

Saturn, which has to do with structures such as our physical skeletal structure, bones, joints etc., went into Capricorn, its ruler in December 2017, but it did so as a 5D free and clear entity no longer housing old Team Dark distortions forced upon it. Because of this and plenty of other related and ongoing AP and EP energies and changes, it doesn’t surprise me at all that our physical skeletal structures are going through more NEW-to-us DNA upgrades and other related improvements. Know that the pains in certain joints and vertebra etc. is hitting hard and highly focused now but will not last forever so self-care and don’t go into fear over these and other AP and EP related changes.

Difficulty Expelling Urine — This is another of those certain Ascension Process side effects that most of us aren’t in a big hurry to share with the world. I’ve had this one since about 2000 and at first thought it, along with sudden and repeated bladder spasms, were due to menopause until a young woman in her early 30’s with two young children mentioned that she and her kids (a boy and girl) were all having difficulty pushing all the urine out when they went to the bathroom. That’s when I knew this lovely symptom was ascension related and not strictly about changing hormones from menopause.

Typically this one is more pronounced throughout the night (but I have experienced it a few times during the daytime too) and one has to repeatedly push and push and push out the urine to empty ones bladder. This side effect has to do with many AP related things such as hormone changes, DNA changes, repeatedly purging old 3D patriarchal created toxins over the years, density changes both externally and internally and so on. But again, discern this and all other symptoms and side effects to decide what you feel is right at the time for you and your body or your children’s bodies.

This is Very Personal — No, not personal physically but personal psychologically, emotionally, psychically, spiritually and energetically. This side effect is from the ongoing Embodiment Process and has to do with one’s repeatedly changing sense of old self incrementally unifying with one’s Greater, Higher Selves. It also has to do with our also ongoing 5D unifying with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within ourselves and our bodies and consciousness. Didn’t that sentence sound so easy-breezy fluffy and nice? Well, if you’ve been and are living this down into every cell and fiber of your being and physical body, then you know it’s anything but easy-breezy fluffy and nice! It’s freaking hard Work that usually hurts a good bit physically, emotionally and psychologically. Little self, open up and make room for incoming Bigger Self, Higher Selves, Divine Mommy, Divine Daddy and much more, and stop freaking out and running around like your hair is on fire because it all! Again, it all looks so great and easy on paper but is a very different situation when happening to and in you! Breath, there’s more than enough stretchy pants room for in here for a great big God upgrade right inside you and your physical body.

I joke only because this is some serious shit taking place now for many of us. Glorious, divine, rare beyond belief, magical but so real physically it often hurts in multiple ways. Everyone desirous of and willing to do the Work to Embody 5D and higher Unity frequencies within themselves and their physical bodies knows how profound and how profoundly personal this phase and level of the Embodiment Process is to each of us. We’re all doing the same thing, Embodying, but it is a highly unique, sacred and individual process. You are changing; I am changing; we are and will continue to change dramatically and in ways so wonderful it’s hard for me to even think about without it causing me to tear up. Please, carry on. ❤

Time Is & Is Not — The linear time business and the quantum no time business and our getting re-familiarized with living in the eternal Now Moment business is both fun, entertaining, exciting, creative, confusing, exhausting, frustrating and weirdly wonderful. Over the past few years, learning how to work both within and outside of linear time has been interesting to say the least. But in 2017, and much more so in 2018, this has evolved into us being much more comfortable with our existence and lives lived in the Now Moment from moment to moment. This has become the NEW normal for many First Embodiers already and we’re getting more aware of how to bend, hold, push, stretch, compress or just float in the timeless quantum Now Moment. It’s easier than one would believe to live and move about your day or night and not have linear time eating you and your energies up minute by minute. This is not an intellectual thing, but an intentional and conscious creation thing that takes place in and from one’s HighHeart. If you want time to speed up then make it so. If you want it to slow or go away for you, then make it so. Some of the NEW crayon colors showing up in our NEW crayon boxes are really exciting First Everything-ers! Much more to come too.

Sleep When Needed & Forget About Time of Day or Night — For years I had to step out of body during the daytime via naps to assimilate the latest incoming NEW Light energies. This has never been something I’ve intentionally done but something that happens to me suddenly, informing me that I’m about to Embody some more NEW-to-me Light energies and it’s so much easier to do so when one is out of their physical body.

