Selacia: Choosing Hope in Dark Times – Using What You Know Intuitively

Choosing Hope in Dark Times – Using What You Know Intuitively

Planetary energies in these moments are pushing us to redefine ourselves and what it means to be powerful agents of change. The old world we were used to is dying and being restructured. The new world we want to live in remains under construction. Progress towards a more enlightened society has been made, and many more positive changes are in the works.

Choosing Hope in Dark Times - Using What You Know Intuitively

To be sure, we continue to live in dark times. The light is there, however. Our challenge and indeed our skillful means of moving forward is to be able to witness both extremes. Seeing them side by side, fearlessly and without agenda, helps us to prevail. Indeed, for the changes we want, we cannot afford to develop amnesia and isolate ourselves in our homes and like-minded communities.

What is Needed Now

Conscious involvement in an elevated way is needed. What do I mean by elevated? I’m referring to active participation that factors in the big picture rather than the mundane. Big picture includes humanity’s cycles of evolution over time as well as our own lifetimes of preparation for being here in these moments.

Mundane approaches include obsessing about the news and who is doing what. Also included in this category are reactionary fear-based responses. Outrage is one of them. It’s okay to feel outrage and acknowledge to ourselves we are outraged about things. It’s counterproductive, though, to get stuck in outrage mode.

Moving Beyond Outrage

What’s needed is a constructive response. As a divine changemaker, you know the difference between simply voicing outrage and taking positive actions to support things you are passionate about. It feels different inside in your heart when you take this higher road. You feel good about it. To focus on and support things you believe in will energize you. To act from outrage will deplete you.

To fulfill your soul’s purpose this life, you must be fully engaged with life and hone your inner wisdom so that you have an unbreakable bond with spirit. As you do this, your inner guidance will show you the appropriate next steps. Many of these will show up as windows of opportunity to act on with divine timing. Small steps can lead to big leaps.

Gifts of Your Inner Wisdom

Your inner wisdom will help steer you towards the light, the truth, and the right view of situations. It will help you avoid fantasy thinking – like the trap of believing everything will be okay in the end regardless of what you do. It will help you stay focused on hope, an energy that allows for wondrous developments arising from the quantum levels of the unknown. To feel hope is to acknowledge the potentials that indeed exist, and to feed their creation with your consciousness, focus, and actions.

As you do this, you become the hope of the world. You become a miracle worker who leaves behind seeds of positive change for the next generations.

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