THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, October 9, 2017

"AUStralian spider orchids" taken by wise owl kate

“AUStralian spider orchids” taken by wise owl kate

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, October 9, 2017

Disseminating Moon Phase:
  communicate, share

Moon in Gemini


Sun: 17 Libra – “a retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor”


True Alignments:  quiet time/time for reflection, desire to return to the past in some way, objective analysis of events, looking at options

Catalysts for Change:  excuses, giving in, doing things the old way (old paradigm)

Earth: 17 Aries – “two prim spinsters sitting together in silence”


True Alignments:  taking a step back to consider, opening to new opportunities, strengthening individuality, surpassing what is expected or accepted

Catalysts for Change: false pretenses, placing restrictions on self or others, ageism against the young, unable to allow the new to enter, fighting against the flow, isolation, feeling that one is running out of time

I hope you had a wonderful experience with the highly spiritual energetics of this past weekend’s Black Moon conjunction with the Galactic Center (or when we “touched home”).

When the Sun and Earth reach 17 Libra and Aries, as they do today, we are wise to take time out to reflect and plan.  Quiet and having quiet time for contemplation is important, as both symbols involve themes about time, watching, and recollecting.  The retired sea captain watches the ways of the world – the comings and goings, and the prim spinsters sit apart from anything that is active and progressing.  Thus it is a better day to observe than to act.

Disseminating Moon phase brings us the information that we need as we observe and learn.  New things will enter the field (the harbor), enabling us to expand our perception and understanding today.  The Sun and Mercury just made conjunction, adding extra energy for vital messages and information to reach us.

With this today, we also have Jupiter spending its last day in Libra before it enters Scorpio tomorrow at 9:21 am ET/1:21 pm UT.  Jupiter is completing discharge of 30 Libra – “three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head.”  We are learning from the past and applying new methods, thoughts, and attitudes to the present and future.

It is certainly a “mental” or “cognitive” type of day, which is typical of the Moon in Gemini, but the theme is quite pronounced today.  Negative mind loops may try to take over, as they do when the Moon transits the sign opposite of the Black Moon.  (The Moon is in Gemini while the Black Moon is in Sagittarius – the opposite sign of Gemini.)  This means today is a Black Moon Day, when we tend to react from our most basic instincts, trying very hard to not be hurt or vulnerable.  Issues regarding meaningfulness and acceptance are highlighted (meaning we naturally seek meaning or question meaningfulness, as well as the approval and acceptance of others).  The task is to find meaning and to value oneself as much as others.  This will reach a height tomorrow when the Moon makes exact opposition with the Black Moon.  Understand that emotions are mercurial today, and that people may react from their least wisest selves.  Those with the Sun, Chiron, or Black Moon in Gemini or Sagittarius are most affected by this (and it is representative of the rebirth of self that they are undergoing – embrace the new.)

Archontic energies are more active when the Moon and Black Moon are making angles, so be aware.

We want to be particularly vigilant for synchronicities and signs from nature because these are likely to come rather rapidly.

Today we will practice the art of observing the ways of things, adjusting accordingly while keeping our eyes open for new opportunities.  Today is all about the new, so we will turn that way — away from the shadows of the past, toward the light of the future.

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