THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, July 19, 2017



THE ORACLE REPORT: Wednesday, July 19, 2017


CNN LOGO DISCLOSURE: Creator of CNN Logo Encoded Sacred Geometry

In her own words, a longtime reader of the Oracle Report (and verified source) reveals the sacred geometrics encoded in the CNN logo, created by her late mentor, advertising legend Guy Bost, and offers her perspective on the controversy.

“Seeing the recent unveiling of the truth of all the shenanigans going on at CNN, I thought of my earlier involvement with the now defamed CNN.

My first job was with an advertising agency that did work for Turner Broadcasting, and thus the birthing of CNN in the early eighties.  The creator of the famous logo for CNN was my boss and was my teacher in school, Guy Bost.  He was the teacher every student loved to have. He would fly back and forth from Atlanta to Auburn University to teach.

Guy was not a favorite of the faculty because he took it upon himself to teach what students needed to know to get a job in advertising and graphic design when they graduated. The curriculum was focused more on the design basis; he took it to the reality of the real world of Advertising.  Think Mad Men.  He had been a ‘Golden Boy’ in New York in the sixties and now he was one of the ‘Big Boys’ of advertising in Atlanta.

Guy had become a partner of an ad agency focused on the “new” cable industry and stopped teaching a quarter before I graduated.  Fortunately, I had him as a teacher.  He was admired by all his students because he told the truth and did not sugar coat it.  There was a silence in the classroom when he spoke because every word was of value and made so much sense.   He gave us tips to get a job, how things were done, who was who, and what the agencies wanted.  I learned a great deal from him.  He was ethical and stuck to his word. Always.

Every student who graduated and went to Atlanta would interview with him.  Very, very few got hired by him. I was fortunate enough to not only get hired by him, but paid more than the average right-out-of-college salary.  I felt so lucky.  He taught me every facet of advertising, focusing on Art Director and helping me hone my skills.  This was long before computers — when everything was done by hand and with a lot of blade work with Exacto knives and magic markers.  He was like a uncle to me.

One day, Guy was presented with developing the logo for this new network that Ted Turner said would be just for news on cable.  I watched Guy work on this for days.  He showed me he was using sacred geometry with it, employing certain numbers to work with the curves of the letter.  He said he had used this system before with much success.

Guy had such a powerful and simple logo when he finished.  I could feel the power coming from it.  He had put so much of his energy into the logo, making it the best, as he did with everything he touched.  He put the intention in the logo that it would be of the best.

I remember when the head of the agency, who was a personal friend of Ted Turner, came back to our offices and told Guy how much Ted Turner loved the logo, and that she had sold it to him for $5,000.

Even at the time, this amount was peanuts compared to what that was worth.  I saw Guy’s neck and then his face turn red. He was so angry at her for selling it for so little.  I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack right then and there!  He stormed out and did not come back for a day.

Now fast forward to today with CNN employees showing what they are really made of with all the ‘sticking one’s foot in one’s mouth’ and subsequently exposing the truth of lying for ratings and profit (as well as the brainwashing).

I thought about how Guy, who passed away years ago, would not have liked the lack of integrity surrounding the logo he had put his heart and soul into.

I recalled how you can call on people from the ‘other side’ and/or angels to help.  They can help you but you have to ask and you have to call on them was what I had been taught and what I had seen work.  So I called on Guy Bost to come in and have a good time with it all. You know- you just never really know.

Next up for reality to play out was CNN hunting down the person who created the GIF that had a CNN logo head.  His logo was top news now.   Then the multitude of GIFs followed that.  Well, as Guy taught, humor sells!  I thought they were so creative and funny.  It was as if Guy was creating on another level.

When people see something that makes them laugh, they remember it.  People have made the point that CNN has struck out,  and it is sticking in everyone’s heads.

So you never know what your intentions can do.  Maybe Guy was involved, maybe not.  But to me, he did something to return integrity and telling the truth to our reality as something that matters, and matters a great deal.”

Editor:  The sacred geometrics Guy Bost encoded in the CNN logo when he created it took care of the lack of integrity with which the logo has become associated.  It solved itself.  We honor Guy Bost and the truth warriors who came before us.



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