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Fly free Isis Astara – Rest In Peace

Monday, January 29, 2018
Isis Astara has left the physical plane. Please visualize immediately her safe passage through plasma plane into the Light to higher etheric and astral planes by surrounding her in white and pink Light and Love and protection. Visualize her being safely guided to contact with her spiritual guides.
Posted by Cobra at 7:03 AM

One thought on “Cobra: Urgent Request-Time Sensitive | The Portal

  1. I missed the email/blog post from Return to Your Truth that came in very late Tuesday night. Here is the important message in which he reveals the cause of Isis Astara’s death:

    MASS MEDITATION Call-Out: Join the Awakening 144,000 for the Super Blue Moon Eclipse Turning Point – this Jan 31st 7:30 AM EST (US). Choose btw Freedom or Slavery. Special Goddess Isis Astara Dedication – – – – – – –
    January 29, 2018 | The Unknown Lightwarrior

    I want to make sure you're clear on this one big point … In terms of what stands before us.

    Our galactic & non-physical brethren are on stand-by … waiting for OUR energetic weight to open the floodgates & clear the pathway for them to get in there to take care of all the 'details'.

    This is a massive energetic event that will result in big physical changes. So let's take charge!

    This is a critical and BIG opportunity to raise humanity & Gaia on to a much higher timeline.

    A timeline where:

    the off-world & SSP forces can wipe the plasma & physical plane clean of negative Dark forces … to bring us much closer to the Mass Arrests … financial re-set … & suppressed technology release
    drastically boost the plasma toplet bomb clearing … so it can be safe for our galactic family to visit us privately, and finally access their amazing resources & technologies
    things in your own life go better, so you can take more charge of your direction … evolution … & gain more control over your manifestation goals.
    bring an end to needless suffering far sooner
    bring joy to the faces of children
    anchor in Goddess energies into the Earth … for harmony … love & understanding to be restored.

    On a personal note … my friend & the great Goddess Isis Astara (Cobra's right-hand woman & partner) left the physical plane a day ago as a result of a heart attack weapon, which has clearly shaken the anchoring of Goddess down here.

    It's interesting to note that the pinnacle of the super blue moon eclipse will occur at 1:11 GMT which "coincidentally" is also Isis Astara's date of birth.

    So this 144k Mass Meditation is specially dedicated to her, and the Goddess. Let's send an emphatic message to the dark ones. That if they mess with her … they mess with the 144k!

    Lets anchor her energy here more than ever … at the end of tomorrow's MEDITATION AND CLEARING SESSION.

    Time: 7:30 AM EST (US) – 31st of January 2018

    For your time zone, click here:

    Just before the meditation, the live radio link to click & participate is:

    (… and hit the pink 'Follow' button for reminders)

    This 144,000 Mass meditation will take about 30-40mins, and will be under the guidance of yours truly. It will be a special meditation (more like dramatic energy session) far more powerful that our usual 15min mass meditations of the past.

    See you there …

    The Unknown Lightwarrior————–

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