THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, September 27, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

First Quarter Moon Phase:
take action, make progress

Moon in Sagittarius (moves to Capricorn at 12:25 pm ET/4:25 pm UT)

Sun: 05 Libra – “a man teaching the true knowledge of the new world to his students”

  • True Alignments:  revelation of information, direct application of information to solve/resolve, alignment of the inner self and outer action, the basis of liberty
  • Catalysts for Change:  disinformation/making things up, attempting to control thoughts/feelings, astray

Earth: 05 Aries – “a triangle with wings”

  • True Alignments:  higher perspective, changes and movements in new directions, launching a project or idea, harmony, out of the ordinary
  • Catalysts for Change:  abandoning one’s values, getting carried away, the basics or basic reasons

Today we learn things to help us see beyond and transcend circumstances and conditions.  It’s a day to become wiser.

The strong energetics of Jupiter making exact opposition with Uranus are in effect all day, building toward exact opposition at 11:31 pm ET/3:31 am UT tonight.  The Electric Universe is highly charged with the interaction of these two massive planetary bodies.  This may be reflected geophysically today.

Jupiter (big) + Uranus (change) = big changes.

Our challenge with this is to not become disappointed and gloomy with what is happening.  This is a quite a challenge today, as Jupiter is discharging “a man in deep gloom, angels come to his help,” and Uranus is discharging “a large, disappointed audience.”


I suggest big changes are underway by higher powers to help the plight of humanity.

I suggest that “true knowledge of the new world,” the energetic that the Sun is discharging today, is being delivered to us.

In order to gain this knowledge, we must see through the gloom and disappointment.  This is a tall order, since the falling archontic systems are creating and pushing as much gloom and disappointment as possible.

We see evidence of the gloom and disappointment, but true knowledge and help from higher forces is also there — if we look.  We are conditioned to only see the negative side and then focus so much on it that it becomes distorted.  Balance is achieved (and sanity maintained) when we look also at the potential positive side.

No doubt it may take quite a bit of effort to see past the negative and toward the positive.  But we can do it.

The key is to turn over to a higher power that which becomes “too much.”  This requires faith and trust.  We need only look to the Sabian symbols for corroboration.  The man is in deep gloom and disappointment, but Divine Assistance is right next to him.

If we take the stance of “student” today, we will learn something valuable, something that helps us.

Let’s watch and learn with the understanding that we are not alone or abandoned.  Remember that a transformation is underway, no matter what the scene appears to be right now.

(P.S. – When Uranus is activated, surprises, shocks, accidents, and sudden events occur.  Because Jupiter expands anything that it “contacts,” the tendency is for these things to be bigger.  Take special care when driving and when using fire/flames.  If a big change or surprise happens for you, know that there is always a silver lining with Uranus — always.  It is usually not visible at the time of the surprise or change.  This may be little comfort now, but perhaps it is something to hold on to.)

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