Another new side effect this year for me has been the sudden inability to sleep at night. There are nights now where I just don’t want to go to bed and sleep which is unheard of for me! Night and bed and sleep has always been a sacred space and time for me so to have this lifelong habit suddenly do a 180° turn has been strange. Nonetheless, this is just another NEW change that many are finding themselves dealing with, and it also shows us where we still have old familiar beliefs about certain things such as it’s nighttime so that means it’s bed time and sleep time. Not so anymore, just like eating and foods and other old 3D habits we all have. This sleep business is connected to the time and no time business so give yourself permission to sleep and catnap whenever you, your body and CNS (Central Nervous System) needs to because of the EP and ongoing Light energy increases. Release the old habits and beliefs and expand into the NEW in more and more ways. We’re great at adapting.

There’s more of these current NEW-to-us side effects from March but this these are some of the most pronounced ones I could think of now. As usual after I hit the publish button I’ll think of three more important ones I forgot but if so we’ll cover them in Comments under this article. Hang in there Trailblazers as all this won’t be ending in our lifetimes so deep breath, wide open HighHeart, smile at Source for everything and please, carry on. ❤ ❤ ❤


March 25, 2018

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Ute Posegga-Rudel: PERSONAL UPDATE, 22.3.2018

MESSAGES FROM THE REALMS OF LIGHT This Blog serves your ascension process and finding the truth of what and who you truly are, with messages from the Realms of Light. May your heart be inspired and may you grow in consciousness and participate in the Light and Love of the Supreme Being. May you be blessed and be happy! With much Love, Ute Posegga-Rudel


My Dear Friends,
again I will be on the road – quite suddenly, leaving the Canary Islands. What could be done here has been done, although I would rather like to stay here, but the situation is not right.

There is not much time left, before I leave. So I am very busy with organizing, packing, and finding out where my next place will be. I don’t know yet for sure, waiting for the signs to appear.

And so a major life-change is again before me, although I am yearning for a peaceful place to come to rest and to stay permanently.

But it seems that a prophecy that spoke once loud and suddenly from my heart, comes true now: that I would not have a home on this earth anymore. Fortunately, I have always myself, the Divine peace and inspiration in my heart – the only real home there is 🙂 And the only constancy in permanent change and loss.

Please bear with me, my friends, I don’t know when I will be able to publish the next message. It looks like that some more uneasy weeks are ahead of me.

Lets be the silent eye in the storm. The world situation demands this from us.

I love you all lots!
With blessings,


Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
© 2017. All rights reserved.
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for Healing, Protection, Manife

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Gillian MacBeth Louthan: The Quantum Awakening Newsletter

Quantum Newsletter


A Website, a Global Electronic Newsletter,

A Thought, A Way of Life,

A Doorway to the Heart’

Issue #231

March 2018


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This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers. One to one, light to Light, it births itself into completion from that point forward, feel free to share this information.


Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina for many years.


Thank you dear Lady of Light http://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/boletin/despertar_cuantico.htm



***A word from your Hostess of Light

***Akashic Field reaches critical mass

***Heart Opening between Easter and Wesak

***‘Prayer Heart’ Stones Satin Spar Selenite

*** Transmission sessions

*** Cosmic Classified


A word from your Hostess of Light

For many on earth this has been a long dank winter, showing its teeth and entire underbelly, while we whittled at our lives and calendar trying to make way for more named moody storms and wintry learnings. All of us are prepped like preschoolers waiting instructions. Not understanding why we are on edge, but everything around us says ‘be aware’ something does not feel right. Our bodies experience unusual phenomena not understood by medicine. Our hearts beat different as if we have two separate drums. Our emotional bodies encircle us like moons looking to land. We all cycle together.

We move forward with caution as if we are walking in shifting quicksand or a minefield. Knowing at any minute the paradigm can change and we could be flapping on the outskirts of emerald city. We look to nature for understanding and insight but she looks back at us, just as confused. The rules have changed for all of us. Like Neanderthal man finding a cell phone, we bang our heads trying to figure out what to do next.

Most days it is best not to try to force an outcome, like a wizard of old trying to make an x-wife obey, it’s just futile. We look out our car windows, our home windows, and the windows of our souls, seeking a sign that will hold up in the upcoming shifts. Like driving thru a dust storm, all you can is pull over as far as you can, until it passes. Many are just parked along side of their life waiting for the one event that will change their existence, setting them free to walk the good red road.

