Jennifer Hoffman: Create a Sacred Space for Grace

This is an Archangel Uriel channeled message that has a special meaning for me and not the most positive one. When I was growing up my father used to call me ‘grace’, not because I was the most graceful child around, quite the opposite. Even before I had to navigate with crutches and braces as I learned to walk again after being paralyzed by a vaccine for several years, I was always tripping and falling, mainly because I was rarely grounded and present, so my feet were going in one direction while my mind was somewhere else. The implication was that if I was graceful then I would be moving with purpose and flow, and I wouldn’t be bumping into things or falling down. While my father didn’t know it, he was teaching me an important lesson, that there is a place for grace in our lives and we benefit from slowing down, getting grounded, and making room and time for it. So when Uriel talks about grace I have to shift my interpretation from the meaning my father had to one that is about flow, ease, and balance.

Grace is a blessing from Source, the presence of spirit manifesting itself in the material world. It is not special or holy, it is an ordinary, everyday thing. It is part of the flow of energy that everything and everyone is part of.  It is present in the beauty, love, kindness, and compassion that is around you, whether you notice it or take it for granted. The state of grace is present when you notice the beauty of a flower, a sunset, the stillness of a moonlit night, or a peaceful nature setting. It is present in the innocence of the young, the wisdom of the old, a shared moment of consolation, a shared laugh in joy. Grace is present everywhere, in the stillness and in the noise, it is a great balancer when it is present, a great disrupter when it is not.

Grace is what makes life bearable when you are overwhelmed by examples of humanity’s ugliness
and vulgarity, and it reminds you that beauty and peace co-exist with the most dire of circumstances. You can choose grace in the most terrible of circumstances and bring calm to the chaos around you.

Grace is what reminds you that you are not alone, unguided, and unsupported, when the loneliness of your chosen path can make you feel like an island in a sea of anonymity. Grace is present in the stillness and in the noise, in the light and in the darkness, when you remember that it is a constant presence and a constant choice. It is your refuge from what threatens and scares you, recalling you back to the centering quiet stillness of its power and presence.

It cannot be taken away from you but you can ignore it. It cannot be extinguished but you can turn away from its presence. Grace is infinitely patient and will wait for you to return to it, which you do when your soul is tired and your heart hurts. When you make room and time for grace, you allow the light of your divinity to become integrated into your humanity. Grace quietly reminds you of who you are and uncovers your light from the layers of fear and forgetfulness that you can allow to extinguish your hope, trust, and faith.

Grace is the portal of connection to the divine, to your Source and center, that you can feel as our longing for ‘home’.

You create sacred space for grace when you choose peace over chaos, when you intend to be in acceptance, awareness, and joy in each moment. Grace does not shout at you to get your attention but it does make its presence known. Notice where grace seeks to connect with you in each moment, which are the ways you are aware of moments of peace, beauty, and joy.

Did you notice a beautiful sunrise or sunset? That’s grace trying to get your attention.

Did someone smile at you or was particularly kind or considerate? You received a gift of grace.

Did you have a moment of contentment, peace, and security in which you felt fully aligned and connected? You experienced grace in that moment. You can also be a source of grace for others, when you remind them of the beauty, peace, power, and joy that is in the world. Give others the gift of grace to bless them with that moment of profound divinity and share the sacred space of grace with them. It is the greatest gift you can give.

You are ‘full of grace’ when you make room and time for grace and stay grounded and present in that connection. You are powerful beings who can command the energy of the universe into being. And you use that power in the best and most beneficial way when you created a sacred space for grace, remember the constant presence of grace, and stay grounded in it so you are always connected to the divine, always mindful of the flow of grace and abundance that are present in each moment, and create your sacred space for the refuge that grace can become when you need to step out of the chaos and remember yourself as divine.


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