Recreating Balance: Natural Cycles of Goddess and God by Untwine

Recreating Balance: Natural Cycles of Goddess and God by Untwine

The Universe is created from the start in a cyclic way. It is birthed from the Source, expands and multiplies, and then contracts and merges back wih the Source. This process is called the Great Breath.

Then naturally, all of creation follows this cyclic flow in a fractal pattern. We see it all around us and within us.

The basis of the cycle is that we have two distinguished realms, or entities, and the energy flows, is exchanged between the two. This cycle is what makes evolution progress, it is what time really is. In the first original cycle, the Great Breath, the energy flows between the Universe and Source, and then then as smaller fractals, reflections of this, the energy flows between lower planes and higher planes, matter and spirit, day and night, etc.
Feminine and masculine are the action and reception which makes the cycles move. Naturally we can see in such cycles that whenever there is an action there is automatically a reception, so masculine and feminine are two sides of the same coin, always meant to be One, just like electricity and magnetism always come together. Feminine and masculine only sometimes appear to us separate to some degree in these lower dense planes, because the frequency of the cycle is slowed down. It is very beneficial to keep thinking of them as a unit, as One, which helps to re-align with the Truth from higher realms.

In such cycles we have 4 major steps :

This picture shows examples of the 4 archetypal steps that we are all familiar with.
It is important to understand that this is not a cycle between Light and dark, between good and bad, what this really is is a breath, a constructive relationship, a flow of energy between polarities and areas of space. It is all Light, in various forms/densities/frequencies.

Feminine and masculine, Goddess and God, are both involved throughout the cycle in an exchange between each other.

The basic cycles which we are familiar with, as described in the picture above, are basically a flow of energy between the physical/lower planes and the higher planes. The cycle keeps going as in a spiral motion, until all aspects involved merge.

So if we start at Winter Solstice/Midnight, the energy is focused on the non-physical, as we sleep we are active in the higher planes (etheric, astral, etc), and we get energy there for the next day. In Winter the physical activities are less, the focus is on non-physical, on the invisible, like the seeds are gathering energy inside the Earth during Winter, and we are sleeping in a blanket just like the seed is in the Earth.

Then comes Spring Equinox, Sunrise. Here the new life is birthed, seeds sprout out of the ground, the sun comes out of the horizon, and we rise out of bed. New plants which are birthed need water, water springs out of the ground, and as the snow melts water spreads around the Earth again. Water is the element bringing the new life into the physical world.

Then comes Summer Solstice, Noon. Here the physical life which has been birthed is consumed by the fire of the midday or summer sun. We are focused on physical activity, we enjoy the fruits of physical life which have ripened, we consume the energy of the day with our inner fire, manifesting Light into physicality in fullness.

Then comes Autumn Equinox, Sunset. Here the physical life has been consumed, and is being re-cycled back to the non-physical, the invisible. Everything is being transmuted and is rising in frequency to go back to the invisible realms, the wind carry old leaves and seeds into the ground where they will be during the winter, we integrate the lessons and experiences of the day, as we breathe fully we rise in frequency, and go back to bed.

And then the cycle continues.

There is one step in this cycle which is especially important for Goddess energy : the Sunrise, Spring Equinox. The Goddess is the one who is birthing new life in all sorts of ways possible.
Etymology and phonetics have left many clues about this. This is the time of Easter, which is Goddess Ishtar. The sun rises in the East, along with the East Star/Ishtar : Venus is the first star to rise in the East in the morning, which is why it is called the EastStar, or also was called Lucifer (that word originally refers to Venus), which litterally means in latin, the Light bringer, because the Goddess Venus brings the new life like the planet Venus brings the new Light in the morning. The word morning, from germanic morgen, is another Goddess name : Morgan LeFay. Morgan etymologically means born from the sea, the water of the new life being birthed, just like the Greek equivalent for Ishtar/Venus is Aphrodite, which also litterally means born from the sea.

The complement to Sunrise is Sunset, which naturally is important for divine masculine God energy. As the Goddess birthes new life, the God energy is a rising energy, like a sacred mountain, it clears what is needed, transmutes, and raises frequency to elevate matter/energy back to the non-physical.

We can see another beautiful resonance of this in the corresponding elements, as Spring Equinox is water, and Autumn Equinox is air. The Equinoxes are also a time of balance between day and night, where both sides are equal and mirror each other, just like water and air mirror each other and look like each other in the horizon. Even the water molecule has an oxygen (air) atom in it, and the air always has water vapor in it. This is a beautiful reminder that Goddess and God, Matter and Spirit are two sides of the same coin, they are One.

