A Message to Lightworkers –  March 26, 2018 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, Co-Creator!


This week’s Message speaks to the wacky, tiring, stretching-us-even-further energies coming in during this spring equinox / Mercury retrograde time we’re in.


This is both a time to feel amazingly inspired and fed-up-and-tired.


The question is, can we hold both of these, one in each hand, and just allow, without resistance or judgment?

Of course we can!


Even if we only feel to be managing it once or twice a day — yes, we can.

Much Love & Light, as always,


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A Message to Lightworkers –
March 26, 2018

ItBy Caroline Oceana Ryan

OkThe latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective

Greetings, Empowered Ones!

Though we know that in this time of Mercury in retrograde, in which life feels to be a bit upside down, or heavier and more taxing than usual, that you may not be feeling particularly empowered.

And we would say, that many a great ship has been built, despite the heaviness of the timber or the steel that had to be put in place in order for it to find its completion.

And that those who lifted the heavy objects for construction, lifting and fitting into place the pieces of a great ship, may not have been the ones who already held the full vision of what was being built, and how it would look upon completion.

But times have changed.

You are both the workers of the new and higher energies to which you and Earth are now acclimating, and the ones whose vision it was to create something new and beautiful and un-seen before now—a new and higher vision of Earth than even what she enjoyed before She fell into the lower dimensions.

And of course, this is a ship that travels through far more than the oceans.

You are indeed on a ship—the self-renewing, sentient, organic vehicle that is your planet—that flies amongst the stars, while flowing into and melding with your inner visions of the New Earth.

She cannot disappoint you, nor you disappoint Her, dear ones.


Henri Matisse – Young Girl Sitting in a Persian Dress


And so we ask in this time of feeling stretched, exhausted, exhilarated some days and defeated on others , that you find at least one thing of pure beauty and joy, and let that be your “theme song” for that moment that carries you forward.

No, this will not seem logical to that which has run you and ordered you about for so long—the left brain.

That aspect of you may well demand to know, “What are you so peaceful and happy about—especially with taxes due soon?”

“What about this bit of work you haven’t done yet, this friend or family member you are unhappy with? What about the partner or job you don’t feel right about anymore—don’t we usually get into a stew about all that?”

And of course you can, if you feel more comfortable doing so, curse your luck and feel aggravated and impatient, and wonder where NESARA is when you need it most, and wish with all your heart that all vestiges of 3D life were a mere memory.



And yet, we would say, that every moment you take for yourself to spend in Nature, releasing all need to Do or to Explain—all need to appease your logical aspect. . .

Every moment you spend contemplating sheer beauty, or taking in the carefree movements of animals or children . . .

Every moment you are able to list mentally or visually all you are thankful for, starting with your ability to see these words and comprehend them, or to recognize the voice of a loved one . . .

In each of those moments, you ground yourself in a calm-and-centered sense of self that the left brain has been taught to despise and mistrust.

In other words, you gain a form of mastery that the mind could never in a thousand years give you.

Our writer turns to beautiful music and visual art when needing a reminder that all is right in the Universe.




Note that much great art and music became great by “breaking the rules,” and that the beauty of a great poem is that every line does not necessarily fit logically with every other.

A favorite composition and performance of many is that of cellist Yo-Yo Ma playing Bach’s Suites 1, 4, and 5—perhaps you will find some comfort in it as well.

It is a great irony of human life, that just as things appear darkest and most difficult, the most heroic, most beautiful, most poignant, most empowering aspects of your Spirits come forward to express their joy and beauty.

This is how even those who survived great horrors of war and oppression have written some of the most brilliant and inspiring poetry, novels, plays, artwork, and music.

This is how those referred to as saints have “outseen” their immediate circumstances.

They heard within some voice calling them to remember a far higher reality than that which existed around them.

And so as you see the young people coming forward, from the very young to not-quite adult, declaring their sovereignty over guns and all forms of violence—

As you see them standing with united voice over that which so many far older and more experienced have considered too hopeless to fight against—

Can you not also find the courage to drink from the well that is your own powerful Soul and all its astounding abilities?

We know you are able to do all you envisioned before returning to the lower dimensions one last time, dear ones.

You have done all required of you now, many times before.

Yet this time is different.

This Earth is your ship now, captains and commanders, and you bring Her closer to Her new home more and more each day.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are One with you in the growing Unity consciousness and soul-based empowerment you came here to embody, and you are never alone.

Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post. Thank you.

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