Mike Quinsey Message, November 24, 2017

Mike Quinsey Message,
November 24, 2017 

Dear Friends,


Once again I pass on to you an edited version of an important video link message given by Archangel Michael, through Michael Love. It clearly tells of what we can expect in the immediate future leading up to Ascension, and why the changes are necessary. The full message on the Internet is recommended and the title is as given below.


In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey. 24th November 2017.


Archangel Michael. Final Phase of Human 5D Ascension.
via Michael Love August 24, 2016



Dear Family of Light,

You are living in unprecedented times. The period from September to December 2016 was the most important and energetic period in the human history, because the third matrix has come to its end, and the beings that resonate with it are in for an extreme awakening, as they move from 3D to 5D in a very short lineal time period.

The final phase – Many are aware that something huge is going to happen, and is already happening in our bodies, our personal lives on a planetary scale and even on a Galactic scale. This is the time written of old when great changes are coming to the Earth and its beings, as the old outmoded system gives way to something new and better. Though the Earth is in an increasing state of chaos, know that this will be cut short and is our divine plan and mission for Earths great Ascension project. The great star beings have said that when the Earth moves you will move with her, so do not see any of this as fearful, but as the natural and normal transformation from one physical reality to a completely new one.

During this time of chaos and change, the beings of Earth will start to rise up in a grand social revolution, as they see more clearly each day they have been held captive in an anti – life manipulated psychological system that is not in their best interest. The cat is out of the bag so to speak, and the snowball is growing in size, speed and strength. As it rolls downhill thousands of beings are waking up every day now, seeing how they have been duped by beings with a controlling agenda designed to steal all sentient conscious energy.

Humanity is witnessing increasing climate chaos globally, which is the result of powerful new energies interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field. Many are starting to become aware for the first time, that 3D is not the only reality, and started their search for these new realities as more beings wake up as the amount of Light on the Earth increases. The changes here will become much more physically noticeable. Many of you came to Earth as angelic forerunners, already aware of the grand plan we all created, and you have been speaking messages about the great changes, and giving advanced warnings to the ones who have been slumbering for eons. This is the mission you came here to do and you have been successful.

Now you will see your words become manifest before all, and you will be standing here strong and ready to assist through it all. This is what you have been training for and many will seek your guidance and help as things unfold, and we applaud you for this great work. A stronger and larger state of coherence is forming all across the globe, and complete freedom is about to break out across the entire world. A return to what is natural for the soul will soon be the normal on planet Earth, as the system here continues to change. These great changes include all aspects of life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and they affect our relationship, work situations and the abundance that flows to us.

The people of Earth can no longer maintain old energy draining systems, habits and imbalances therefore we must examine and replace quite a lot. The entire system here will be completely revamped, discarding and replacing what is not pro – life. Beings who control and manipulate others and who vibrate at a low frequency will have no place in this new frequency of Earth. In fact, as the frequency gap between 3D and 5D plus increases, it will be impossible for this type of vibration to exist where you are. Soon the Universe as well as the Divine Guides of the new Earth who will represent a more intelligent and healed society, will properly deal with these low vibration entities until they are all completely healed and able to enter into the new society that is coming.

DNA upgrades and light codes – the changes on the physical level include a total recoding of our DNA. Solar flares have an impact on life on Earth indeed these flares change the DNA signature of all sentient life here. The ionised particles that are blasting this planet are evolving every species to a higher form of itself. Solar flares and solar winds erupt on an almost daily basis and this gamma light energy enters the atmosphere of our planet and reaches every living being, penetrating to the cellular level, completely rewriting the genome of the species. Currently there are not only solar flares coming in, but lots of new energies from different sources, comets, star systems, planets and massive gamma ray bursts impacting Earth constantly from the core of the Universe. This has occurred before in past times, but since the bodies and minds of humans have been very dense and shut down due to dormant DNA, none of this has had an impact on the human being.

This time many Earthlings are open and ready to receive these energies and light codes, and let them work through their bodies and their whole system. This has an enormous potential to uplift the consciousness of Humanity in a very quick way. We must renew, recode and rewrite a lot of the old programs that were written and installed in the human body and mind on a sustained basis for eons. We are now waking up as a planet and as a Human Race. Stop for a moment and think about the implications and wonders of this fact, doesn’t it create a childlike fascination inside of you as you consider the infinite new possibilities of new world cleansing on all levels. We said earlier the more advanced beings are here, the Guides of new Earth are the first wave ascension beings who will deal with the beings who are not quite ready yet, and who are unable to inhabit the new Earth.

What is the process that will get them all up to where you are, the answer is suffering and pain. You may say this is not very promising for them, but we say your own suffering and pain over many incarnations and even in this last one was the catalyst that woke you up. Every Master will tell you that this pain and suffering is what causes a being to begin and complete the Ascension process. The Master will also tell you that the pain and suffering is only temporary until you reach a state of inner healing where you have transcended it all. The time it takes to get to this transcended state of being is totally under your control. Beings that have not reached this transcended phase in their soul’s evolution are going through a lot of physical and emotional pain right now, and others feel unusually tired.

