Selacia: Tips for Shifting Energies

Tips for Shifting Energies

How to Navigate Holidays

Have you felt an energy shift this week? If you don’t feel it yet, purposefully tune in over the next few days and notice how you feel. More favorable cosmic line-ups can translate into increased feelings of optimism, more clarity of mind, and more inspiration for taking action. Continue reading to better understand how this and other factors can influence your experience of these moments including the holidays.

Opportunity to Notice  

First, an opportunity to pay attention to, from my Facebook post. “A shift in energies this week creates an opening to see something in a new way and get re-inspired about your life.”

Knowing about this opportunity can help you to apply mindfulness as you access situations – both external and internal. External situations could be your work, your relationships with others, or your progress with self-expression. Internal situations could be your self-confidence, your inner conflict about something, or your general sense of inner well-being.

Key Subtleties  

It takes mindfulness and presence to notice important subtleties when energies shift. A subtlety example involving self-confidence could be recognizing an early-life influence or belief system that today causes you to doubt yourself at every turn. Awareness of that subtlety is the first step in changing things.

Placing purposeful observation on subtleties helps you to know when you have deeper work to do at the DNA akashic records level. Beliefs, mostly unconscious and outside awareness, are a key influence in what you experience.

Belief and Experience  

What you believe can impact how you feel about yourself and affect your life. If your life isn’t going the way you want now, explore ideas you hold that are based on views of others and don’t reflect your true self. Energies now support challenging these and going deeper within yourself to tap the luminosity available at your core.

What you will find in the process is that you hold many beliefs supportive of your path of light, while also holding contradictory beliefs that are based on conditioning.

Energy Cycles – Up and Down 

When we go through a time of roller-coaster energy as we have now, you can feel buoyant one evening and triggered by something annoying the next day. Part of our current roller-coaster is the intensity of the Mars-Uranus-Pluto line-up. This can feel fiery, urgent, unpredictable, and deeply transformational – all at the same time. Everyone is impacted by this, so keep that in mind as you engage with others.

Navigating the Holidays   

The holidays can bring great joy while also triggering old patterns you may have thought you left behind. During a visit home, for example, your mother makes her characteristic comments about how you look, your absence during the year, or your marital status. Almost immediately, you may feel your temperature rising. You may be tempted to engage with her, feeling that you must respond in some way. Of course, you know by now what happens when you react.

One of the most important things you can do at this holiday season is to show up in a conscious way and be present to the tendency of reacting to what loved ones say and do.

Have you ever noticed after a visit home for the holidays that you have more doubts about your progress and wonder how you will get fit after eating all of that delicious home-cooked food?

Why the Holidays Are a Good Time to Focus on Fitness

Here are 3 reasons for focusing on fitness, despite the odds at the holidays:  (1) you can use the extra time off of work to do some exercise – even if it’s just a walk around the block after a holiday meal (2) you can gift yourself with a wearable activity tracker, helping with motivation (3) even if you overeat some of the days, moderating food portions other times can help prevent weight gain you’d then need to address in 2018.

Progress – Moving Forward

About the progress noted above, consider that you may be making more progress than you consciously recognize in these moments. Also, keep in mind the cyclical nature of progress – and focus on big picture.

Your forward movement is like a river. Sometimes as the water moves around the bend it encounters fallen logs or other debris that impede flow. Other times, like during a drought, the water can evaporate into the air instead of flowing ahead. Still other times, like during an unusual heavy rain, the water cannot be contained to flow where it needs to go and then it disperses outside the river banks.

There are countless things that can impede flow needed for your forward movement. Some are pretty easy to figure out, others are more difficult as the answers lie deep within your DNA akashic records.

In my 1-1 global DNA healing work, I help others discover and clear obstacles to flow. Sometimes it’s a set of ancestral belief systems that need clearing. Other times, it’s a mindset or habitual way of being learned early in life.

Whatever it is for you, trust that you can get to the other side of it. After all, your natural state is fluid, boundless, and vast.

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