The Quantum Awakening ~ by Gillian Macbeth Lothan

The Quantum Awakening

by Gillian Macbeth Lothan

(with Newsletter excerpts)


We enter the realm of the lion and the lioness “she who protects at all costs.” The stars line up to show us the way home as we look up and away for a portal of escape leaving the harshness of the world behind. The fearlessness of the next step of our journey is nonnegotiable and not refundable. It addresses all that sits at the foot of our heart and still casts a shadow of doubt. The essence of rigel and regal comes forth to escort the bride of light from the star Sirius allowing her to shine upon the threshold of a new Light that asks you to deal and reshuffle all that you once thought to be truth.

Sirius is the home of the Christ consciousnesss and what we perceive on earth as holy and holier. Sirius is responsible for both the beginning and fine-tuning of our celestial ungradement and the disconnecting of mankind’s spiritual possibility and memory. Sirius is our parent star a loving parent that decided to help her children grow up a little quicker than they were ready for and then grounded them for being too evolved and involved.

Many many of the original Sirians (one light/ one mind /masters of light) have incarnated on earth awaiting a call from the home star that says ‘it is time’. Time to do what we ask? Time to lift there own light so high that it touches the heart of the sun with a great issuance of releasement of earthly karmic debris and forgetfulness, that which has kept the inhabitants of earth dumb and dumber for eons of time.

A cosmic flush has begun and the eclipses of august  are the caretakers of that sewage plant. Many have tried so hard to recycle the trash and use it wisely in a collective constructive manner but that barge sailed many moons ago. As we each flush and release all the portals of anger, injustice, and false accusations that have karmically collected as a shield around us we all will begin to feel as bare-naked ladies, trying to look beautiful exposed in their truths. Our skin is as sensitive as our heart and we strike without warning like a grouchy rattler on a summer’s day. We don’t care who we hurt or even why we struck with such venom.

All portals of pain and suffering one enters now on a emotional or even physical level have their origin in the past, not the Now. Even though those that push buttons may be right next to you the original sin so to speak could have been light years ago in a different form in a different place. Not all karmic injustices were spawned on earth. Striking others, as a nuclear missile without consciousness is self destructive as all emanations via thought and actions are amplified to the point of no return, once the strike has been initiated there is no reprieve.

From your Hostess of Light


As we wine and dine and fool ourselves into believing everything we read is truth, we come to an intersection of time that demands our undivided attention. Warning flags and ciphers are every where. the blind followers continue to feel their way thru the dark forest of upcoming events.  The bread crumbs are strewn about by nature forces that come to confuse the senses. Like a grand magicians final act the universe says look at me, as I cloud your senses. Look at me as I mesmerize your children, look at me as I shroud what is already invisible.


Whenever the sky gives a show of breathtaking power, a seasonal and soul change is about to take place. All livingness from deep space and beyond comes to seed the earth for the next level of planetary acceleration. Every layer of earth light will reach up and out, like a sunflower in need of more vitamin D, as the Solar imprint of 2017 is watermarked into the energy field of every living thing on earth.


Everything we are or ever will be, came from the stars and beyond. We once surfed upon stellar plankton gliding effortlessly onto the shores of earth. Our very oxygen is composed of stardust and we dance with the galaxy as we exchange breaths. We are the hopes and dreams of many a star that has exploded and faded into a brown dwarf. Every living thing in the universe has been blended to become one, for that is the wish of the Creator that all of his creations would live side by side with no conflict.


This eclipse ‘solar imprint’ comes to give us a new hope, fused into our heart will be a living mantra ‘to never give up on what lives in your heart!” this has nothing to do with the human eyes and exposure, it has to do with the third eye and overexposure. Like a photo that is reversed, what was unseen can now be seen. The writings of time are on the lenses of the soul and this powerful doorway comes to remind us of that.   The eyes may see only sinewy shadows but the light that comes to make those shadows is majestic of nature with a new appearance for all of Earth to see.