Everything is lined up like a big hairy opponent during a homecoming game. We go face to face with what pushes our buttons in all forms. Life is getting thicker and stickier to the touch. Wherever you go you have a piece of that left on/in your energy field.

Imagine a past life review/ complete with ‘out-takes’ before you get to the pearly gates of heaven. A visual time-out for good behavior allowing you to get all of your molecules going in the right direction, like a pep rally before the big game. allowing you to be the person you have always wanted to be. A chance to rewrite what is written in disappearing ink.

The energies that come this spring will give you that opportunity. To see yourself as you have always known yourself to be deep in your heart, a good person with a good soul and good intent and a beautiful light. If you are on earth you are a highly evolved being that has taken form in a reincarnational cycle to fit the learning’s you have chosen this life. It is a role you play, that you wrote and are now starring in.

If you chose to change roles, you as the director producer and actor of your drama/fantasy (or melodrama however you wrote it) can do just that. It starts with one thought and intention. However be aware that switching one role for another is not always a better choice or an easier choice. All choices come with their own set of rules and agendas. There are no vanilla boxes in these choices. All serve the highest good of the individual. No exceptions. Embrace who you are, all of you and all of your choices, stop searching for divine perfection in some far off isle, when it is reflected in your eyes.

As you look down the hall of mirrors you see a multidimensional reflection of you. Spring is a time of resurrection after many a crucifixion. A long winded sadness that proclaims, somehow you have failed the universe, failed the Creator and somehow you have failed your soul. That unsettling thought has not nor could ever be true or possible. You shall never be judged in the shortness of your aim. For as you aim thru your heart and soul’s desires– you will never miss your mark. For just by heartfelt intent you have energetically succeeded. It is only the little self that keeps you doubting and fretting. Focus on what you have achieved not the mountains and valleys to come.

The first mountain that you climbed was being brave enough to incarnate on earth. Do not allow the thickness of Earth to beat you down into pulp fiction. For within the eyes of the Creator you are grand and have already succeeded. It is the self that proposes things are different. Do not be seduced by the energies of the self. The human element tends to scream louder than the silent witness within. The divinity within you is quiet, subdued and grand. It does not to scream or announce itself, for it is comfortable within its own skin.

If you find that the blueprints within soul no longer serve you – then re-write the script of your creation. Let go of all that you have held unto in the past. Explore a new doorway, a new thought, a new avenue. If you find out what you are nesting on is not manifesting, then change the molecules around it. Do not get stuck in a permanent nesting mode waiting. If you do not love what you are manifesting, stop manifesting it until you love it again or until you love it from a different longitude, and latitude. Intentions always walk before manifestations.

Akashic Field reaches critical mass

As spring pushes her pretty and pink-self, into every pore of our being, we feel a sense of expectancy like a pregnant woman in her 9th month. We all feel a slight urgency to accomplish that which is yet to be determined, the need to birth something in an outward fashion. At a deep level our being kicks and pokes at us from the inside out. Making life uncomfortable and tempers flare like a spring hairdo. All of earth mirrors this urge, to move forward, out of the long winter of waiting into a place that aspires to be a warm hope.

We look at ourselves seeing a newness that has not made its way to the surface as of yet, but still we fill the stirring waters of change within. We feel compelled and driven to move out of our winter blues searching blindly for those rose tinted glasses we once wore. We are seasoned like a good wine that seeks a crystal goblet. Everyday life gives us another morsel to digest, an appetizer that keeps us supping for more. People we know and love pass from the earth leaving a little hole in our heart. Regrets pile up like laundry that needs to be tended to, as we cling to what was and what could have been. We mourn for easier times and reflect upon what once was.

The element of time itself has quickened our heart beat and pulse. We are all changed. Our lives have become very complex, causing the Akashic Field to reach a critical mass. We are continuously storing information in the Akashic Field, as we are not able to hold and process all the incoming energy and information and shifts we are destined to experience. The Akashic field is like a “vibratory cocoon, which turns at a speed seven times that of light. This cocoon acts as a blotter, absorbing and remembering every event. The Akashic Field stores every single thought and response we have regarding all life situations in all lifetimes. They are like the DNA of the universe, they are the soul’s journey thru time.

