Message of the Moment 10-10-17: From Horus by Nancy Tate

Message of the Moment From Horus


“I am Horus once more and I have a message for all of humankind. It is about what is coming for, not only a chosen few, but for all of you. All that you are hoping for, interested in, and are counting on for your prosperity and well-being is on its way. Realize when I say that it is all about the proper relationship that you have with the Creator. It is all about trusting that your inner guidance is leading you to the promised circumference of what it is that you are hoping for, celebrating the return of, and seeing as the new beginning in your lives.

As I bring this message to a close, I do so with the utmost love and knowledge that your understanding of what this means is because you listen to and respond to your inner knowing, rather than what those out there are telling you is in the works. If it is something you believe in on your inner realms, then know you are listening from within, not from outside of you.

Go now and let your friends know that it is all in the works, in ways that some of you may not realize it is, or have thought it would be. It is all grand and glorious and will fill your lives with the richness that is emitting from within.”

Thank you so much dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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