The very breathe of the Gods themselves waifs on this ecliptic stream of light and dark, showing opposites are powerful allies and opponents. They walk hand and hand like a bride and groom intent on keeping a vow made eons ago. On this ‘solar imprint’ and ‘breathe of the gods’ embrace the fullness of all that is good about you, all that is good about humanity and all that is good about the unseen future. Become a solar beacon for hope and love and goodness; shine your light like never before. Breathe deep of the solar particles in the air and its healing light as it enters your angel wing lungs. Breathe like a babe that is just born, and feels the earthly oxygen in its body for the first time. The path of totality lies not in the stretch marks of the sun’s dance but within the framework of each and every human on earth. This is divine intervention on a grand scale. We are setting our table for a powerful being of light that will enter on this solar eclipse.



Slow down and listen to the past

Mercury turns retrograde on 12 August 2017 Mercury turns direct on 6 September 2017



As the vibrations of Mercury wraps itself around us we journey to the land of nots. In this land of many knots (nots) you are asked to look at what still binds you in body, heart, and soul.  Mercury retrograde asks you to look at what you do not want to address, what you do not want to clear up, what you do not want to heal. The winged messenger Mercury has a small limp at this time, as he sits upon a stone beckoning the sacred waters from the healing well to run across his stress lines. He sits there pondering what he should be doing, what he could be doing, what he was supposed to do. The strain upon his winged feet demands he slow in energy, in walk in thought.


Mercury retrograde is a magical time of slowing down, or being made to stop, to smell the flowers of your life. It asks you to pay special attention to detail to pay special attention to what is small and minute. Become as mouse and look closely at what needs to be addressed. Mercury retro asks you to address everything that you are afraid of remembering, of becoming, of doing. Mercury is at rest at this point of energy and history. In this resting it says do not move forward but stop pause and organize your earthly life – tend to the details, tend to the fine print.


Call those that you haven’t talked to in months or years or decades. Call those who have passed over and talk to them soul to soul, heart to heart. Look backwards in time but don’t lick your wounds. Get ready to plant new seeds in the old soils of your soul. Time beckons you to her side as she walks through the past, picture by picture, memory by memory, thought by thought. The spirit of Time takes you past the fine lines of scrutiny. No bah hum bugs about who you were, what you were or what you did. Every thread of you is woven into the beautiful tapestry you are now and even if you do not see the beauty reflected in your own eyes, it truly comes as a mirror from Source. Let those around you reflect that beauty with their kindness.


You are a child of God. You are a child of the Universe. Honor yourself as such. Honor yourself those around you in all of their choices. People are enmeshed and immersed in the quick sand of their thoughts. They are not listening and do not hear your woes as theirs internal sound is in Dolby digital surround sound. Allow this mercury retrograde to youth you, to take you back to when you were a child of wonder, a child of grace. Recapture your youth through your memories and then shift and sift those memories into fairy dust. Youth is first a state of mind, then a state of heart and then a state of body. Allow your body time to catch up with your youthful thoughts. See the kid in everyone around you and play like your life depends upon it – because it does. Youthing gives you life, laughter gives you more life and loving gives you all life.



Since ancient times Sirius has been known and revered. In ancient Atlantis the mysteries were based on information received from the Sirius Masters. After the third fall of Atlantis, the Sirian mysteries spread into ancient Egypt. As early as 3000 BC the Egyptians started celebrating the helical rising of the star Sirius declaring this the New Year as the Nile flooded its banks in the time of the great lion, in the month of Leo.


Sirius is the home of Christ Consciousness not only for our planet and solar system but also for this entire One Galaxy. It is said that all great Avatars have originated from Sirius, the brightest star in our heavens. Sirius has always been a spiritual prototype for earth and played an important part in earth’s early evolution. Spiritual energy emanates forth from the star Sirius into the heart chakra of our Sun and then makes its way to earth through the sun’s blessing rays.


As the rays from Sirius arc onto earth via the sun pre-dawn the Christ seeds within each of us will be sent into a new quantum pattern. These Christ seeds are DNA encodings that have awaited this particular stellar emanation and configuration in order to open sealed records revealing truths that have been silent. It is in the quiet times in-between words and thoughts that you will find the key that unlocks what has been unseen until now.


In ancient times the ‘Records of Remembrance’ were hidden deep within the earth physically, under, above and around sacred sites. The Mother Matrix of these encodings lives within the Great Pyramid of Egypt with the Sphinx as the Stellar Sentinel. When the ancient skies were aligned in a specific stellar configuration an energetic doorway was opened to the sacred sites. Allowing entrance through these sacred geometric encodings. We all carry within us cellular awareness of every sacred site ever issued to earth from the beginning of time on earth through out time in our immediate solar system. It is just a matter of fine tuning our intention to receive these energies.


