Tania Garielle: Astrological Insights



The Moon grabs our attention twice a month during the New and Full Moons…

But there are some days when the Moon forms brief and exquisite connections to other planets – that last about a day.

This Saturday and Monday, we have two such magnificent moon moments occurring just two days apart, creating an extra fortunate energy:

  • A stunning “Finger of God” is formed Jupiter and Pluto pointing to the Moon on Saturday.
  • A magnificent Grand Trine gets activated by Venus, Jupiter and the Moon on Monday.

You truly can benefit from both!

The Finger of God is a rare event that creates a potent, fiercely focused energy.

It happens on February 24/6 setting off a strong abundance code.

In this instance, the base of the Finger of God is created by Pluto sextile Jupiter – the defining astrology transit of 2018 – signifying financial abundance, expanded leadership and fortunate opportunities.

Pointing to the Moon is an invitation for you to engage with prosperity from the HEART.

This is about bringing passion and a strong sense of purpose into the abundance creation conversation.


What does your inner conversation about abundance sound like?

To connect to the part of you that is inspired to create magnificent results, listen closely today, and ACT on what you realize.

By Monday you may have found that “hook” – something that feels just right, that you must explore!

Monday is the day you EXPAND your discovery with great passion as a Grand Trine of the Moon to Venus and Jupiter completes this wonderful exploration into abundance.

This is the day that the number 26/8 stimulates the courage to step into your power.

Venus trine Jupiter is already the most positive relationship between two planets that we can experience… Add a Grand Trine with the Moon and you have a recipe of good fortune!

And with ALL planets still in DIRECT motion (all moving forward) you are positively directly to go for it!


This passionate forward momentum and joy are a magnet for attracting lucky breaks – as long as you trust that the universe is prepared to deliver what you yourself expect to happen.


You may have noticed that Jupiter is involved with both of these wonderful moments.

Jupiter is the planet of plenty.

Jupiter symbolizes fortune and opportunities.

For you personally, Jupiter describes the unique you align to prosperity and fulfillment.

So take this opportunity, as Jupiter creates the Finger of God and Grand Trine, to discover how your OWN natal Jupiter placement blesses YOU (and reveals how to best manifest financial flow).

Click here to discover your Jupiter Wealth Code!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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