THE ORACLE REPOR: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"smoky sky sunrise from el prado, new mexico" taken by wise owl deborAH

“smoky sky sunrise from el prado, new mexico” taken
by wise owl deborAH

THE ORACLE REPOR: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Balsamic Moon Phase:
release, transform

Moon in Virgo

Sun (after 2:26 pm ET/6:26 pm UT): 28 Virgo – “a bald-headed man who has seized power”

  • True Alignments:  the power of timing, decision making, grounded, unobstructed spiritual messages, willpower
  • Catalysts for Change:  hyper-dominant, absolute power corrupts, things getting out of control quickly, tempers

Earth (after 2:26 pm ET/6:26 pm UT):  28 Pisces – “a fertile garden under the Full Moon”

  • True Alignments:  clarity, fulfillment, harmony, ideas, revelations, all laid out in front of us, creativity, multiplicity
  • Catalysts for Change:  fears about money, self sabotage, unclear, giving up on projects, unable to see truth

The Sun continues to discharge 27 Virgo, “aristocratic elderly ladies drinking afternoon tea in a wealthy home” until 2:26 pm ET/6:26 pm UT, when it will move to the degree of the New Moon/new solar-lunar month – 28 Virgo, “a bald-headed man who has seized power.”  Exact time of the New Moon is overnight at 1:30 am ET/5:30 am UT.

Enter the aeon Thelete.

The power of will and freewill will be in full force this month.  Much will be answered by the Full Moon.

For all of the talk of women (and “a woman giving birth” with the Rev 12 prophecy) and Virgo as the feminine, this month is actually all about the Divine Masculine.  The force of the masculine unites with the power of Virgo’s Divine Feminine to allow Divine Will to be done.

To prepare for a new month, we do the “Balsamic thing” of releasing what we do not want to carry forward.  The primary focus of this includes attitudes, feelings, perceived failures, challenges, difficulties, and circumstances that are unsatisfying, worn out, or no longer serve.

What do you wish to release before the New Moon enters?

What do you wish to continue cultivating, so that it may become fertile or bloom?

What does “thy will be done” mean for you right now?

Consideration of these questions puts us in Divine Order and sees us well-prepared for this month’s journey.  With “seizures of power” in effect along with the year’s theme of being blown away by things (“a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind”), the month is likely to be eventful.

Because this month is like a month-long Gibbous Moon phase, we are advised to “ground” ourselves in the present moment and to TRUST.  Trust is the keyword for Gibbous phases.  (The other keyword is “magic” because it is the time when magical, miraculous things happen.  Miracles ARE happening, at a much faster clip than before.  This is because we are two and one half years into fifth-dimensional consciousness.)

It is easy to trust when there is little risk or uncertainty.  Living in the Time of Shift, little is certain, and all seems rather risky.  This is truly a matter of perception.  We actually have everything on our side.  Truth and love are prevailing, little by little, one step at a time.  The devolution of the archontic control matrices is a reality.  If it were not, we would not have strife.  The strife is proof of the renaissance.

I have said it many times, but if we lived by the cycles of the Sun and Earth, we would take a step back, power down a bit, and reconnect with our spiritual selves during Balsamic Moon phases.  The more we can do this during Balsamic Moon phase, the better off we are for the next month.  THE POWER of Balsamic to usher out the old and usher in the new is INFINITE.  There are no limits.  Thus, today is as important as tomorrow’s New Moon, but in opposite ways.  Balsamic phase releases; New phase begins.  This is THE WAY.

Tonight at 9:16 pm ET/1:16 am UT, Venus will enter Virgo.  I love Venus in Virgo.  It is late this year, since Venus stationed retrograde and direct earlier.  Venus in Virgo has a lovely lightening (as in lighten up) effect that has been missing.  Many astrologers characterize Venus in Virgo as picky and as a time when we exaggerate our perceived flaws (often our perceived physical flaws).  Ultimately, Venus in Virgo symbolizes the harvest.  Since the Earth discharging “a fertile garden under the Full Moon” for the New Moon, this month brings abundance in its various forms.

Tonight at 11:39 pm ET/3:39 am UT, Mercury will make exact opposition with Neptune.  The highest octave of this clears our thinking and shows us where we have deluded ourselves.  The lower octave sinks into confusion and despair, denying reality.  It may feel like a battle in the mind between positive and negative thoughts.  It is always best to jump to the best of Neptune when difficulties arise, specifically by attuning to the spiritual and creative frequencies it offers.  Since this astrological aspect is in effect at the time of the New Moon, its influence will be significant throughout the month.  Remember that Mercury delivers messages, so open up to them (especially with animal sightings – we will want to keep Animal Speak handy today and all month long).

Note that Mercury is discharging “a powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria” while Neptune is discharging “a sword used in many battles in a museum.”  The cabal is at a disadvantage with these.  The “order” that they are attempting to create from their chaos will not have the desired outcome.  Divine Will is hijacking those plans, sending the outcomes toward humanity’s advantage.  This does not mean that the “hysteria” is avoided or neutralized; it means the “hysteria” has silver linings that will unfold through time.

Mars is in tight conjunction with Mercury, adding the energetic of “two heads looking out and beyond the shadows.”  We advance and go beyond the shadow this month.  How divine.

The main thing today is to trust and release.  Turn troubles over to a higher power, and make space for a new and powerful month.  Spend some time in nature, give thanks, and you will be in the perfect position for the mightiness that is to come.

And, if you are around tonight at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT, tune in to Phoenix Rising Radio on Truth Frequency Radio, when I will be Phoenix’s guest.  We will discuss September 23, Trump’s chart, and a look ahead, among other thingsListen live at:

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  1. Astrologer Laura Walker of the Oracle Report
    will be discussing September 23rd tonight, or you can listen to the archives.
    From today’s Oracle Report:
    “And, if you are around tonight at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT, tune in to Phoenix Rising Radio on Truth Frequency Radio, when I will be Phoenix’s guest. We will discuss September 23, Trump’s chart, and a look ahead, among other things.
    Listen live at:

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