The only way earth can move forward is through the heart. Every light-tool, meditation and OM is a fruitless tree unless one moves into direct contact with the heart. Activating a doorway of love so vast one is automatically included without any effort. We are destined to become more than we know. This new mirror reflection will give to us what we have been seeking for eons. August 8, is a Natural doorway. Nothing forced, nothing prodded, nothing manmade Just a natural remembering initiating our dormant light codes. Lifting us up to a place where we can see the parade of light that is yet to come. TIME known and unknown conjuncts itself, as the timing chain of the universe pauses to calibrate itself. All that was hidden is seen, all that was seen is clear.



The sands of time slide through

the entrances & exits of all that is Sacred

We as a planet are at a point of no return. There is no going back to what was, it has pasted in time and sequence of events. As one that passes through the pastures of their life; not looking back, yearning only for what the future shall bring in the hidden exchange of destiny. We sit at this place of least resistance as the time doors open to experience themselves in a new longitude and latitude. What was once sought tirelessly is now freed into expression of self and purpose.  Truths that were once hidden now unwrap themselves in the schematics of new time dialogue.  Energies that went unharnessed from past experiences now are entrained and useful.  Duality of purpose seeks a partner as each person of Earth dances around and around within their head, their heart and the choices of their life.

Time passages announce opportunities that have been dormant. As the great planet Jupiter writes itself into the diary of time, abundant tidings that were put on hold now move forward in a ballet of celestial proportion.  The expansiveness of Jupiter cannot be bridled or harnessed but ridden in a free form expression, as you hold on tight to all you once dreamt was possible.  Following upon the petticoats of that has which dragged you down until now, you are asked to embrace the solitude of your thoughts and allow them to be birthed into a phoenix probability.  All the fires and the transformations and transmutations one has endured has burnt away the drowse of the limitations of being human and living upon Earth. Dancing in the arms of one’s own dreams allows one to unfold into perfect proportion.

As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred of land and thought, seen and unseen, humanity’s future is unveiled as it is viewed thru a spectrum of possibility that has not existed up until this time. As each person walks forward in their life, there is a set of footprints, an energetic path that they announce and leave in the world. The energies of the angels on high come to lift you into a place that you will not fall, falter, or stump yourself on the path of humanity’s ignorance.  The angels of high allow you to come to a point that is no longer restless in flight allowing you to be safe in your landing.

Time asks you not to give up on what lives in your heart and your dreams. The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot wither, nor falter, nor be sown under.  The Universe has placed in you a latent imprint an active encoding that asks to be seen under the microscopic of Light.

Earth herself wades through a deep level of fear. Humans fear death, the war, the debt, and loss of control.  Earth herself and all her inhabitants are at a point of no return that demands that every thought be clear and concise in its output.  No more random ravings and musings by government, or by people that wallow in fear.  No more allowances for the mistakes by those in power as they look for ways to polish their own metals that are so tarnished by their choices.

Every individual upon Earth has the opportunity to ask for divine assistance, for divine acknowledgment, for divine intervention. Many allow themselves to be washed about in a tidal pool as the waves come and go pushing about them as they try to cling to the sides of their life.  Each thought that humanity has is more powerful and important than the thought before.  In each thought the wisdom has increased exponentially from the limited perception of moments before.  Every interaction with every person gives to you food for thought to be digested in your own discretion.

When you hear news of sadness about those around you, do not immediately jump into that cesspool of thought and assist them in the drowning experience but move your heart and your energies up to a safe place and viewing platform where one can see the totality of the choices and the chances as they are currently displayed.

Those that wear the higher patterns of light, out of earth time, as we know it, will be asked to go beyond what they deem safe and suitable for their experiences. What this means is that you will be given instructions that will ask you to fly, move mountains, and dance through time and space.  You will be given instructions from the Universe within the patter of your heart beat that asks you to surpass anything you thought you could possibly accomplish.

