Leo New Moon: Fearlessness by Jacqueline Lasahn | Astroflash

Leo New Moon: Fearlessness
by Jacqueline Lasahn

“Real fearlessness is the product of our tenderness. It comes from letting the world tickle your raw and beautiful heart.” Chogyam Trungpa
New Moon July 23, 2017
2:45 am PDT
Solar heartbeat,
great ball of fire.
Proclaim a renewal
of passion, strength & vitality.
Leo New Moon is an affirmation of life;
allow confidence and courage,
playfulness and spontaneity to lead the way.
Leo fire seeds and feeds self-esteem,
timidity steps out, arrogance thrives,
we all shine under the sun.
Initiative is empowered,
creativity enlivened.
Fire purifies, transforms
and ignites the courage to change.
Your beautiful heart
pumps lifeblood through your center
to all parts of your precious body.
You are the fire; you are the sun,
the center of your universe.
Bright light, big shadow
portends the eclipse month ahead.

Feeling the heat of this fiery moon and seeking perspective?
Contact me
for an Astrology or Tarot Reading.I am here for you.May your brilliant heartfire
be nourished and inspired!


“Jacqueline is a skilled guide in offering insight into navigating the ‘invisible forces’ at play in your life. She can tell an individual story through a larger archetypal or mythological framework and offer you greater understanding of the ‘choice points’ where you can have deeper connection, direction, and purpose. Believe me – you want time with this gem of a woman.” Erica Harrold

Jacqueline Lasahn
Intuitive Astrologer & Ritualist
Navigation in the Mystery (415) 637-8402


Copyright © 2017 Jacqueline Lasahn All rights reserved
Golden Lion by Cathy McClelland

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