Shekina Rose / Blue Ray: 11:11 Ascension Stargate with the Pleiadians of Peace

11:11 Ascension Stargate with the Pleiadians of Peace

Starseeds’ Heart Telepathic with the Dolphins, Whales Trees, Birds

11:11 Stargate is a synchronistic code configuration creating an energy portal for the Cosmic Ascension to unity. The 11 11 of every year is a gateway to connect with Source and the galactic families. The 11 11 awakening phenomenon is a pre-encoded triggering sequence to activate a massive wake-up call for Starseeds to a higher mission to accomplish in connection together.

The Pleiadians of Peace in their ship made their presence known on 11-11-2013 at the Cathedral Rock Vortex, in Sedona, Arizona, with their message, “We are here for Peace.” After this contact, a developing relationship with the Pleiadians of Peace ensued which created gateways to the higher realms and a reopening of one of the stargate light portals from the Earth to Source. This occurs by the collaboration process of a starbeing gatekeeper human, the bridge in unison with Solar Ray Deity, Gaia and the Galactics.

You have an opportunity Starseed, Blue Ray, Lightbearer, to go to your heart to shift and direct the energy of the Cosmic light through your own being and raise the frequency on the planet. Your empathic electrical system is a holy power that is being restored, the Divine Original Blueprint and the cosmic ley line grids through Gaia of the empathy unity spirit of Oneness. You have an empathic exchange that recharges, balances and stabilizes your energy field. The Starseeds, Blue Rays, Lightbearers are part of awakening the dormant empathic ley lines that are coded to activate the human biology to a higher state of being for the Cosmic Ascension Plan.

Starseeds, you volunteered and were sent from the galactic, ancient cosmic lineages, federations, confederations, soul groups, ascended realms, High Angelic orders, star tribes and Elohim to activate, strengthen and unify for a massive awakening. These are not coincidences, as you know, when you feel the direct awakening power that stops you for a moment, when you experience the 11 11 collaboration codes of peace and unity.

You can connect with us in Sedona, Arizona and around the world on 11 11 by tuning in with the prayer and meditation. You can go outside and touch your higher heart and touch the earth; weather not permitting, look outside to Nature, see a tree and ask to take this blessing to all the realms of Earth, or a bird. Feel/sense with your higher heart energy meeting the spirit of the tree and/or animal that comes to you to take your prayers. You may also have a picture of the whales or dolphins to telepath your message to them to send this unity through the oceans and sea life.

Say: I love you Gaia, I love you Humanity, awaken the love and light Divine DNA and activate the grid lines of the planetary grid of Love. Reestablish our sacred connection. I connect at the highest point where my soul met God now to my lineage, soul family to Sedona gathering.

When:  On the 11:11 2017, wherever you are in the world, say, “I link up with my Heart and Being to the 11:11 Heart Peace Portal.”

Where:  The Heart Matrix Portal (also known as the “Divine Holy Matrix”).

How to get there:  The key to attaining the “Divine Holy Matrix” is to enter through the Rose Ray of Creation at your Higher Heart, and allow the heart expansion of Divine Love to connect you with the Unified Field. We will align in the Law of One with our Galactic Family, star origins of Divine Power, and as rightful stewards of the Universal Star Alliance of Light, asking for the Pleiadian Peace Portal as our Stargate connection here on Earth.

The origin of the Pleiadian Peace Portal is at the Cathedral Rock Vortex located in Sedona, Arizona, where there is concentrated vortex energy that transmits along Mother Earth’s ley lines and goes out into the world and galaxy/cosmos.

Our intent and what you feel a calling to do:

  • For the Starseeds and Blue Rays to have a collective voice, that we will serve as stewards of Earth and exercise our rightful place and vote in the Universal Galactic Alliance Council of Light
  • Reactivate the Light Source Portals from Earth to Source and Star origins
  • Strengthen the Heart Matrix Portal
  • Increase the light frequency of the Divine Holy Matrix, the crystalline structures of the Divine Original Blueprint
  • Awaken the empathic ley lines of the planet of peace and light to our Galactic families
  • Connect with the Pleiadians of Peace who wish to unite all the tribes in peace
  • Higher Heart Telepath to the whales and dolphins to connect the ley lines of light and peace and back to Source. Give them love and gratitude. Ask them to send sonic sacred sound to heal the waters and oceans. Take water that day and give blessings to all water. Send love to the ancient tree spirit to heal the skies from the Elohim within the breath of Life. Send them love and gratitude.
11:11 Universal Peace Prayer
  • I AM THAT I AM as Divine Source moves through me to stand and to be in UNIVERSAL PEACE.
  • I have come to Earth to see you—my Brothers, my Sisters, all colors, all creeds, as One Beloved Family of Humanity.
  • We come from One Source, One Light, standing on One Planet as we breathe together the One Breath of Life.
  • I reach out my heart and hand to you, my Beloved Family of Humanity. I choose to align, to unite, to be an Instrument of Peace as we call forth our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, every Universal Being of Truth and Light.
  • Through One Divine Heart and Mind, with the Legions of Love and Light and with all Beings everywhere, we call forth UNIVERSAL PEACE to prevail upon the Earth, within the Heavens, within the Cosmos and within us NOW!
  • And so it is. 

I ask Shekina Rose for a prayer and intent from you that I may give the best of my ability of love, light and song transmission on the 11 11 for the event/conference and to be a vehicle for peace. I pray and intend for you that you know you are not alone (11), that we are doing this together to awaken you to your full radiance of light and beauty and experiencing great joy in living life that your spirit, life, body and relationships are nourished in LOVE always, and you feel the return of Oneness in your being and may all your treasured dreams come true.

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker. Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the “Language of Light”, is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process.


BlueRay is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

Copyright © Language of Light vocal sound transmissions by Shekina Rose of – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail:

One thought on “Shekina Rose / Blue Ray: 11:11 Ascension Stargate with the Pleiadians of Peace

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Personally, I am not a Blue Ray, but Violet Ray, which is made up of the Blue of Strength, Power, and Will, and the Pink, which is Unconditional Love. Whatever primary Ray that you work upon, you will work with many for this is a colorful Universe. The reigning Skekinah is the living Representative of the Divine Mother for this quadrant of Creation. She lives in the Pleiades Star System.

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