You will be asked to become the legions of light that only know themselves are such, the legions of God that have no fear and the legions of heart that hold humanity within the very palms of their hands. So many of Earth have chosen not to change, not to move forward, not to believe and not to trust even their own council.  So many of Earth have given up, have not seen their absentee landlord, God, in many moons, have not felt the presence of the angels,  have not seen the manifestations of miracles and yet all of that has become so alive and so animated that it actually has taken form and walked amongst those of Earth in physical form.

The energy of miracles has taken the form of raindrops deeply needed on one street and not another. The belief system in an entire town may allow their water to be healing, their flowers to be more potent, beautiful, and full of scent but across the highway to the next town the land is parched and dying of thirst. The biological warranty has expired and shifted in the land of the unseen.  Once the fairies were but a glimmer on a petal now they ride the dragonflies fully seen and fully felt.  The belief system of Earth has faltered because they do not see with the eyes of faith – most have given up being rescued, most have given up on the angels and many have even given up on God.

As a planet you have been asked to believe in what is invisible, what cannot be seen, what cannot be touched nor smelled or tasted. You are asked to believe in a supernatural being that placed you here for your highest good and growth and then walked away to focus on another DIY project.  You have been asked to believe that every loss, every death, was wrapped in a divine cloth, with a chewy center that you often choked upon and stuck to the roof of your heart.

We come to tell you that the very ‘matter of fact’ that you seek, walks amongst you.  It listens when you speak. It soothes the wrinkles in your heart.  As the planets line up and the eclipses of the heart begin to stake themselves out, a deep surge of emotions, will rise to the surface – angers and loves and sadness’s all come hand in hand.  As these eclipses birth themselves through the dark womb of the moon, a great veil will be lifted.  Earth has one focus and all will pray as one light.  Often times these personal and planetary disturbances are necessary to anchor another slice of light. Through all of this unfiltered deluge be true to yourselves; be true to what you perceive as the most high aspect of God, truth and Light.  Do not falter but continue walking forward for there is an end and beginning to all tempests.  We are the Sirian Council of Light.  You who are the chosen ones must now choose for yourselves.  We leave.



There are profound and intense energies happening at this time. Do not ask for any upgradment for your biological unit or your emotional unit. The energies that come forth moving at Millions of miles a second, come forth from deep space from a  supernova that turned into a white hole. The white hole pours itself forward into the center of our Earths heart   These energies have no consciousness they only have a mission to move throughout the cosmos and deposit their truth into living beings. Because man is of hybrid and stardust anything that comes forth from deep space brings a message a deep remembrance and an activation.


These energies that come forth pouring into the human heart do so at the request of the universe. For even though his presence is not seen as much as in days of old the rhetoric we still hold with divinity always reaches its source. As Earth moves into more tidal waves of light penetrating the cell membrane working forward like a worm in an apple towards the DNA bringing forth Revival in a biological tent. We come to a conjunction within ourselves. The penetration of these energies are deep they are living photons of light they are living Stardust. They come forth as cosmic rays with no barricades of any kind dispersing their molecular intent into all areas of our human life from moods to weather to health. Their entrance Point has always been at the heart their peak season is now. They are demanding and make you look at what you do not want to see.


At this point of energy the universe is pointing its Cosmic finger at our earthly destiny and asking us to receive a truth that’s deeper than the ocean. Contracts will be fulfilled businesses will be changed families will be parted and joined simultaneously. Like one that enters a transporter the molecules and the atoms are discombobulated to be transported to another location. Since we are dimensionally strung about any way this actually could be a call a gathering of the highest qualities of our organic light to merge.


When we come to earth we wear the earthen skin of humanness, it is a role we have chosen to play. Most arrive on earth with selective amnesia, some come with full remembrance; either way the light in human form has ‘freewill seasoned with fate’. It has a mission and a contract to fulfill. When the light in human form leaves this planet it gives back the body to the earth. Echoes of Light and goodness live on in the earthly matter filling the heart and light-body of Mother Earth.





2 thoughts on “The Quantum Awakening ~ by Gillian Macbeth Lothan

    • Yes it’s several piece, one from the main page on Quantum Awakening, and several from the newsletter. I love Gillian’s lush, descriptive words that splay across the page to color our imagination, like thick, rich, moist paint on a multidimensional canvas.

      I usually read a little bit at a time, digest it, and go back and read again After I read the whole thing I’ll read it again on a different day, and assimilate more of the message.

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