Akasha is a light carrying “ether,” It is the medium that carries the “zero-point field. The Akashic Field holds everything that we are. Our energy is never destroyed. Nor is any thought or possible future destroyed. The akashic field molds and shapes human consciousness. The field personifies an ever-changing fluid array of possible futures. Quantum Entanglement will become a way of life, as Slipping in and out of time and memory may become the sport of choice. All occurrences of solar activity influence time and how we perceive it. The past present and future meet for a daily chat in our every experience. There is no getting away from the great Light that knows all and sees all.

Heart Opening between Easter and Wesak

As the vibration of the heart peeks out from the snowy mountain peaks of winter we are asked once again to look at our human heart and see its true value. There are so many flavors of love, for love is ‘a many splendored and flavored thing’. Once love has touched you, you are forever changed. Love is movement and seeks to fly on the wind like a seed of hope seeking new fertile ground. Love is constantly evolving, shifting, changing, never staying the same for more than a fortnight. Always leaving an eternal impression that will influence a lifetime. The saying ‘that love beckons and begets love’ is true. For only when there is love in your heart can you reach out and embrace all love. Some flavors of love are only there once, never to be tasted again; sup upon them with a deep and thirsty heart.

The heart is a sacred symbol. In religious texts the heart had mystical significance, as a metaphor and as an organ. The heart is genuinely believed to have spiritual and divine attributes. Many philosophers including Aristotle considered the heart the seat of thought, reason and emotion, often rejecting the instructs of the brain. Your Heart and the healing of Earth are one and the same, opposite ends of the same rainbow. As the Sun gifts us solar charges parts of the heart that have been closed down due to past sorrow, now awaken with a start and a loud roar.

Many will feel physical pain as the heart struggles to clear away any heartbreaking remains, like one looking for love letters after a string of storms have hit. All that was stuffed away in nooks and crannies comes to the surface to be seen in the light of a new day. Love is the key that will turn the hands of time in a direction that will fulfill the Creator’s desire for mankind.

* The heart is a powerful generator of electromagnetic energy producing the largest electromagnetic field of any organ

* The heart has 60 times more electrical field than the brain.

* The heart field is also a transmitter. Our heart is a biological oscillator that can entrain other hearts even at a great distance

* Both the heart/brain receive and respond to intuitive information, but the heart receives the information first

* Heart rate increases prior to future emotional stimuli. The heart processes emotional events seconds before the body experiences the events

* The heart acts as if it has a mind of its own 60-65% of the heart cells are like brain neuro cells.

Wesak is the celebration of Buddha’s birth & enlightenment & death. According to ancient beliefs, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. The Buddha returns at this time each year to bring a new light to the world. Spiritual leaders gather in Wesak Valley, a sacred place high in the Himalayas.

Wesak is the time in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the healing forces of SHAMBALLA. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity. The ceremony of Wesak is held in the actual Wesak Valley in the Himalayas. A vast crowd assembles in the valley, in front of the great rock table at the end of the valley. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose. The Christ represents God unending Love for humanity. The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir in the form of dispensations. The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon. This year Wesak is celebrated May 29, 2018


The Arcturian Group Message for MARCH 25,2018 by Marilyn Raffaele | Oneness of All

The Arcturian Group Message for
MARCH 25,2018
by Marilyn Raffaele | Oneness of All

Greetings, dear ones. Once again we lovingly offer guidance in order to assist your evolutionary journey at this time of so much chaos and change. The evolutionary journey has no ending but simply continues to unfold into other dimensions as new levels of awareness are attained. Because every individual is an expression of an Infinite Reality, unfolding consciousness never reaches a completion point but rather will continue to express infinitely.

Divine Ideas simply are–they have no beginning and no ending and constitute the substance from which all things are formed because you cannot make something out of nothing. These Divine ideas (creator substance energy), are understood according to the attained level of consciousness of the observer.

Some religious traditions teach that the world is an illusion, but the world is not an illusion, Gaia is a pure spiritual universe peopled with sons of God. Rather, it is the un-awakened interpretations and creations of the human conditioned mind that constitute illusion.

