THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, August 5, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Saturday, August 5, 2017

Gibbous Moon Phase:  trust

Moon in Capricorn

Sun: 14 Leo: “cherub-like, a human soul whispers, seeking to manifest”

Higher Expression:  connection and information from higher self, the heart’s desires wishing to be known, taking action to manifest an outcome, life-changing insights, new ideas and new pursuits, having something to say

Lower Expression:  having something to say and not able to say it, trying to be noticed, feeling an inner void, premature

Earth: 14 Aquarius: “a train entering a tunnel”

Higher Expression:  temporary, persistence, making a way through an obstacle, seeing something through, not giving up

Lower Expression:  feeling trapped or not seeing a solution, giving up, clogs / congestion of emotions, the hard way, self-sabotage, situations that are like a “train wreck”

There is only one question today:  What are Wisdom and Will whispering to you?  Listen carefully.  The answer lies in your heart’s desires and your hopes, wishes, and dreams for the future.  Unleash the restrictions of your mind, and embrace possibilities.

It is important to not give up when the energetic of “a train entering a tunnel” is in effect.  Persevere.

As always today, wise owls, find beauty!  (Snap a shot and send it in!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Capricorn

Sun: 13 Leo: “an old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage”

Higher Expression: objective observation, reflection, the wisdom of experience, braving a storm, the bigger picture, reliance on the strength of the inner self

Lower Expression: inability to coexist, favoring the past over the present or future, untapped wisdom

Earth: 13 Aquarius: “a barometer”

Higher Expression: gauging or measuring (especially emotions), more information needed for decisions, gaining insight, seeing the truth of something, seeing various levels (of interest, commitment, fortitude)

Lower Expression: fear of change, recognizing what is false, erroneous data, exclusion, feelings that one does not measure up

Jupiter moves into exact square with Pluto at 1:50 pm ET/5:50 pm UT.  This means many changes are afoot today.

We are wise not to judge the outcome of any situations that develop until the Moon makes conjunction with Pluto (and square with Jupiter) until after tomorrow at 7:37 am ET/11:37 am UT.  Things will be “in play” until then, and will not reach a true resolution until that time.  So we do not have all of the information we need about the changes until the Moon activates these planets.

For today, we do well to observe, like “an old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage.”  He is in no hurry, and we should not be either.  We will keep rocking, watching, and discerning.

Jupiter and Pluto have been dancing the square dance for many, many months, but today they reach apex of harmonic.  Jupiter is discharging “two men placed under arrest” and Pluto continues to slowly discharge “the Union Jack flies from a new British warship.”  Certainly, this is a revolutionary time.  Certainly, the cabal is degrading under these forces.

Let’s watch closely today from the vantage point of our own “inner cottage.”

Note:  I was saddened to learn of the passing of one of my heroes, the great investigative journalist and author Jim Marrs.  I am a huge fan of his work, quoting heavily from his books in my book Eris.  I was lucky enough to attend one of his lectures and book signing at a bookstore in the basement of an old bank in Austin several years ago.  What a thrill!  You are loved and will be greatly missed, Jim.  We thank you for your dogged determination to bring truth.  No one had the Fourth Reich’s (as he called the cabal) number like Jim Marrs.

Jim’s interviews with Project Camelot are highly recommended, if you haven’t seen them.


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