John Doe Truth In Context: FEB 23 Q- “News Unlocks The Map” -February Headlines Rundown-

FEB 23 Q- “News Unlocks The Map” -February Headlines Rundown-

Published on Feb 23, 2018

This is a long one but I promise you are going to want to listen to this in full. So plug in and listen on the drive home as we cover February headlines! We encompass almost everything from the SOTU all the way through the Parkland Tragedy.

The News Unlocks The Map Brian Foerster Channel…


4 thoughts on “John Doe Truth In Context: FEB 23 Q- “News Unlocks The Map” -February Headlines Rundown-

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Despite the loud and disrespectful opposition of a duly elected POTUS, Trump is gaining in popularity as his dedication to the American people is proven through his acts, his brilliance as a tactician and his studied approach to solving issues become more clear to the people in the middle of the political spectrum. The lies of the corporate media are becoming clearer to even the most casual observer as the perpetrators of a vast attempted coup against the Trump administration is unveiled through their own stupidity and lies.

    • Well said, Eliza! Thank you.

      All my life, I considered myself left or far-left, but as I awaken more, I’ve become much more conservative, and now consider myself in the middle, which is why I can see all sides and have friends at both extremes. It does distress me to just see the hatred and name-calling and bashing that goes on from both sides, and probably that’s most evident on Twitter post threads on Facebook.. And while there are definitely aspects of Trump’s personality I do not like at all, I agree that he is a brilliant tactician, and extremely patient, despite the seeming impatience of his public persona and his Twitter rants.

      He’s playing a shrewd game of cards, but the deck is already stacked in his favor. They can start fires, they can smash hard drives and thumb drives, it doesn’t matter. As Q States, “Nothing is ever truly deleted.”

      One of the most brilliant things he did was to pass that Executive Order freezing the assets of human traffickers. And anyone who’s been around the block or down the rabbit hole knows who that means. It’s a vast Network. The public may never even know the real truth about Satanic ritual child abuse, but that is included in that term. “These people are Evil” -Q

      Also, let’s not forget what Jeff sessions said.. that nothing will be discussed until the investigation is done. People need to stop worrying that nothing’s happening, there’s no arrests, they’re getting away with it, etc.– it’s not true.

      Follow Q. “Trust the plan.” If you give people enough rope, you might not have to hang them… they’ll hang themselves.

  2. I did hear that there have been six attempts on his life, at least one hinted at by Q before they found that gun magazine.. So it would be prudent for anyone that wants the highest and best outcome sir pray for his safety and completion of his mission, regarding the Deep State take down.

    For those of you that can’t get past your hatred of trump let me remind you of a funny remark Kent Dunn made on a goldfish report last year. He Shrugged and said “Well, Gandhi wasn’t available, so we got Trump!” 😂🍻

    Or as I try to tell my more liberal friends , “He’s trying to take down the Deep State,and if he can do it, I’m all for it…. you know, maybe it takes a real a****** to get the job done! “

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