Everything within the dense three dimensional belief system, much that you have come to know and believe as reality, represents only the very tiniest tip of a vast reality iceberg awaiting recognition. There will always be more, new, and exciting realities to explore. Allowing yourself to evolve beyond the third dimensional belief system is an exciting and never ending journey, one that you are only now beginning to understand as such.

Life is an ongoing adventure throughout all dimensions but those not yet able to comprehend this, continue holding to the illusions of material sense in the belief that spirituality is not real, irrelevant, boring, impractical, and not worth pursuing.

The common belief that “you have only one life to live” and must therefore go all out for whatever you think will satisfy your personal desires regardless of its ramifications for others, has caused many a person to live stuck in the energy of separation long after they were ready to move beyond it. Living from a false sense of reality beyond the point of readiness for more serves only to create and store the energy of life lessons that must eventually manifest (maybe another lifetime).

There is much to speak of, for the world is at the brink of many new and exciting revelations. The chaos of the world seems to be forcing mankind backward into the past, but in reality is forcing people to wake up to the fact that much (good and bad) of what they have always accepted as “just the way things are”, never had the power or reality they thought it did.

As more and more souls realize that there is only One Power, and that that Power is already present in its fullness within them, they lose that burning drive to seek some far off God through all sorts of useless tools and methods, rites and rituals. The awakened state of consciousness lives effortlessly, manifesting as the ability to rest quietly within regardless of outer appearances through the realization of One Power.

No longer is there a burning need to beseech, beg, seek, fear, and cry out to some concept of God made in man’s image and likeness. No longer do they ask; “How could God allow this?” and no longer is there the need to pray according to old concepts of prayer, but rather there is a continuous inner listening and dialog with the Divine Reality already present within.

Be not afraid dear ones, for each day the energy of the planet is moving into ever more Light energy and it cannot be stopped at this point regardless of how those resisting it may try. You are now witnessing this in the actions of the young and highly evolved souls taking stands for change. It is a powerful time even for those who have no idea or even interest in the ascension of Gaia and mankind.

You all chose to be here in these times and to assist in some way, never forget that. Many well along in their evolutionary journey often find themselves taking heat from different directions but this is much as the head of an arrow heats as it leads the arrow’s shaft. You are the wayshowers, the head of the arrow. Do not get discouraged, believing your efforts no matter how seemingly insignificant in some world view are not important. Every drop of Light you add to the whole is significant.

The three dimensional world belief is and always has been that things need fixing–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You are now ready to live, move, and have your being in the realization that everything already IS because IT is all there IS. This realization is the energy of Light you are adding to the consensus consciousness and constitutes “Lightwork”. You may believe that you are doing nothing important, but your Light is the Light shifting the consciousness of the world.

We wish to speak to the topic of consciousness. Many still believe that the intellectual knowledge of some truth automatically brings about its expression in their experience and then to their disappointment and confusion they discover that the troubling issues of their lives do not improve or change in accordance with their expectations.

Problems usually increase in the beginning for new students of truth because the Light they are opening to is exposing long suppressed issues needing to be looked at. It also happens because these dear ones are now giving a lot of energy and attention to the very thing or things they had hoped to be rid of through their discovery of some truth.

The intellectual knowledge of some truth is only the beginning step towards it becoming one’s attained state of consciousness where it can and will then manifest outwardly in form. Your attained state of consciousness is substance from which the mind draws and manifests.

Consciousness governs how a person lives and expresses in all aspects of life in human form. Mind is simply the conduit to an individual’s state of consciousness. For example, when you first learned to drive you thought every step through and practiced them separately. This was the intellectual knowledge (mind level) of how to drive. With time and practice you no longer needed to think about the steps, they had become automatic–your state of consciousness.

Another good example is honesty. At this point, you give no thought as to whether or not you should be honest, because honesty is your consciousness but there are some who struggle with the concept of honesty because it is still a mental concept to them. They either give it no thought and do whatever they please, or argue with themselves as to “should I or shouldn’t I” . Honesty, which is a facet of oneness, has not yet become their living, breathing state of consciousness.

It is hard for individuals to be interested in let alone integrate ideas that “fly in the face” their belief system. Many who are spiritually ready but resist change must experience unpleasant but necessary events that will force them to at least open a bit to understanding that there exists a bigger picture than what they have accepted. Many on earth are now experiencing these life lessons. This is how evolution works until a person reaches that level where “wake up calls” are no longer necessary. Most of you are there now.

