The Deep State’s Anti-Obama Meme by Steve Beckow | Golden Age of Gaia (Via KP via me, with introductory thoughts)

I have always loved and admired Obama, but as I also see the bigger picture of what is transpiring on the planet, especially in this country, and Trump’s ironic but important role in that, I find myself among many conservatives on social media, whose caustic name-calling and mean-spirited derision towards Obama and others bothers me. Yet the liberals are equally mean, vicious and derogatory towards our POTUS, and that bothers me, too. Probably the same way it bothers my liberal friends when I offer my perspective on Clinton, and include the word “Sociopath”. I’m just calling it as I see it. The thing about that is, corruption occurs on both sides of the aisle, and there is so much of it that both the Senate and House will have to be restructured, once the arrests occur, because many of them will be gone. We have corruption in the DOJ, FBI and CIA, although I am sure MOST of the agents and staff have only the best intentions. Still, the few bad apples, or “bad actors” as they are called, including many in our judicial system, need to be removed, for the greater good. People seem to think it is as simple as replacing a POTUS, but it’s not.

I find that those of my friends in my spiritual communities are handing these shifting times with much more grace and detachment. Oh, it’s not that we don’t care, we care all right! But when you step back and look at the bigger picture, it becomes easier It’s not that we don’t get passionate, we do! But I am finding that when I focus on staying in my heart, it becomes easier to ride out the waves of change.

I am not worried about “proof” or proving anything. I know there is plenty of proof in the right hands. As Q states: [Nothing is ever truly deleted] (We found this out with the “missing” texts and emails this past week.) I think my time and energy is best spent not only learning what I can from varying viewpoints, and letting my intuition play a big role in my understanding, but to continue to work at staying in my heart as much as possible. It simply feels better, and when I fell better, life flows, so I am better able to help others who may not be coping as well.

On some level, I know that all things will be revealed in due time. I understand the anger of the conservatives as well as the anger of the liberals, because I have felt both ends of the spectrum, and find myself somewhere in the middle, wary, but not as furious as some of my friends are at “the other side”. For me, there is no other side. Everyone has positive and negative qualities, and I try to look for good in people, though I draw the line at treasonous acts that are well-documented. I only want the Truth, all of the Truth, so that things that are dark, and the people involved in them, can be healed. People aren’t disposable, unless they make a free will choice in defiance of Universal laws, and eventually will have to face the music. The one thing we all have in common, despite all our differences, is our humanity. This is why, again and again, we see people risk their own lives to save the life of a stranger. When there is an emergency, we don’t stop to ask, Who did you vote for? What is your nationality? We are driven by instinct that informs us of the urgency of saving ourselves, and each other, and the planet, because we are all in this together.

With that in mind, I am going to walk a bit softer, talk a bit more mindfully, and be a bit more in gratitude for being alive, here and now, to usher in a new paradigm. Sure, we’re having growing pains, but not for nothing!

Thanks KP and Steve Beckow.

In Lakech,


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