Celia Fenn: We are coming up for the Full Moon in Libra/Blue Moon tomorrow.

Celia Fenn:

We are coming up for the Full Moon in Libra/Blue Moon tomorrow.

Libra is all about Balancing and ensuring that we bring our inner Masculine and Feminine into balance at this beautiful and powerful Moon Gate. Libra also brings in the Goddess energies of Beauty and Harmony and the Joy of Sacred Union and Sacred Marriage as the Divine Masculine and Feminine come together into a Blissful Union. The Blue Moon intensifies these energies.

Of course, it is also Easter and Good Friday today, so the energy of the Divine Masculine through Yeshua is very powerful. Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of the Christ, and it is a powerful symbol of the ending of the old ways and the birth of the new. Yeshua was an Avatar who showed the way towards the new Ascended Being or Christed Diamond Being. His Union with Mary Magdalene is the symbol of the coming together of these Sacred Energies in the service of the Divine Light and of the forward evolution of Humanity.

At this time when we are receiving powerful waves of transformative energies that are leading us towards ReGenesis and the New Earth, we can also feel the rising inner power that will birth the New and our place in the New Earth.

So, as we feel the waves and transmissions of energy, it is good to simply allow the waves and trust that all will be well. This energy will clear away the old and will birth what is needed for the New Earth.

It is a time to focus our intention on Peace and Beauty on Earth, no matter what is happening in the old 3D reality. Focus on the New Earth and the incoming frequencies of Love, Peace, Creativity and Joy.

❤ ❤ ❤

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