The third dimension will and can never be free of expressions of duality and separation because energies of duality and separation are what constitute the third dimension. In it there will always exist the pairs of opposites (duality) and the sense of of being smarter and better or less than all other living things (separation). It is useless to believe that the manifestations of duality and separation can disappear through the use of third dimensional tools.

War and human treaties can never and will never bring about peace as long as the substance of war (consciousness of separation) is still alive and well. Even wars against addiction, cancer, etc. simply serve to give these things more energy with which to manifest because you are creators. Trying to solve problems on the same level as the problem will never and can never work, it is a circle. Only the enlightened consciousness of individuals becoming the majority will dissolve “good and bad” appearances by starving them of their substance–the energy of belief.

Consciousness is NOT the mind. The mind is an avenue of awareness serving to reflect your attained state of consciousness. Think of consciousness as a massive, infinite body of all Reality and the mind as a door opening into this infinite body of all that is. Some as of yet have only a very small door with which to perceive, and thus their minds are only able see a small portion of what is real and they base their lives and beliefs on this “peek” at Reality.

Others have evolved for themselves a huge door that enables them to base their lives more fully in Reality. However, there are some who have no door at all, and who simply live and breath within Omnipresent Reality at all times. The fullness of their attained state of consciousness no longer depends upon the mind to translate for them, allowing them to simply be Source at all times. (The masters)

Life experiences serve to build each one’s door. At a point of readiness determined by the Higher Self, a person is drawn to open their door, usually just a crack in the beginning. No matter how large or small one’s door, the opening of it even a crack, will allow some Light flow out and into the mind where the mind can access it, birthing a new chapter in one’s evolutionary journey.

Everyone, no exceptions, has the wholeness of this living, breathing body of Source (God) fully present within them, but those not yet conscious of this truth are simply unable to access it. It is much like having a secret bank account that you know nothing about. The account may hold millions, but can do you no good until you know about and can access it.

The ignorance inherent within the third dimensional belief system believes that the human mind is the ultimate source of wisdom and truth, not realizing that a mind conditioned by false concepts and beliefs can only access whatever is floating around within this impersonal belief system. Until one attains the ability to access the creative Source of all ideas ever present within them, they remain stuck in third dimensional concepts.

At some point everyone must create and open their door simply because it is reality and cannot be ignored out of existence. IT patiently and lovingly awaits each person’s recognition simply because IT IS , always has been, and has no need for anyone’s recognition in order to be what IT already IS…

However, individuals need the recognition of IT as the essence of their real Self–the one and only source of everything they have sought– completeness, wholeness, abundance, wisdom, l etc.

and especially love–the glue that holds it all together.

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NorthPoint Journal Your Guide to Planetary Influences for March 26 to April 1, 2018 by Pam Younghans

Northpoint Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Influences for
March 26 to April 1, 2018
by Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects This Week
MON: Mars quincunx Ceres
TUE: Neptune conjunct Juno
WED: Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus conjunct Uranus
THU: Sun square Saturn
FRI: Mars semisquare Jupiter, Venus semisquare Neptune, Venus enters Taurus
SAT: Full Moon 5:36am PDT (12:36pm GMT)
SUN: Sun conjunct Mercury

LIFE UNFOLDS rather dramatically this week, like a blossom opening to reveal its unexpected colors. Each day’s planetary aspects contribute to the forward motion, with the most significant event being a very potent Full Moon on Saturday.

We start off on Monday with an uncomfortable Mars-Ceres aspect. Mars in Capricorn is aiming for the mountaintop, with little patience for distractions. Ceres in Leo, however, insists on the importance of play and pleasure, of self-nurturing activities that encourage our creative muse to come forward.

Ceres reminds us that in the midst of getting work accomplished, we need to find time in our lives for creativity, or we become dry and withered. On the other hand, Mars demands that we focus on our goals, and considers too much attention to self-care as a symptom of fear and lack of self-confidence. Ceres might respond to say that self-care is the foundation of true self-confidence, and Mars could retort that the way to build courage is to face one’s fears.

You get the picture.