Since humanity is taking such a major step in their evolution in consciousness and their physical bodies, many might experience a time where they feel challenged and pushed to their limits. The last wave of beings to ascend, are starting to shift their third and fourth dimensional living to a fifth dimensional frequency. The Earth itself is now vibrating in the fifth dimension, as well as much faster and a lot of humans have already upgraded themselves to this level into the higher dimension as well, or are doing it right now. New energies of love are entering the Earth and a new potential for humankind has awakened new light centres in the matrix. The new light frequencies that are coming in need new space, therefore we are going through a deep cleansing to get rid of everything old, restrictive and dense that we no longer need.

The physical body gets rid of toxins and old programs, the emotional body heals wounds from the past and present and detoxes from unhealthy emotions, like anger grief or sadness. Our mind is challenged to release old beliefs and surrender into the unknown. Our advice here is to question everything and to look much deeper as to why you believe a thing if the belief system came from inside the matrix. It is distorted and not aligned with the 5D level of truth. It is important to remember there is no absolute truth, but infinite and more advanced and higher levels of it with no end. The higher a truth vibrates, the more true it is. Truth is subjective and is in direct proportion to the total frequency level one resonates at. There is very little data light in the dark 3D matrix, so all this data that is vibrating at 3D could have access to the very seeking of knowledge, and the rate at which it is integrated/accepted causes the internal vibration to increase in direct proportion as we are uplifted and move up the vibrational scale. We are required to leave everything outdated, dense that which does not serve our soul behind us, so we can enter into a new way of being. The faster this process occurs the faster we might feel symptoms on a physical level. Do not add anxiety to this, as it is very normal and only temporary.

As new light data is integrated into the body a being wakes up with the symptom relieved and feels like a new creation. During DNA light data integration periods, many experienced ascension symptoms such as nausea, headaches, flulike symptoms, feeling spacey and disconnected, inability to sleep, sinus and other aches and pains. At times we may also feel a symptom that goes back to another lifetime which we are healing. It always helps to know that what we are feeling we are healing. The great beings from the stars tell us that this new light data is only encoded into the DNA when a being is in a delta sleep state. During the time when you may feel very tired and exhausted it is highly recommended to just sleep, because during our sleep state we can process and integrate in a much quicker and easier way in Delta sleep state than in waking consciousness, since no ego or fear is blocking us.

This is also true for inner healing and clearing energy blockages from old emotional traumas. When we wake up in the morning still feeling tired, this might be signs that we have allowed a lot of transformations to occur during the night. In the angelic community we have a saying after we integrate light data during Delta we say “ We did a lot of work last night” by this we mean we did several hundred even thousands of complex things at the same moment. Multi testing on many levels even travelling to multiple places and healing other beings while we did our own inner work, it is said that it would take many years in waking consciousness to do the same amount of ascension work you accomplish in eight hours of Delta sleep. Delta consciousness is one level above human body death and many masters and monks are able to achieve the state of consciousness during their meditations, slowing their breathing and heartbeat to a state that resembles body death. What is interesting about this is that no matter how long the monk stays in that state of being, they are affected by no external factor. Nothing in the body changes at all and they are able to bring themselves back to waking consciousness at any point by their intention.

Our guidance on ascension symptoms is this, take it easy on yourself during these times and show yourself nourishing tender love as a mother would for her sacred body. Breathe slow and deep several times per day. Ground the body by using crystals and by walking barefoot on Gaia. Eat only energy foods and natural herbs, relax and let go fully allowing and accepting all of this. See it as the way it is and know that you and your body are perfectly fine. The opposite and not so productive thing to panic thinking is that something is badly wrong and rush into the emergency room only to find out you are having a panic attack and all tests show that nothing is wrong with the body. This is also a waste of time and 3D fake money. The more one relaxes and trusts in this ascension process, the easier they will navigate through it and the faster they will transcend the lower things, as an Angelic and Human Race cohabitating Earth.

We are now releasing all the old densities and restrictions. We will never go back to limiting beliefs and lives as we once had. Now we are getting into alignment with our Higher Self aspect our Godhood, by sheer intention and inner discipline. We are working our way into our own Golden Age and a new world filled with joy, peace, love and freedom. If you will make your ascension the number one priority and work on it with all of your being, and the more you surrender to it all and relax into it with full embrace, we assure you that you will make a quantum leap from the hopeless, desperate fearful state of being to an amazing new life where every now moment is filled with miracles and magic people will look at you and ask how is it that you are magnificent in every way and they will wonder what your secret is. If they are ready and willing and most of them are not quite yet, then simply tell them all that we have told you. God speed on this incredible journey of your life.

Archangel Michael message, through Michael Love, given by video link in 2016.


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