Former CIA Officer Warns: Deep State Is “Terrified” Of Trump, “Want Him Taken Out” | Zero Hedge

Posted by Tyler Durden  |  Zero Hedge
Tue, 01/16/2018 – 21:25
Via Greg Hunter’s,
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Former “high-level” CIA officer Kevin Shipp says President Trump has “declared war” on the so-called Deep State and the shadow government.

Shipp explains, “I differentiate between the ‘Deep State’ and the shadow government.

The shadow government are the secret intelligence agencies that have such power and secrecy that they act even without the knowledge of Congress. There are many things that they do with impunity.

Then there is the ‘Deep State,’ which is the military industrial complex, all of the industrial corporations and their lobbyists, and they have all the money, power and greed that give all the money to the Senators and Congressmen.

So, they are connected, but they are really two different entities.

It is the shadow government . . . specifically, the CIA, that is going after Donald Trump. It is terrified that some of its dealings are going to be exposed. If they are, it could jeopardize the entire organization.”

President Trump’s December Executive Order on “Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption” is a major way Trump is turning the tables on the people trying to take him down.
Shipp says, “Donald Trump, very wisely, starts out calling it a ‘threat to U.S. national security.’ That one term brings in the U.S. military, the U.S. intelligence agencies, domestic law enforcement and the whole U.S. law enforcement into enforcing these laws. The amazing thing about the Executive Order is now it extends to foreign persons, foreign organizations and even foreign government officials. So, this is a national security threat, which means it includes anyone inside the United States or outside the United States.”

The very people that have been attacking Donald Trump are now feeling the Trump counter attack.

Shipp says,

“They are terrified, they are terrified right now. They did not expect Trump to do what he is doing now. The reason they tried to get him even before he was elected is they knew he was uncontrollable, and they knew if he got in there, they would not be able to manipulate him, and that is exactly what’s happening.

There are some people, and there is no doubt about it, that are running scared right now…

Donald Trump is questioning the Deep State and the shadow government. He’s rocking that place left and right. The news media is terrified of that. Their editors are telling them to attack him just like they are attacking him from the inside. It’s just dirty pool because they want him taken out.”

In closing, Shipp says, “Trump’s making tremendous progress despite tremendous resistance. They have already done a character assassination on him, and I think they could go further than that… Trump is making progress, and he has them running scared.”

Full interview below:

Trump Has Deep State Terrified – Kevin Shipp
Greg Hunter
Published on Jan 14, 2018


One thought on “Former CIA Officer Warns: Deep State Is “Terrified” Of Trump, “Want Him Taken Out” | Zero Hedge

  1. A lot of this is about the decades-long corruption in the CIA and the ongoing coverup of CIA involvement in the Assassination of JFK, and how they will thwart Mike Pompeo.

    He also explains the global pedophile rings in government and corporate business, and how they have a LOT of money and power, so the press never covers it and most people remain ignorant of it.

    Then they get into the Mainstream Media silence on the thousands of pedophile arrests, the Executive Order on Human Trafficking and how calling it a matter of National Security enabled the Military and made it a global matter.

    He does not believe a businessman like Trump would use that language either in business or cabinet meetings. He says it is more likely untrue, he does not believe it. (Dick Durbin has been caught lying before about similar meetings.)

    He says the Deep State is very worried he will expose more of their secrets and they want to take him out.

    He says Trump had no idea of the level of control and power and hostility until he got into government.. now the opposition really wants to stop him.

    When asked about the pedophile rings, he says he expects some sort of Constitutional crisis due to members of congress etc being involved in the pedophile rings, but so far already there have been lower level pedophiles arrested by the thousands.

    Mueller, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, HRC, have to be prosecuted, she violated the espionage act multiple times, Comey tried to protect her, Mueller’s crimes go back not only to 9/11 but before that to other incidents w/ the Russians. The Clintons ere laundering money through the Clinton Foundation. They shut the CF down within 24 hours almost a year ago, probably burning documents he said. They tend to operate by accusing the opponent of what THEY are actually doing, this is why there is blowback from trying to accuse Trump of Russian collusion, it is all leading back to them because of Uranium One, but all the the whole Mueller investigation is based on a huge lie. He says he does not think Mueller is working with Trump. He knows about the money-laundering, extortion, racketeering, espionage, etc. but he doubts Mueller will be put on trial.

    As mind-blowing as this information is, it is not new to me or many of my friends, and it has come from many credible sources and insiders such as former CIA operative Kevin Shipp, interviewed here. WOW.

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