Weekly Forecast for August 7-13 2017 ~ contributed by Hillory Skott

Weekly Forecast for August 7-13 2017
~ contributed by Hillory Skott

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The magical Eclipse portal opens on Monday August 7th
at 11:11am PST as the full moon in future-loving Aquarius
opposes the bright and joyful Leo Sun. Resistance is futile.
This is hot hot energy cooly burning off the unnecessary.
It is realignment time, an upgrade to a more resonant life is
occurring for all of us.

Mercury will go retrograde this week too. Double double check
all the details. The full moon in Aquarius asks you what your
Heart needs to be who you really are in the world in a way that
benefits all. You are a unique and beautiful snowflake, or water
droplet or whatever, are you letting the world know this about you?

Eclipse energy is potent and change making. On Monday the 7th
a partial Lunar Eclipse will occur with the full moon in Aquarius and
in two weeks we will have a total Solar Eclipse with the new moon
in Leo being called the great American Eclipse as it will be seen
as it crosses the center of the USA from west to east.

The August 7th Eclipse is Lunar, emotional, it is instinctual. At the
full moon we are ready to release something. With the Lunar Eclipse
this effect is felt even more strongly.

The two weeks between the Eclipse is like a doorway granting
access to a higher stream of energy. Bright beams of beauty beckon
from beyond where you are now. It can be disorienting to travel from
one reality to another. Often things will remain unclear until you are
through to the other side of the changes taking place, so stay centered
while you swirl around in the unknown.

Mars in Leo is opposing this Eclipse amping up our need to be creative,
joyful, treasured, witnessed and even applauded. The trine to Jupiter
is giving us the luck and expansive thoughts we need to anchor in the
most positive timelines. We are evolving. Tap into the Higher Flow of it
and let go.

With Mercury at a stand still and ready to back track starting on the
13th our minds are taxed. It is not a time to start, but rather a time to
review, rework, revise your plans. Virgo is particular. Perhaps an
inward look at the routines and habits that build the bones of your
life is on order.

Mercury in Virgo is earthy and concerned with real world results
and constant progress towards the ultimate perfection. Without
this urging we might all just be lazy asses with no urge to grow
and become. Dull. Unpolished.

Mercury is at home in Virgo – let this energy point to something
you need to fine-tune, something you might have missed. Also,
people from the past can show up now. Often with some kind of
unfinished business. Meaningful encounters are highly likely as
the Eclipse gateway on the south node connects us to the past.
Perhaps even past lives. Look for charged emotional reactions,
odd co incidence, chance encounters, and opportunity for positive

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7 can help end/begin situations, it’s
designed to keep you in the flow of your own highest good. Be
willing to let go and let god so to speak. Whatever may be
shadowing the true expression of your deepest self will have
to go now. Don’t hang on.

We are still feeling the Capricorn Pluto and Jupiter in Libra square.
Our ambitions are big, as they should be, said the Capricorn.
Jupiter in Libra is concerned about ideas of peace and cooperation
and Capricorn is busy moving ever upward in an unsentimental way.
Big things are stirring.

One great gift of this Full moon Aquarius energy is that we can tap
into detachment. Aquarius energy is tapped in the collective. This
energy rides the edge of the world, pointing the way past the past.
It’s rebellious, electric, citizen of the Universe energy. We may be
able to express ourselves in ways that liberate us from previous
versions of ourselves. Look to Join forces with like minded companions.
Not in an ooey-gooey emotional way but in a, “we can have things
together”, kind of way.

Perhaps to fully be ourselves we need others and others need us.
It’s no longer appropriate to hide your light. Call in the ability to shine
as your true and total self. Now is the time.  Now is always the time.
The present is the point of power.

Click here to listen to this weeks Podcast.

~ contributed by Hillory Skott


Have a wonderful week and Create Amazement!


Karen & Salma


Unbounded Potential Empowerment Group Inc.
| 49 Canyon Blvd West | Lethbridge, AB, CA | T1K 6X6


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