THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, September 29, 2017

Laura Walker says that The Oracle Report will return on Monday~PB

"A Better day" taken by wise owl kahlil

“A Better day” taken by wise owl kahlil

THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, September 29, 2017

First Quarter Moon Phase:
  take action

Moon in Capricorn (moves to Aquarius overnight at 12:40 am ET/4:40 am UT)

Sun: 07 Libra – “a woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks”

  • True Alignments:  caring for loved ones, seeing consequences of actions, protection, nourishing the physical body, divination, guiding vision
  • Catalysts for Change:  overprotective, difficulty coping, careless, neglecting the physical body

Earth: 07 Aries – “a man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once”

  • True Alignments:  shifting focus, combining the spiritual and the physical, versatile, valuing all of the components, being whole, creativity, being in the world but not necessarily of the world, shamanism
  • Catalysts for Change:  being “all over the place,” trying to do too much, efforts to divide and conquer, attempts at splitting, duality

In addition to the brilliant energetics of the Sun and Earth today, we have the lovely energy of Venus and Neptune in astrological aspect.  Venus and Neptune bring the heights of creativity, spiritual communion, and beauty.  Venus and Neptune blanket the world in a magical mist of love.
Venus and Neptune make opposition today (come 180 degrees apart).  When two planets make opposition it is like a Full Moon phase.  The highest or fullest expression of the energetics are experienced.  But before we look at the Sabian symbols for their locations at opposition, we should first look back to when they made the conjunction (came together in the sky).  The conjunction is equivalent to a New Moon phase, when things begin.  By looking at where the pair “started” we see the nature of their journey.  The opposition tells us where the journey was headed toward.

Venus and Neptune made conjunction on January 12, 2017.
  Can you remember what was going on for you at that time?  Since Venus stationed retrograde and then direct earlier this year, Venus and Neptune have had an unusually long journey together this time.  “Journey” is an appropriate word to use because Venus and Neptune made the conjunction at 11 Pisces, “men travelling a narrow path seeking illumination.”  We have been on a path; some have been blinded by the light (archons gone wild).

Now, Venus and Neptune make opposition while Venus is located at 13 Virgo, “a powerful statesman overcomes a state of physical hysteria,” and Neptune is located at 13 Pisces, “a sword used in many battles in a museum.”  We have been on a journey to find solutions for peace – peace in the world and inner peace for ourselves.

What do you think about this?  How have Venus and Neptune manifested this in your life since January?
How does the word “narrow” fit in for you (“men travelling a narrow path…”)?  Is it that the One True Way (truth and love) prevails?  Has it been a narrow margin?  Did you narrowly avoid something?  Is something happening in the nick of time?  We could easily say it has been an arduous time — the road less travelled.

We, as the “powerful statesmen” of ourselves – WE THE PEOPLE – are overcoming the hysteria of the archontic systems and infections.  We are putting down our battles with each other.  We want peace and we want it NOW.  The peace that we seek is the return to our NATIVE BEINGNESS – a state without the archontic parasitic infection of inner chaos and angst.  We want all of that to be HISTORY.

The wonderful thing about how Venus and Neptune work together is their sheer power to create beauty.  We crave beauty in all its forms when these two planets activate.  Love flourishes.  Creativity flows.  Spirit touches.  We embrace.
It is my honor to be on the journey with you, wise owls.  I wish you a beautiful day of Venus and Neptune and will see you back on Monday.  (Venus and Neptune are my ruling planetary pair, and I think I will extend the journey with them through the weekend to see what develops.)  Much love to you!

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