Water Blessings and Dragonflies

Thank You, Charlie, for your wonderful weaving of love and magic as you tell of your tales and invocations. ❤

Reflections of Riverman

2017_07_08_1881_ Full Moon July 9th, 2017

Full Moon Water Blessings are now a part of my monthly practice which I have committed to as Riverman. Mostly I work with rivers, yet all water is sacred to me as I have reconnected to it in a spiritual manner and at a deeper level than I could ever have imagined.

During this Full Moon evening there was a group telephone call where I joined in heart resonance with others along the shoreline of the Fox River in Illinois.

The next day I was at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire where I did a Water Blessing ceremony and placed crystals in the water near Diamond Island. As I was on the back of a Jet Ski to place them, the driver told me a story… that where I wanted to place the first crystal the US Navy conducted secret experiments in the early 1950’s…

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