The Christ Grid and Unity Christ Consciousness by Timothy Robert

Lee van den Heever

is with Frano Toich and 12 others.

A powerful message that moves me deeply and confirms work of Spirit that I
have been called to do .. thank you .. we ARE doing this 💖💖💖


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Timothy Robert

The Christ Grid and Unity Christ Consciousness

So we’re here to Help this Planet including Humanity in its Shift back to the Higher Frequencies.
To Higher Frequency Bandwidths.
Also called Higher Dimensions.
Or Higher Timelines.

Where we Anchor ourselves in the
already present Omniversal Unity Christ Consciousness.
With Our Planetary Christ Consciousness Crystalline Grid.
The Crystalline Grid.
The Christ Grid.

We are here in this unique moment in time where Our Solar System is moving through an intense Photonic Cosmic Radiation Region in Space. Assisted by ElectroMagnetic impulses likely also via Stargates, our Shift is Happening.

As I observe it, a long period of Intense Galactic Cosmic Rays will contribute to this Shift in Frequencies, and a/o to our Evolution to Cosmic Crystalline Beings by activating dormant ‘Junk’ DNA, most likely including Rejuvenation and Longevity Instruction Sets.

Being in and living from our Heart, we contribute by focusing on and infusing Love Energy while constantly raising our Frequency.

We may contribute by being on a more dedicated Mission such as doing Gridwork or Collective Healings or Transmutations.

Some fully rely on their Heart and Higher Self, others are fully Guided by an outside Team of Spirits.

Some walk or feel Called to walk in Service Alone, while others are walking or feel Called to walk in Service in a Sacred Partnership.

Some are hardly present in nor aware of the 3D. Others are fully in the 3D, aware, and sometimes actively exposing Truths or actively trying to Help Change the World in other ways.

Lightworkers and Darkworkers, Angels and Warriors, Dreamers and Awakeners, Leaders and Followers, we are here in many roles.

We Ultimately Create what we Imagine. Be it Illusion or Reality. We Help this Shift by constantly focusing on Raising Frequencies and not giving the Fear-Driven Lower Frequency distractions more attention as needed.

Some say the Shift is happening with or without our active participation. Some are sure our assistance is Key. Others say the assistance of Higher Beings is Key. And others are sure about that our Shift is being controlled and manipulated by Higher Beings and ExtraTerrestrials who are ‘Saving Us’.
Some see the Shift as a Cosmic Event for our Solar System that would occur even when Humans were no longer living on this Planet. Others are sure that the Shift of our complete Solar System is driven by events on specific dates such as 11/11, 22/11, 12/12 in our Humans-on-Earth-made illogical Calendar System.

All is fine to me, as long as we participate and focus on Love and not on Fear.

Much Respect for the Mind Focused Participants.
Much Respect for the Heart Focused ones.
Much Respect for the WayShowers, ForeRunners, Second Wavers, Activists, Pacifists, Leaders, Followers, Anyone who participates in whatever role.

Ultimately, we are Shifting our Illusion, or we are Shifting our Reality. It’s All Inside of Us, and it’s All Existing Outside of Us Already.
We Shift our Bandwidth of Frequencies towards an already existing Unity Christ Consciousness level.

It is Our Light that helps Shift Our Planet

We Can Do This Shi(f)t

💜 L o v e W i n s 💙

2017 True Infinity Me

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