Who is Kabamur? | @Kabamur_taygeta

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Who is Kabamur?💞 A few months ago,  shared a link on pastebin that gave us all some interesting insight on who he is, his path, his knowledge about The Event…

Who is Kabamur? | @Kabamur_taygeta

Who is Kabamur?

A few months ago, @Kabamur_taygeta shared a link on pastebin that gave us all some interesting insight on who he is, his path, his knowledge about The Event and also included a bit of personal information about his mother and her path.

I’m bumping this info that he originally shared back in Sept 2017 in hopes it helps more people (and his twitter followers) gain a better understanding/perspective of exactly who Kabamur is.

The raw data can be found here.

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What is it I’m doing?
Disclosing information on many topics including the coming Shift in Consciousness, ET Contact, and the negative controllers of our planet.
How do I know these things?
Both myself and my mother have been in telepathic contact with our guides since 2012. We are not channelers. I have also experienced ‘downloads’ from the Pleiadian collective which come as physical vibrations in the body and audible voice transmissions which are also perceived through physical sensation.
We have also experienced PHYSICAL contact with ‘pure’ (non-incaranated) Pleiadians who have manifested into physical bodies to deliver information directly. This has happened in public places. They have confirmed who they are with person information about us and other information received from our guides telepathically. They have twice allowed for their photos to be taken, which has already been shared on this account.
We have both experienced UFOs/Crafts many times. I have also been face to face with a physical Grey ET earlier in my life.
My mother has fully activated clairvoyance and can visually perceive up to 12D with her eyes closed. She can see and interact with many lifeforms including ETs, angels, elementals, fairies. She has frequent visions of past lives, future events and is able to astral travel at will (projecting consciousness non-locally) and has traveled to our point of origin, Taygeta, many times. Her ability to open this way, was planned to happen, and is related to trauma inflicted upon her chakra system through childhood abuse. More below.
Star Seeds
There are many terms for this but I am basically referring to incarnating Souls. We are all souls having a ‘human’ experience. Most souls have evolved on this planet, from simple lifeforms to more complex ones. Evolution happens both physically and on a soul level. Creation of the current human physical form was genetic engineering from Neanderthal and Cro-magnon stage through assistance of several ET groups (Enki-Enlil Annunaki is NOT one of them).
There are about 200 million souls here which are not native to this planet. We come from other worlds to assist in raising the frequency and help rid this world of the dark forces. Chances are, if you are drawn to things I am saying, then you are one of these souls as well. 200 million of us out of about 7 billion total population.
The awakening has been happening worldwide in a big way since 2012, and even in the decades leading up to the present. 3 waves of incarnating souls all coming for one purpose. Those who are non-terrestrial souls have recently been receiving DNA upgrades, allowing for increased inner knowing of purpose and communication with Guides and ET soul families. The current solar activity is directly related to upgrades happening now.
What is it all About?
This planet has been under the rule of negative ET (archons, reptilians, other) for over 25,000 years and has kept souls trapped in a cycle of reincarnation, wiping memory of other lives each time. These groups have been running all control organizations: religious, banking, government, military. Humans are essentially being held hostage and benevolent ET’s have not been able to intervene for numerous reasons.
The negative groups also incarnate into human bodies as other souls do, such as in the ruling bloodline families, and they also exist in non-physical 4D astral space.
These negative ET groups are basically parasites. They feed of human bio-energy, and especially suffering and fear. That’s why just about every control structure in our 3D reality is created to provoke conflict and fear.
All of this manipulation is now ending. A cycle of time is complete (26,000 year revolution around the Galaxy), and we are soon to enter a new golden age. The Age of Aquarius. New Atlantis.
In religious terms, this is covered in a somewhat altered way in religious scripture. Apocalypse literally means to unveil hidden truth. Angels, Archangels, ET, and other beings are assisting now in this raising of frequency of the planet. Many beings have come from all around the Galaxy to assist in this liberation, directly by the will of Source-Creator.
The Event
We are approaching a moment which will transform everything as we know it on this planet. In physical terms, it will be a burst of solar energy from galactic center – a breakthrough of Light (tachyon particles) reaching the surface and affecting all life here. This will trigger an immediate ’shift’ from 3D to 5D consciousness and be the moment that we move from non-duality to Oneness, thus making us ready to become a truly galactic civilization. Some of us are already perceiving this 5D reality in many ways.
This moment of breakthrough is referred to by us as The Event. Many plans will move into action at this time:  mass arrests of the Cabal, temporary shutdown of the world financial systems, release of suppressed technology. There are many ‘white hats’ who have been preparing for this moment for years. The network of Light is planet-wide. Everything is ready and the moment itself is pending the final ‘go’ from Source-Creator.
The Veils are being lifted already and people are beginning to awaken to the truth. Communication with ‘spirit guides’ is becoming more common. Crafts are allowing themselves to be seen with greater frequency. The Solar System is in quarantine by benevolent ET and many operations are currently in progress behind the scenes to assist us. Not all world leaders are corrupt, and a few are briefed on these developments.
While sharing my information, I am also synchronistically connecting with those who are connected with our soul group, strengthening our collective of Light on the ground.
A short period of time will pass after the Event and there will be open contact with benevolent ET’s. The Pleiadians will be first. These positive groups are part of a cooperating force known as either Galactic Confederation or Galactic Federation of Light. These groups have prevented nuclear wars and mass catastrophe many times, and will not allow such things to happen from here on out.
There is information and disinformation on all of these subjects. You must use discernment when choosing what to hold as truth.
More about my Mother
Since 2012 both myself and my mother have been fully awake to who we are and our purpose. All souls in this lifetime incarnate with a mission, or path of growth. Her path included a very difficult childhood which has allowed me to speak with knowledge of some dark subjects.
She was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse as a child, and witnessed countless abuse and murder of children in ritualistic settings. This was done by a local group of ‘satanists’ or black magicians, controlled by demonic entities, and was connected to certain local power structures. I say with certainty that these groups exist worldwide and go to the highest levels of authority in Government, Military, Church.
She comes from a religious background and has always understood the truth in the message Jesus, despite dogma attached by the Church. I was raised in this environment, so I understand this perspective as well. Religion has twisted the truth of the original teachings of Jesus (Oneness) and caused much superstition and fear. Much of Religion is concealed dark ritual masquerading as truth. The Old Testament is especially deceptive, Lucifer and other negative ETs are the various angry and jealous gods of those stories. The God that Jesus spoke of is God-Source, who we can never be separate from. Concepts of hell and sin are to create fear and mind-control.
I was also an atheist/agnostic for many years of my life, so I understand how many people might approach this information from different sides. I was awakened to the truth that God is Love, and Source of All, not a personification or anthropromorphized individual as has been portrayed. There are individual ‘creator beings’ which assist in cosmic creation, but this is a very big subject.
The representative of the Resistance Movement goes by the alias Cobra. He is an incarnated Pleiadian and closely connected with our group. We have had lifetimes together, and my other connection with him is that my twin soul (Raphael) was for a long time his primary source of intel. Raphael is closer to ‘pure’ Pleiadian than human, and is able to traverse the boundaries of the ‘veil’ due to an altered physiology.

Like Cobra, I am temporarily concealing my ‘human’ identity so that I may more safely reveal information about some very dark things. This is the ONLY thing I will conceal… the unveiling of truth, both light and dark, is the most important thing to me.

I hope this answers some lingering questions about me. Victory of the Light!

And here are the latest tweets from

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