THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, August 28, 2017




30 Leo: “an unsealed letter” (revelations)


08 Aries: “a woman’s hat with streamers blown by the east wind” (attune, align with new ways, hold on to your hat, stabilize)

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom)

Bhairavi, Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will)

Kathe, God of the South

THE ORACLE REPORT: Monday, August 28, 2017

Crescent Moon Phase: PERSEVERE


Moon in Scorpio – moves to Sagittarius 3:48 pm/7:48 pm UT


Sun: 06 Virgo – “a merry-go-round”


True Alignments:  action, change yourself- change the world, learning, seeing patterns

Catalysts for Change: lack of progress, negative mind loops (counter or reverse the thoughts), continuing a destructive pattern

Earth:  06 Pisces – ” a parade of army officers in full dress”


True Alignments: humility, dutiful, honorable, recognition for service, discipline

Catalysts for Change:  fooling with a show or display/showing off, propaganda, feeling superior to others

Today we come together, as “a parliament of wise owls in full dress,” to follow the path above the chaos.

On this last day of the Crescent Moon phase (the days of the solar-lunar cycle that challenge us the most to not give up on things), we align with a higher perspective of what is happening as the energetics of the New Moon/Total Solar eclipse continue to unfold (fan out).

The wisdom of the Sun and Earth today show us THE WAY, A DIRECTION, or THE SHAPE OF THINGS.

Shapes are strongly in effect.  The position of the Sun gives us a CIRCLE (“a merry-go-round”).  The position of the Earth gives us a LINE (“a parade of army officers…”).

Are you going to go in a circle or a line?  The question means something different to everyone.  Either answer is correct.  One means choosing a do-over or to remain involved, and the other means taking advantage of an opening or opportunity or disengaging from a negative (mind) loop.  There are many other meanings, as well.

How do you want to shape today?

That is the END OF REPORT.  The following is commentary for wise owls who want to go a little deeper.

As expected, we are witnessing and experiencing the archontic tantrum-response to the stellar harmonics of the Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon one week ago.  The Sun bathed the highest octaves of love and renewal (recall that the eclipse occurred at the degree of “a mermaid emerges from the ocean ready for rebirth in human form”).  Source is telling the archons that they are loved and to return home, but the archons do not want to hear it (their ego-centric hive mind perceives it as oblivion, for now).  Look at how archons are going wild, individually and collectively.  Pretty much everyone has a dramatic story of their own or someone they know since the eclipse.

All of this is happening very fast.  Remember that solar eclipses make things start happening at a rapid clip.

The eclipse’s energetic was epic, and the archons countered on Friday, as the Crescent phase Moon phase (challenge to keep going) began.  Saturn (home of archontic energies) stationed direct conjunct the Black Moon (shadow, rebirth), aspecting the Eris Point (false flags, rebirth, revolt) along with the Moon and Pluto. (see Friday’s post for more details).

Harvey is the false flag that was predicted.  It is a false flag against Mother Nature.  Make no mistake.  This storm is anything but natural.
We are beyond the debate of the science and reality of geo-engineering and the ability to control weather.  Storms can be extinguished just as easily as they can be created or amplified.  This technology has been used since at least the Vietnam War era.  Monstrous hurricanes like Katrina and Harvey are summoned when they are needed for various purposes.  Most all of the hurricanes of recent years have been “busted” before they did much damage.  They weren’t needed.  In fact, the lack of storms helped maintain the status quo.

The archons expended a lot of stored (and specific) resources (seeded by ancient cultures of present day Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula) to make Harvey.  This process began back at the Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7.

The key thing to see here is that stored resources had to be expended.  Those resources are finite, like fuel.  The archons will never be able to produce this kind of thing ever again.  They had an unprecedented energetic with which to work (the natural electromagnetics of the Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon that remain in effect all month combined with the Saturn-Black Moon conjunction).

The archons were so pummeled by the Sun at the eclipse that they had to expend precious and ancient resources to “stay alive.”

They are “attacking” the psyche of humanity, and hoping to suck from America as much pain and suffering (as much trauma response) as 9/11 and Katrina as possible.

Our response to the tragedy should not come from the place of victimhood.  If we accept the narrative, we are victims (and angry at Mother Nature).  If we question the data, we see through the veil.  The only way to honor this tragedy is to be brave enough to seek the truth about it.

Hearts and prayers continue to go out to my beloved Texas and to the fellowship of humanity.

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