NorthPoint Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for July 31 to August 6, 2017 by Pam Younghans

by Pam Younghans

Highlighted Aspects this Week
MON: Venus enters Cancer
TUE: Sun square Pallas Athene
WED: Mercury conjunct Vesta, Uranus stations retrograde
FRI: Jupiter square Pluto, Mars square Pallas Athene
SAT: Sun sesquiquadrate Chiron, Sun quincunx Neptune


Photo: July’s “Thunder Moon” rising next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa (photo by Marco Meniero, Astronomy Picture of the Day)

WE MIGHT BE FEELING that our reality is “on tilt” these days, given how quickly situations are changing. That sense of just barely keeping up with events continues into our new week and our new month, as several planetary influences converge.

We are very much into eclipse season now, given that next Monday (August 7) is a Lunar Eclipse. More about that lunation in next week’s journal, of course — but it’s important to realize that the effects of an event such as an eclipse are not confined to one calendar day.

I wrote in my forecast in the current issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine that a lunar eclipse can “reveal issues that must be resolved or absorbed into our consciousness in a new way.” As the Moon waxes over the coming days, we’ll want to pay attention to those issues that are revealed, and consider new ways to approach and interpret them.

THE PLANET URANUS comes to a standstill on Wednesday and begins its retrograde (backward motion) phase. Whenever a planet “stations,” its effects become more noticeable in our experience. A strong Uranus time often coincides with sudden and unexpected changes, increased restlessness and impulsiveness, and a need to push (rebel) against perceived limitations.

While Uranus is retrograde (until January 2, 2018), breakthroughs and breakdowns will occur as needed for our greater benefit. According to astrologer Bil Tierney, “we are now being conditioned to attune ourselves with universal will.” He explains that:

“Uranus retrograde can help put us in touch with needs for personal freedom and self-expression that may have been previously unrealized. We are now given another opportunity to contact that highly unique part of ourselves that seeks more liberating forms of activity or fresh, new approaches for optimal development.

“With Uranus turning its intuitive impulses inwardly during this time, we may be better able to stumble upon new avenues of expression that could result in greater self-illumination. We may reach a level of self-truth that can jolt us from ego inertia or mundane stagnation.”

YET ONE MORE major event occurs this week — the final Jupiter-Pluto square. This aspect occurred first on November 24, 2016, and then again on March 30 of this year. The square on Friday marks a completion, but may also bring forward additional experiences that are needed for the aspect’s higher purpose to be fulfilled.

The issues related to this aspect concern the use of power. Since last November, we have seen the arm of power wielded somewhat indiscriminately. With Pluto in Capricorn blocking the intentions of Jupiter in Libra, issues of fairness and justice are held hostage to the decrees of those who claim to be in control. And since Jupiter always makes something larger than it might normally be, the power struggles underway can be quite hard to ignore.

ON A PERSONAL LEVEL (which always affects the collective), this square challenges us to find new, more productive ways to use our personal power. As we rail against the misuse or abuse of power in the world, we must turn our gaze to our own responses. Are there ways in which we would become just as tyrannical if we were holding the reins of control? What does true fairness look like, and how do we embody those qualities in our daily lives?

It’s easy to become self-righteous with this aspect, and to gain some level (or a lot) of satisfaction when the “other” is defeated. But we have to ask ourselves, does our attitude help evolve the energies on the planet? Are we adding to the power imbalance, but think it’s OK to strong-arm our way through those who oppose us because we are right and “they” are wrong?

Even if our contribution to the imbalance seems meager, falling mostly into the category of passive-aggressive name-calling and less into that of more forceful domination, where does that perspective get us, in the long run? Ultimately, we must ask ourselves: How do we express the positive traits of both Pluto in Capricorn (empowered, empowering, mature leadership dedicated to improvement of the status quo) and Jupiter in Libra (staying in balance, seeing all sides of an issue, consideration of the rights of all concerned) rather than allowing the power struggle, drama, and injustice to derail our higher intentions?

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEK: Your intentions are all-important this year, Leo. You have tremendous opportunities to channel your creative power into positive expressions that add greatly to your enjoyment of life and your ability to lead with generosity of heart and spirit. Along the way, you will most likely need to face some of those personal insecurities that may have undermined your self-confidence in the past. Your secrets to success include truly loving yourself, honoring every effort you make, and trusting the guidance you receive from your higher self and from spirit.

In peace,

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