Q Exposed As Psyops | American Intelligence Media

This is what everyone is talking about: American Intelligence Media claims that Q is a Psyops program, but the people I follow can’t quite fathom that, and don’t feel they made a strong enough argument, even though we all respect Aim 4 Truth. Former NSA Thomas Paine who pretty much IS http://Aim4Truth.com is a well-documented respected investigative journalist on the cutting edge. But is this true?

Not sure. I listened a 2nd time. I thought perhaps Thomas Paine has been threatened by the Deep State, and was told to make this video, BUT he knows his stuff, and this is his area of expertise. He may have figured things out, as he claims. It sounds like he figured things out, and bounced it off not only the current Q group, but the original Q group.

It seems plausible, because after Q got kicked off The Great Awakening and the nature of his posts changed, and it seems that there’s a certain cynical element that comes out sometimes that wasn’t there in the beginning, before October of last year.

He may well be right, and trying to warn us that Deep State has taken over the Q / QAnon persona.

Q Exposed As Psyop
American Intelligence Media
Published March 26, 2018

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