There are many ways to connect and use these energies, here is one invocation which is simple, powerful and effective. You can say at Sunrise, or whenever you wake up or anytime you like, while facing the East :

‘I Am the Eternal Sunrise of the Soul, made permanently and fully visible on all planes of creation’

And at Sunset, or when you go to bed or anytime you like, while facing the West :

‘I Am the Eternal Sunset of the Soul fully and permanently raising my vibrations back to my Source’

You can of course change some words, experiment with all this however you feel guided. There is also often several layers of symbolism existing in parallel within one aspect.
Ascension is a blending of these two flows of energy, the Soul is birthed into the lower bodies, and at the same time the lower bodies transmute and raise in vibration, and the two meet and merge and become One.

It is very powerful and important for the Lightworker community now, to have some synchronized meditations and energy work with natural cycles as much as possible as was done in ancient times, especially with the Solstices and Equinoxes, and the other 4 mid-points which are between Solstice and Equinox, like in the Celtic calendar and many others :

The real dates for the mid-points between Solstices and Equinoxes are not what is commonly said on internet which is following the distorted gregorian calendar, to know the real date we must calculate the exact mid-point between Solstice and Equinox.

The dark forces are always using these points because they know that this is when the energy is most critical, as they have infiltrated and learned from mystery schools.
At the same time they have created this completely distorted and out-of-synch gregorian calendar for the general population to use, in order to disconnect people from natural cycles and enslave people in a distorted mental construct, parasiting the natural perception of time. Their main basic scheme for doing that is the idea that ‘time is money’, that time is a finite resource of which there is never enough, as people always run the rat race and are stuck in perceptions of only the physical world, therefore thinking that their time is running out. And the god of time is Saturn and as you probably know, for them Saturn is Satan. But in truth Saturn is positive and natural.

In paralel with these cycles described above (the Solar cycles of days and years), there are other important cycles happening, especially the Moon cycles. The Moon transmits Goddess energies to Earth, and obviously she goes through her own fractal of the cycle discussed above, with her phases. We divide the year into months, which etymologically and in practice come from the Moon, and yet our months now have no connection at all with Moon phases.
There is a lot of beautiful resonance and also mystery in the relationship between the lunar months and the solar years. Both have important energetic impacts, and both are inter-connected almost perfectly, and yet somehow not quite perfectly, or at least it seems that way. A year, the time the Earth takes to revolve around the Sun, is about 365.25 days. A moon cycle, the time the Moon takes to revolve around the Earth, is about 29.5 days from our perspective on Earth, in other words there is 29.5 days from one full Moon to the next. The Moon takes 27.3 days to revolve around the Earth back to its same position in respect to the stars, but since the Earth is moving as it revolves around the Sun, it takes about 2 more days for the moon to ‘catch up’ and show the same phase to us again.

If we want to have months which follow the moon phases, we need to take the 29.5 days moon cycle of one New Moon to the next. This gives about 12 full moons per year, per Earth rotation around the Sun, with one extra 13th Full Moon roughly every 3 years. This is a beautiful symbol of the 12 pointed star or Metatron’s cube, 12 points plus a central 13th. 12 Moon cycles is about 354 days, which is about 11 days less than the Earth year, therefore the moon phases never end up at the exact same time every year, in respect to the solar seasons.

So the big question here is to find a calendar in which the months follow the Moon phases, and at the same time which has some connection to the year cycle of Solstices and Equinoxes, and maybe other Stellar cycles. Many great minds throughout history in many cultures have experimented with all the complexities involved to look for a solution :

One interesting aspect is how New Moon often seem to overlap with Winter Solstice, and Full Moon with Summer Solstice, a powerful energetict configuration, which the very positive Minoan culture apparently followed as important moments in their lives :

Maybe the Earth and Moon have moved away slightly from their original position during galactic wars, and as they move back into position the solar year and lunar months will be in perfect synch again ? Or maybe the key to this mystery is in the non-physical aspects of the cycle ? Or maybe the solution is not to try and fit all cycles in one calendar, but simply to continue to observe and follow various cycles in parallel, and the days when several cycles fall in synch are special important energetic alignments. If you have suggestions about this, feel free to comment below or email

As we go about our lives, we naturally follow cycles of time which are meant to lead towards evolution. There is a need to remove the parasitic dark mental programmings about time which keep people out of synch with inner and outer natural cycles, which maintain time loops and maintain the illusion that nothing ever changes.

As we follow natural cycles, and use them with positive intent, the positive flow of energy that they carry will greatly assist us to evolve both individually and globally.

Victory of the Light
Liberation Now

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
untwine à 9:45 PM

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