We all have our opinions…

He says this information –>is going to be divisive<– (as he intends) but his goal is to let Truth lead to greater unity in ET/spiritual community. By attacking one of the strongest and most pure of heart leaders, that is. Go figure. ~PB


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I want to mention I am dismayed to see Kabamur post on both twitter and fb his negative views on Cobra, and see some so quick to chime in. I will not post the links here. Although I liked some of his posts, he has said some pretty bizarre things about many people. I have long felt something was off with him. I sense that even if well-intended, he has become a false prophet, and you cannot convey deep wisdom and insight with superficial sound-byte comments.

I love and trust Cobra. I feel in my heart a certain purity of Cobra’s intel, even when learning things I did not want to believe or accept, over time have made sense to me.


Do not forget, that we are seeing many examples of the Cabal lashing out and using trickery to seduce followers into a certain controlled narrative. It is quite blatant on social media. The Cabal is going down like a sinking ship and there are many desperate acts and words pushed onto the public in their attempts to find a life raft, credibility, which has already sunk.


I feel Cobra is pure. Of course, being human, he is not perfect, but pure of heart and intent.


Please form your own opinion if you come across it, and see what your heart tells you. Cobra’s knowledge and wisdom is deep, much of which he cannot yet fully share, as those who have attended his conferences know. They say he has a pure light energy about him. I feel he is pure of heart and intent, and has not and will not lead us astray.  ❤  Discernment is key.


Victory of the Light!
My edited comment submitted to Cobra’s blog, but after moderation was not posted,
and I don’t blame Cobra, he should keep the topic/distraction off his blog.

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