RELATIONSHIPS are a primary theme as we move into the first half of the week. As a prelude, Neptune aligns with the asteroid Juno in Pisces on Tuesday, perhaps dissolving existing alliances or making their future unclear. In the positive, this alignment can increase compassion and understanding within partnerships; in the negative, we can experience great disillusionment as our rose-colored glasses shatter and we see the other as human and fallible.

From this uncertain place, we move into the energy of a Venus-Uranus alignment in Aries on Wednesday. If a relationship is going well, this aspect can be quite invigorating, as each partner is willing to both give and receive the freedom to be true to self. On the other hand, if a relationship is built on either person denying their true needs, this aspect can represent a time for breakdowns and breakups.

OUR CHOICES become very clear on Thursday when the Sun squares Saturn. With this aspect, we may be very realistic but can also be quite pessimistic. If we review the timeline of events, we may find links between now and the time of the Sun-Saturn alignment on December 21, 2017.

It looks like we also deal with some frustrations on Friday, especially in the afternoon and evening. A Mars-Jupiter semisquare exaggerates the differences in personal style and may result in a lot of finger-pointing, while a Venus-Neptune semisquare activates issues of deception and distrust.

Perhaps we’ll find some calmer moments once Venus enters peace-loving Taurus late Friday evening (9:53 p.m. PDT), but with the Full Moon early Saturday morning, our emotions continue to be unsettled.

SATURDAY’S FULL MOON is in Libra at 5:36 a.m. PDT (12:36 p.m. GMT). Key to the effects of this lunation is the cardinal t-square that is formed, involving the Moon in Libra, the Sun/Mercury in Aries, and Mars/Saturn in Capricorn. Looking back at my notes from our teleclass back in January, here’s what I wrote about this Full Moon:

“This could be a time of crisis in communications, in government affairs, in all kinds of partnerships. Be especially wary of placing too much emphasis on the end point, and not paying enough attention to the means it takes to reach the goal. Any lack of integrity with this Full Moon can definitely come back to haunt.”

THE THEME of communication is echoed by the Full Moon’s alignment with the fixed star Vindemiatrix, known as the “Woman Winegrower.” According to astrologer Roderick Kidston:

“This star can be a bit sharp-tongued, which adds to the patriarchal dislike of its influence; for several thousand years, women were supposed to be seen and not heard. With the inner resources and skills to get out of any scrape, Vindemiatrix people are amongst life’s greatest survivors and achievers. Once they lose the fear, they can win almost anything.”

We’ll want to pay close attention to what we hear and read throughout this week and next. Already, we’ve heard eloquent and passionate words from those involved in the “March for Life” protests. Other people, of all genders, are coming forward in other areas as well. All of these empowered voices will play a pivotal role in deciding next steps and outcomes.

And with the Sun exactly conjunct retrograde Mercury next Sunday (April 1), and the Mars-Saturn alignment perfecting the next day (April 2), the effects of this powerful Full Moon are sure to take several days to bloom.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: In the coming year, you will challenge yourself to move beyond fears and distractions, and to engage your truth as a vehicle for greater accomplishments. You are inclined to introspection more often than at other times of your life, and your inner work will help you make informed and productive decisions about your future. At times, what you learn about your real motivations may surprise you, but knowing your truth will ultimately enrich your life experience in unforeseen ways.

In peace,



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Celia Fenn: Equinox March 2018 : Diamond Light, the New Earth, Sacred Clarity and the Opening of Conscious ReGenesis

Equinox March 2018 : Diamond Light, the New Earth, Sacred Clarity and the Opening of Conscious ReGenesis | Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Ones, the Equinox on March 2018 is a powerful moment in the Spiral of the Sacred Year. The Equinox Star Gate is an 8th Dimensional Solar Gateway and it is transmitting waves of Diamond Light to the Earth along with powerful magnetic waves of Light Codes and Water Codes.

What does this mean for you and for the Earth?

These powerful waves of Light that are being received at the time of the Equinox transition (change of seasons) are assisting you to release and clear away remnants of old Time Lines and to focus on the New Earth Time Spirals that are being activated in this cycle. Whatever is leaving your life at this moment is not necessary for your New Earth creations and journey.

As the old Time Lines collapse and merge, old feelings and memories may come up. Fragments of what was or what might have been will surface to be experienced and then released. Do not hold onto old dreams or old wounds, simply let them go and bless them for what they have given you or what you have learned.

