Jennifer Hoffman: Fear is the Resonance Point for New Potentials

This week’s message is an Archangel Uriel channel, enjoy!

This is an exciting time for humanity and the ascension path as the collective energies are shifting from the 3D fear based paradigm to an expansion into 5D awareness. Fear is the catalyst for this transition as the ascension path becomes a potential for the collective now. You can celebrate this victory, it has been a long journey for you. But you must also keep the forward momentum and continue the expansion as you also open to integrating more of the 5D energy for yourselves.

Celebrate your victory as you continue your own ascension path of integration and expansion into new joyful, joy-filled potentials.

Fear is no longer tolerated when it is no longer comfortable or an acceptable source of limitation. The desire for expansion is the resonance point where fear connects with a choice for a new life potential. The choice is to stay in the fear or explore other avenues and those avenues must exist. That is the mission of the Light Beacons, to create the energy that expands those new potentials. It has always been their mission even when no one was willing to consider those alternate pathways.

A fear resonance is acceptable to those who see fear as their only option. A new resonance potential happens when the fear becomes intolerable, unacceptable, and no longer an option. Those who promote fear are successful when it is an acceptable and desired choice. They are unsuccessful when their followers no longer resonate with fear. Then the energetic resonance with fear is broken forever and it is no longer a choice.

The new energetic resonance of the 5D Light Age is love, peace, joy, prosperity, knowledge, and awareness. The movement into these new frequencies is the ascension path and it takes many forms. Do not judge how that path should be followed; allow everyone to have the choice for how they will express that path in their reality. The collective reality is choosing the Light Age as an integration of 5D energy into the 3D reality, raising the frequencies of both paradigms. As 3D becomes integrated with higher frequencies the potential for the higher frequencies is also expanded.

Fear is an expansion point where a new energetic resonance can enter. It is not to be avoided or feared, it is simply a point of energetic frequency that, when it is no longer desired or necessary, can be a point for the acceptance of a new level of resonance. When fear is acknowledged, the pathway to a new potential is opened. Choose whether you want to have the limitation of fear or the freedom of the Light Age’s new potential. Then receive the energy to allow your expansion to occur. This is the ascension path.

And for those who receive the new energies to allow ascension to occur, remember to also expand your own energy path to express the transformation of new frequencies. You are the way showers for the new earth’s Light Age, celebrate your release from the ‘work’ of light work to the freedom of being the light beacon. You light the way for those who release themselves from fear and need an example of the new potentials. Shine brightly and shine on with joy.


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