Jason Goodman 3/20/18 “Kristine Marcy, Founder of SES, Surrenders to Field McConnell” | Kauilapele’s Blog

Field McConnell’s sister is Kristine Marcy, who created the SES…if you listen to these videos, (the first brief, the 2nd in comments is in depth, and full of astonishing intel) then you will better understand the significance of the takedown of the SES, as one large domino of many that will fall.

These videos are from March 20 + 22, 2018. I’ve heard of Field McConnell/AbelDanger.org and Jason Goodman, but they weren’t really on my radar until now. I’ve heard mention of this whole SES thing in some of the Q Anon analysis videos, but I wasn’t sure what it was referring to. However, now I am starting to connect the dots of what they’re talking about, and yes, it is quite evil. Thanks to KP for this post and comments. ~PB


Jason Goodman 3/20/18

“Kristine Marcy, Founder if SES Surrenders to Field Marshall”

| Kauilapele’s Blog





Example of an SES logo…

note the “keystone” symbol


I am posting this “unveiling” type of video for one reason… Guidance directed me to do so. Jason Goodman posts many videos about “stuff going on” and is CrowdSource the Truth. Field McConnell is quite well known for his AbelDanger.org exposure website. I am not aware of any of the players in this video, except for what is presented here. And I really have no idea why I feel strongly guided to post this.

The SES = Senior Executive Service, which I understand to be one of the major obstacles to getting “real change” in the US government and in taking down the deep state (here’s a link to an article about that).


Published on Mar 20, 2018
Field McConnell has described his sister Kristine Marcy as the most evil woman in the world. The founder of a dark Gynocracy has at last ended her reign. What are the implications of this major swamp draining development.

Kristine Marcy’s email to Field – https://drive.google.com/file/d/11mVLF8DESmVOBvaWYBj4yj3wUySn3S0D/view

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2 thoughts on “Jason Goodman 3/20/18 “Kristine Marcy, Founder of SES, Surrenders to Field McConnell” | Kauilapele’s Blog

  1. Kristine Marcy Surrenders to Field McConnell – What’s Next for SES?
    Published March 22, 2018

    Jason Goodman follows up on the brief conversation with a lengthy interview of Field Marshall, on this matter and much more.

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