As you let go, you are making space for Dreams and Creations that have more clarity and are in resonance with the Higher Frequencies of the New Earth.

Diamond Light and Water Codes : Transmissions of Divine Love to New Earth

The powerful waves of light that are being received from the 8th Dimension and higher are transmitting the Diamond Galactic Codes for Light and Water.

In both cases, the Codes carry information from Source to create Clarity and Transparency on all levels of life. When the Light is Clear and the Waters are transparent, then all life can exist in a state of Diamond-like clarity and purity that reflects the pure essence of Spirit through the Soul and into Matter.

As you ascend and evolve to higher levels of consciousness, you will embody these Diamond Codes for Light and Water and you will become more “pure” and translucent, more crystalline and more capable of being a transmitter of the clear radiance of Compassionate Divine Love.

To receive these codes, Beloved Ones, you will need to focus on the Heart and to breathe from the Heart. For these codes, which are received via the Soul Star and sent to the Heart, are then spun out from the Heart into the manifestations of Time and Space that you call Reality. In the Diamond Consciousness, the Creations of your Hearts will be Clear and Light and Beautiful.

And, the power of the Diamond Codes will cleanse and clear and regenerate life on Planet Earth so that Earth may become a multi-dimensional Paradise Garden.

Conscious ReGenesis : The Next Step in the New Earth Manifestation

Since 2012, the Diamond Children have been incarnating on Earth.

These are children with a very High Frequency and who are born fully aware of and connected to their Galactic heritage.

They have a very clear mission, which is to lift Earth into the Diamond Frequencies of the 9th Dimension so that these energies can be felt and anchored into the Fifth-dimensional New Earth.

At this time, these beautiful children are assisting many of you to rapidly upgrade your personal frequency to the 9th Dimension (Galactic connection), so that you may also begin transmitting the Frequencies of Clarity and Light to the Earth.

Soon, there will be many of you including Light Warriors and Light Workers and Diamond Children, who will be anchoring and holding these frequencies of clarity in a conscious way to assist the Earth to regain her Luminosity and her Sacred Clarity.

Beloved Ones, the process begins with you. As you recognize that you have lost your sacred and clear connection with the Earth and with nature, you will seek to heal that within yourself. You will relight the Sacred Earth Fire in your Heart and you will clarify the Sacred Earth Waters in your body so that Spifrit may move through you in its pure and clear essence as Divine Love.

And then you will begin to see the miracles of the New Earth that will happen around you.

The Diamond Beings will come forwards as warriors of the New Spirituality to transform the Earth into a garden and to clarify the waters of the Planet.

One by one they will come forward as their Hearts motivate them, to be part of the conscious process of ReGenesis. That is, the new beginning where the Diamond Light and Water Codes will spark waves of Creativity and Abundance in the Hearts and Lives of those who are holding these frequencies.

The process of ReGenesis starts with you Beloveds. As you turn inwards and look at the deserts and the arid and barren places within, you will seek to heal these and once again create an inner Temple Garden of the Heart and Soul on Earth.

And, once you have created your inner Sanctuary garden, you will begin to create this on Earth.

The Earth is ready. She is simply waiting for the Creators of the Diamond Frequencies to sing a New Song and speak the Languages of Light that will acgtivate New Spirals of Creation. Waves of Magical Sound and patterns of Light Dancing will weave the New Earth Reality accross the Dimensions of Light and Magic on Earth.

ReGenesis is Now.

It is waiting for you to open your Heart and to receive the Light and Water Codes of these powerful waves of Equinox energy. It is waiting for you to send forth your dreams and creations on a new Time Spiral in these New Frequencies of Light and Clarity.

What was before is over.

What awaits you is a New Creation.

Beloved Ones, open your Hearts and sing with your Souls. Become Conscious Creators of the Planetary and Personal ReGenesis.

Image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at www.eyewithin.com


From Celia :

Please join us on the 21st March for a free online Equinox Broadcast on Blog Talk Radio to learn more about these energies.

You can also purchase my book, “The Diamond Codes”, if you would like to learn more about the Diamond Light.

Information below.

Equinox Broadcast Link Here for More Information : http:/tobtr.com/10509877

You can read Celia Fenn’s book “The Diamond Codes : Light Information for the New Reality”, available in E Book or Print format, for a better understanding of the Diamond Light Codes and how you can work with them.