Thoughts and Quotes #17

I love Charlie’s inspiring insights! ~PB

Reflections of Riverman

Apple Blossom Illusion

Well we have come to the end of another Month here on Earth and a potpourri of Thoughts and Words which urged to be put into print.
I sit now looking into the next phase of who and what I AM,  wondering what will be brought forth from the many dimensions of myself, that are now bubbling up through the density of deep genetic programming.

The old attachments to ownership and control are dissipating as we each recognize our personal impermanence as those energies begin to fade back into their powerlessness.
We are beginning to really express the truth which has been held captive far too long.

Please enjoy these brief glimpses which called to be written and may they connect perhaps some broken lines of free thinking within you.

Beyond In Silence

True embodiment of the Unconditional Love that you are is all that you need to be.
There are no…

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