Falling Forever

Beautiful! Be not afraid to fly, my dear! You’ll know when the time is right…then you will take wing, and soar!

Touch of Fae

What does falling with no bottom really feel like?

Scary? Uncontrollable? Unstable?

I imagine falling forever…what would that feel like? If I could let go it might be freeing, stripping away everything that’s held me back and what if I slowed the fall to simply floating. Finding wonder in the air around me feeling it caress me holding me filling me up with life. Causing my heart to beat, pumping blood thru my veins lifting me up carrying me wherever I choose to be….

While I’m falling I come into contact with other beings also falling, floating and the contact brings experiences I never could have imagined. Then the falling, floating continues and trying to hold on hurts me causing me to forget to breathe to forget about the feeling of life. I get lost in searching for that feeling that seems to be missing now that I’ve felt it…

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