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Pretty intense experiences at the moment, huh? We are going through seemingly endless thought spirals, anxiety attacks, big old ego programs related to aggression, control, manipulation, frustration, disappointments etc. We have a hard time to focus, often feel disconnected. We have weirdest food cravings, a lot of need to rest, not knowing what to do with ourselves, lucid dreaming, intense headaches, the eyes blurry as never before, and the whole body is just going berserk with wildest symptoms, skin break-outs, infections, ascension flu, hot and cold flashes etc. And our mind is hopelessly lost, all it can think is: WTF??? Where is the emergency exit?


I had already written about the ego patterns showing up now everywhere. What I have not written about yet, because something was holding me back until now, is why this is happening. It seemed as if the ego releases had to be worked through to a certain point so that we would all be ready to integrate this new information. I am also still getting used to the fact, that the information I get through now is much richer in terms of clear information. Before – it was a much more intuitive way of just feeling. And now I receive very clear facts of what is going on. The masculine energy is helping us now to reconnect to unity consciousness through the crown. Through the heart, we are connected with the life-flow – the feminine energy. Through the mind, we are connecting to pure wisdom and consciousness.


The Restructuring of the Brain


So what are we experiencing? Yes, it is Human evolution while being alive… We are going through huge physical upgrades now that are at the moment mainly related to the brain. The whole brain is being rewired and restructured. Old structures are dissolved and new structures established. New synapses are built, and the amygdala (where fear patterns/ego patterns were processed and played out based on mistrust) is reprogrammed and upgraded to become a processor for unconditional love  and light – the higher dimensional energies. The amygdala could be seen as the center of motivation, and now we are switching completely from extrinsic motivation to intrinsic motivation coming purely from our essence.

“We will no longer be driven by outside motivation factors. Instead, we will be driven by our essence and will only do what we love.”

We will no longer be driven by outside motivation factors, such as money, fame, career, materialistic possessions etc. Instead, we will be driven by our essence and will only do what we love. Money is no longer seen as a survival tool, but as a creation tool. We are shifting from mistrust to trust, from fear to love. While going through this process, we come online and offline concerning the connection to the Divine Masculine (wisdom, focus, action, creation). We sometimes feel we are shut down, before we go through intense waves of fear patterns showing up, before feeling connected with our essence again. Like a pendulum, we are swinging, before finding back into the center. Where sacred union happens within.


Ego Programming is dissolved


With the dissolving of old structures, old ego programs stored in the brain cells are set free and come up intensely. It can be very overwhelming and it can feel as if we are going through a huge storm of darkness. As shown by natural laws, the best way to deal with it is to move to the center of the storm. And that means to move right through the walls of fear, resistance and frustration and see what is behind it: Nothing. It is just an old movie being projected into our reality, but the moment we step through the screen where it looks so frightening, we come back to peace. Accepting it as is and just letting it pass through will transform it quickly. It asks pure honesty from us towards ourselves. Anything that still triggers us, gives us an opportunity to look into the mirror to see what is still keeping us separated from our own truth and essence. Our ego might go into: “No, this time it is really not my issue”. And yet we know… everything we experience is our own creation and energy. And people treat us and situations play out according to our own energetic patterns. Only when we take full responsibility for our own creation, we can shift.


Cravings and physical Symptoms


Rewiring the brain not only causes intense headaches and superblurry eyes, it also takes an enormous amount of energy and lots of building blocks: protein. Cravings for sweets, carbohydrates and proteins are very normal at the moment. Also heavy greasy food cravings come up in between because we tend to fly high with the current energies and need some grounding. It all just seems wild and crazy, and it can easily call up feeling guilty of wanting to eat stuff we would consider as unhealthy, ethically not correct etc. We are learning to overcome beliefs and dogmas, not only about certain methods, rituals, lifestyles etc, but also about food. Instead of listening to what others say what is good for us, we learn to just listen to our own body and system what is needed at a certain moment. We learn that it is much more a question of living and eating in a very conscious way and with gratitude, whether it is a vegan salad or a burger. When we exit the plane of duality (3D/4D) there no longer is a right or wrong way of doing and being. It all just is.

When we exit the plane of duality (3D/4D), there no longer is a right or wrong way of doing and being. It all just is.”

In line with all the restructuring, remaining fear patterns are just pushed out now from the cells in the whole body. And the body uses all mechanisms it has available to go through the transformation process as quickly as possibl. Puking, emotional breakouts, shivering, fever, infections, skin break outs, etc. All outlets are used.


Lucid Dreaming/Sleep Patterns


Another side effect of the restructuring of the brain is lucid dreaming. Many are experiencing lots of dreams where they are not sure whether it is real or not. It feels like shifting between realities, and that is actually what happens. As we are entering the fifth dimensional frequencies, we are preparing for a new state of being, that we don’t have to sleep anymore. At the moment, we still experience an intense need of sleep/rest, which has to do with the physical body going through intense transformation. The new way of dreaming is actually an alignment of the brain with the current reality we are now entering. Sleep was necessary in the third and fourth dimension, because it was the only way to connect to our spiritual essence to recharge with Source energy. During the day, the connection was cut off through the programmed fear blocks. As soon as that connection opens again fully, sleep is no longer necessary as we are always connected to Source energy. So our sleep patterns will be confusing for a while, until we have found that new balance.


Brain Fry/ Energetic Paralysis


Lots of people are also going through what I would call brain fry. The brain is just not able to process all of what is happening and it just shuts down. We could compare our physical body to the hardware, the new energetic grid as the software, and the brain/amygdala as the processor to give the impulses to the hardware. While the brain is still going through the rewiring, the processor is not able to read the new software yet. The electromagnetic impulses are too strong for the old structure. This is experienced as a sort of energetic paralysis. We get impulses but don’t really know what to do with it. A feeling of “I just don’t know what to do with myself”. It can be quite frustrating and yet it is absolutely normal and will pass. We are now learning to just be patient and let things unfold although we don’t understand what is going on and coming. We are approaching a new zero-point field now, connected to the eclipse. As soon as we are sitting in the center of the storm, we experience a sort of nothingness. A kind of waiting for something nice to happen, yet we don’t know what. This is common before big energetic shifts.


The old reality is collapsing and whether we like it or not, ego-based free will is not tolerated any longer. The sooner we accept and surrender, the easier we shift through. Although it is very challenging for many of us right now, it is also fascinating and magical what is happening. We are becoming the new human to co-create new earth.




The texts I share are always based on my intuition (“downloads”) and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg


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